Christopher Kane for Topshop

15 Christopher Kane for Topshop

The signature low cost Topshop has always known how to wake up the interest of the public, good is with his famous collaborations with the top model Kate Moss, or recording prestigious designers for his collections. That one the case of the famous couturier Christopher Kane, one of the preferred ones for the celebrities, which repeats collaboration with Topshop after the success of his previous union.

Kane's collection for Topshop, that next September 18 will come to the shops, composes of a whole of 39 more pieces a minicollection of complements composed by shoes, purses or scarves. The prices will range between 40 euros and 210 euros, something more expensive than what the Topshop pledges usually cost, but much more economic than what would cost a design of Christopher Kane.

21 Christopher Kane for Topshop

The minigarments are the protagonists of this collection, with predominance of the black and the target, although with some authorizations to living tones like the yellow one, the blue or rose, in style garment 'babydoll'. The style rocker, who will flood the closets this autumn, is very present in this collection, where they emphasize the tacks, metallic buttonholes and spangles.

31 Christopher Kane for Topshop

One of the pledges more icónicas of Christopher Kane, maxi T-shirt with animals images, is rescued in this collection. The designer there is including a model of this T-shirt - garment with the stamped image of a crocodile opening the jaws, a homage for the famous T-shirt of the gorilla that they have taken celebrities like Rihanna.

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