Sunglasses Diorette, of Christian Dior

diorette1 Sunglasses Diorette, of Christian Dior

One of the models preferred by the celebrities, and piece icónica of the signature Christian Dior, the sunglasses Diorette are the representation of the luxurious and sophisticated style of the fashion of the 50s. Elegant like few ones, the Diorette makes a show of a style atemporal and favoring with the one that is difficult not to be right in any occasion.

The line Diorette consists of three models (Palladium, Gold and Gold Endura), which have in common his characteristic form of butterfly and his glazing to the air. These appear only set in the mount on the top part, what provides them with a distinctive and sophisticated touch. To keep on reading ↓

Dior Phone, a luxury of mobile phone

d1 Dior Phone, a luxury of mobile phone

The French signature Dior has created the technological jewel of the moment, Dior Phone, a sophisticated and luxurious mobile phone. A real luxurious waste, glamor and sophistication, only within reach of the most privileged.

Christian Dior, after having proved the honeys of the success in the world of the fashion, of the jewelry shop or of the leather goods, has wanted to throw himself to the conquest of the technological market with this piece worthy of collection. The mythical fashionable house has created an exclusive phone in which they unite the most powerful technology, with the beauty of the high jewelry shop. To keep on reading ↓

Christian Dior Alta Costura autumn - winter 2009-2010

DIOR1 Christian Dior Alta Costura autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The collection of High fashion presented by Christian Dior in Paris, under the control of the couturier John Galliano, was an aunténtico open of glamor and a return to the origins of the mythical French signature. The sample of Haete Couture of Dior intimist presented to himself in the lounges of the avenue Montaigne of Paris, a space and luxuriously in that the creations of the Gibraltarian shone with proper light.

The Dior coleción has characterized for the luminosity and the employment of very living colors, like the fuchsias, orange, red, roses or yellow. The volumes, both in the top part and in the infrerior and the transparences they took leading role on the footbridge. To keep on reading ↓

The most bold heels of the celebrities

sturgeon The most bold heels of the celebrities

These exclusive and original shoes created by John Galliano for Christian Dior are causing fury between the most bold celebrities. In spite of his extravagant heel with feminine form, it is not possible to deny that this pair of shoes, acquaintances like ‘Tribal Heels’, turn into the center of attention of any look.

Last dared in this peculiar footwear put on she has been the French actress Marion Cotillard. The winning interpreter of an Oscar bet for the shoes of John Galliano, which they emphasized over his simple look. Cotillard came to the delivery of awards of the contest Bike in Style Challenge with a sober set of two pieces in target, with which it still centred more the looks on his feet. To keep on reading ↓

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