Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Dolores Cortés

dolores1 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Dolores Cortés

The parade of Dolorés Cortés put the golden brooch to this one 50 edition of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, a footbridge marked by the emotiveness of the parade - homage to Elio Berhanyer, and the return to house of two teachers like Adolfo Domínguez and Roberto Verino. The bath fashion was the manager of closing the footbridge, with a collection marked by the recycling.

Dolores Cortés has based his original proposal for the next period spring - summer 2010 on the 'Arte-Povera' (Poor Art’), a very popular artistic - cultural current in the sixties. The 'Arte-Povera' consists of using materials considered to be 'poor', like wood, sheets, rocks, crystal or lead, to obtain with them the maximum possible beauty.

dolores2 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Dolores Cortés

Departing from this artistic concept, Dolores Cortés bases on the recycling of materials daily and easy to manage, to that it tries to extract all his beauty. By means of skills as ‘objet trouvé’, the seamstress looks for the artistic objects use in appearance “snubs“, to which he looks for a new esthetic function. With these elements, Polite it creates unusual accessories for the bath pledges.

Following this tendency of “everything costs”, Dolores Cortés resorts to the 'handmade' (done to hand), to create designs in colors like black, yellow, mauve, brown terracotta or target. His bath clothes are led by pledges light and braided along with others knotted, as well as braguitas extra mini and wide necklines.

Image: Vogue

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