Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Duyos

duyos1 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Duyos

Juan Duyos has presented his new proposal for the period spring - summer 2010, a collection marked by the oriental exoticism. The couturier has captured in his parade, to drums rhythm, the summer spirit of the Polynesia, so fashionable in the America of the 40 and 50.

The new Duyos collection will be marked by the predominance of the straight forms that fuse with the curves. The leading role is for the minigarments and the free pants, that they get together with blouses and jackets. The target of Juan Duyos is to create soft and new silhouettes, in which there are alternated the bosses most carved with others in which they predominate over the drapeados.

duyos2 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Duyos

The designer makes use of materials like the veladuras of organza of silk, the cotton semitransparent and vaporous textiles to reflect the wild and exotic ambience of the Polynesia. The patterns and natural motives get together with motives of lopardo, brown colors and colors ground.

Along with these exotic patterns, Duyos depliega a varied colors palette. The colors pistachio nuts, green clear, blue turquoises, soft roses and ivories send us to the East paleness, while the navy blue ones, coppers and golden they give the touch of oriental exoticism.

Image: Vogue

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