Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Andrés Sardá

sarda1 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Andrés Sardá

The parades of Andrés Sardá always are usually of the most crowded in the Footbridge Cibeles, and in this occasion it was not going to be less. Big sense of expectancy for a collection that received one of the biggest applauses from this edition. Andrés Sardá has gathered the esthetics of different epochs in his collection spring - summer 2010: the sophisticated 50, the cinematographic 60, the luminous 70 and 80 ultrasexy ones.

The key of the collection of the Catalan signature is to propose a fashion of bath that it is possible to enjoy so much in the daytime as at night. The bath pledges become sophisticated them to integrate in the closet and power to be part of the night looks, giving like turned out a luxurious and very sexy fashion for the modern woman.

sarda2 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Andrés Sardá

The bikini is already not a pizza to shine exclusively in the beach, and Andrés Sarda combines them with averages at a height of the thigh, garter belts and sandals of platform. The seaworthy style also has his place in this collection, with bikinis that incorporate patterns of streaks and moles.

Being inspired in the serviceability and the luxury of the most 'chic' summer holidays, Sardá proposes a bikinis line and trikinis of air ‘I dial - glam’, perfect to shine in the most glamorous marine cities. In this spiezas they predominate over the tones gold and silver, which cubrem of pailletes, embroideries and glazing of Swarovski.

Image: Vogue

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