Christian Dior Alta Costura autumn - winter 2009-2010

DIOR1 Christian Dior Alta Costura autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The collection of High fashion presented by Christian Dior in Paris, under the control of the couturier John Galliano, was an aunténtico open of glamor and a return to the origins of the mythical French signature. The sample of Haete Couture of Dior intimist presented to himself in the lounges of the avenue Montaigne of Paris, a space and luxuriously in that the creations of the Gibraltarian shone with proper light.

The Dior coleción has characterized for the luminosity and the employment of very living colors, like the fuchsias, orange, red, roses or yellow. The volumes, both in the top part and in the infrerior and the transparences they took leading role on the footbridge.

DIOR2 Christian Dior Alta Costura autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

John Galliano honors with this collection Christian Dior, the founder of the signature, and for it it recaptures the tendencies of the fashion of the 50s and of the origins of the high fashion. The target of the couturier is to create a very sensual feminine silhouette, and for it it frames his pledges in laces, jewels and refined embroideries.

The pledges inspired by the traditional corset shop, like the bodies, the air bras retro, the corsets superposed on the garment, or the petticoats, which stand out below the skirt.

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