Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: The Thin Buil

delgado1 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: The Thin Buil

‘The Thin Buil’ has presented his new proposal for the spring - summer 2010 in the frame of the Footbridge Cibeles. The parade of the signature of Anna Figuera and Of the district of the Macarena Ramos was a new sample of originality, bravery and innovation, giving him the breath of fresh air that needed the footbridge of Madrid.

For this collection, the designers have re-interpreted the esthetics of the 'mayorettes', with pledges that drink from the rhythm of the street parades. ‘The Thin Buil’ takes as a target in this new line to emphasize the feminine silhouette by means of bold transparences and details full of imagination.

delgado2 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: The Thin Buil

One of the elements protagonists of the collection of ‘The Thin Buil’ are the frills, which are applied in the shape of cracked both in feminine and masculine pledges. The frills adorn the shirts and loose blouses, but also the pants, which are finished off by details of stars and hearts in gold and copper.

The colors palette becomes romantic and very feminine, with delicate and soft dusty tones and pastries. Other tones as the blue oil or the beige serve to give color to design overcoats unisex.

Image: Vogue

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