The look of the week: Audrey Tautou in New York

look The look of the week: Audrey Tautou in New York

This week had a clear winner for “the look of the week”: Drew Barrymore. The actress surprised with an impressive design of Alexander McQueen in yellow with black lace. Simply spectacular. Nevertheless, another actress has gained him the career, sweet Audrey Tautou.

Although here in Spain it already does some time that has released the movie “Coconut Avant Chanel”, the promotional tour is in full boiling in the United States. That's why, his protagonist Audrey Tautou, keeps on wasting style in each of the stops of the tour. In the premiere of New York, the French actress dazzled with his serene elegance, and teaching us like turning in simple a High fashion design.

Audrey Tautou was praised by a look “whole Chanel” of the most elegant thing, with a garment of the collection High fashion Autumn - winter 2009 of Chanel. The design was a white garment of asymmetric cut with a sleeve in black with spangles details, cocktail with a thin belt, also in black and a few platforms of before in gray color pearl. Audrey's elegant hairstyle deserves special mention, with hairpiece, and his simple makeup. Perfect.

Image: Zimbio

We surprise Chanel with his purse tranparente

ch we surprise Chanel with his purse tranparente

This piece, that Paris Fashion Week was born like simple properties for the Chanel parade of past, might turn into the big 'hit' of this autumn. The new invention of Karl Lagerfeld has had more I crash of waited in the beginning, since the provoked sense of expectancy was only a complement for the footbridge, nevertheless, he has inclined to the signature to commercialize this surprising purse.

The new one ‘must have’ of Chanel is a kit realized in methacrylate completely trasparente, that it shows without reservations everything what hides in his interior. Why to search in the purse whenever we need something if we can have everything perfectly arranged and at sight? We do not know the success that it can take as a fashionable complement, but undoubtedly, it is practical. To keep on reading ↓

Baguette de Fendi: it is renewed!

Image 4 Baguette de Fendi: it is renewed!

There are four purses that every woman addicted to the fashion, must have. The first one of them, obviously, one “2.55 ″ of Chanel, later an "Amazon" of Loewe, a "Speedy" of Louis Vuitton and how not, this one jewel, a wonderful Fendi "Baguette". It is an investment of a lot of money, but these preciousness is inherited from some to others, and every piece you have your own history, at least when the designers created them.

Independently of me digressions, Silvia Fendi third in the dynasty Fendi, is the creative director of the line of accessories and the manager of being renew across new designs and materials, the classic models that have elevated the mark to top have” of the most select signatures of the planet. That itself is sucecido with the purse Baguette. An icon of the fashion, which how quite, did he need a renewal. And here it is. In two colors (black and makeup), with chains and with adornments in gilding. Elegance in the pure state. But let's go further away because there is something that attracts attention of me especially … to Keep on reading ↓

Who is Karl Lagerfeld

karl lagerfeld bear Who is Karl Lagerfeld

It is not necessary to present to one of the figures most representative of the world of the fashion. Although it is true that Karl Lagerfeld is recognized by his two-color wardrobe, neither unnoticed raisin his career. The perennial white person and black in the same body make easy to identify one of the geniuses who have gone on for the French fashionable house more elegant from the history, Chanel.

If something is clear the fact is that the king of the colors of the abstinence in the colors at the time of dressing had to end up by creating works of art in the signature of the queen of the white person and the black, Coco Chanel. To keep on reading ↓

Seemed reasonable … Junya Watanabe and 2.55 of Chanel

Image 5 Seemed reasonable... Junya Watanabe and 2.55 of Chanel

If Cocó was raising the head … One of two, or it was growing in confidence more than it did it in life, or was starting despising “the designs” of other signatures that base on his icónicos purses to achieve the success in this one complex world of the fashion. I bet because of it the second option.

Independently of my opinion, good is true, that 2.55 of Chanel, which owes his name to the date of creation of the same one, it has created school. With this one model of Junya Watanabe, creator of the signature Comme Des Garçons, we see the big similarity that he shares with the most admired purse of the whole history of the modern fashion. But, it is not necessary that we go away to international designers to see how they "copy" the purses of the house of the camellia. To keep on reading ↓

Lily Allen, new image of Chanel

lily allen chanel first look 500x366 Lily Allen, new image of Chanel

Polemic singer Lily Allen, one of the “bad girls” of the current music, is the new and flaming signing of the signature Chanel. Lily will give his image to the new line of purses and complements of the mythical French 'maison', which will receive the title of ‘Coconut Cocoon.

“I want to be rich, want money, I am interested in neither the intelligence nor the sense of humor. I want tons of clothes and diamonds”. These transgresoras words are extracted of a song of Lily, The Fear, an ironic criticism of the most superficial aspect of the fashion. Apparently, when Karl Lagarfeld listened to this song, he realized that he loved the young singer like his new muse. To keep on reading ↓

Chanel, High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

chanel1 Chanel, High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

During the last months, the world of the fashion was doing to itself echo of the possible march of Karl Lagerfeld of the house Chanel. For the time being, all sound rumors, and the couturier has demonstrated of what is capable in his High fashion proposal to the next period autumn - winter.

With the shade of the divorce gliding on the mythical French signature, the "kaiser" has given a blow of authority, presenting a collection of High fashion of big creative force and luxurious waste. Lagerfeld continues in full form, and the Parisian parade was the best occasion to celebrate it. To keep on reading ↓

The most chic Chanel purse in the collection Paris - Moscow

image 91 550x389 The most chic Chanel purse in the collection Paris Moscow

Since it has already being a tradition, Chanel has thrown his dual collection. In this occasion he has wanted to pay tribute with his designs to Russia, and if last year suspirábais as the purse of French house stamped with the British flag, this one 2009 you will want to have this collection piece at home.

The model as well you know it is 2.55, although something adorned for the occasion. With revers of felt and boiled wool, this jewel appears in white color with the outstanding figure quilted and adorned with symbols much linked to the history of the ground of the czars. For this one collection Paris - Russia, the "kaiser" has brought together the elegance and the French simplicity with the abundance and the coloring of this one vast country.

Undoubtedly it has obtained it, and the fact is that not only mention deserves this piece on the part of the press, but the whole collection is worth seeing and being grateful to Lagerfeld that after so many years at the head of Chanel follows us conquering with his designs and his proposals. Congratulations Karl!

Photo l Chanel

Do not forget to take care of your feet

beauty eight solutions for problems feet 460x345 la1 do not forget to take care of your feet

The women we are very propitious to look after, whenever we go out of the bath we put ourselves cream to improve our skin. In the nights, before sleeping, we clean the teeth, the face and become ours moisturizing night. We wash our hair every two days because it is not good to wash our it every day, put ourselves mask so that the tops are not opened. Once a week we file ourselves and/or paint the fingernails of the hands, etc.

Nevertheless, always we forget the most important part of our body, the feet. They are who take us from one place to other, thanks to them we enjoy the freedom of being able to move. But instead of taking care of them, we ill-treat them. If, if we do not behave well at all with them. We raise them to dizziness heels during the whole day, in the night we force them to dance incessantly, walk incessantly and more with the good weather. We do not want to realize that they are very delicate. To keep on reading ↓

To rent mark purses is fashionable

louis vuitton2 to Rent mark purses is fashionable

We are great the women that we die for the spectacular purses of the most prestigious marks of the ground. I always say that the complements are quite of a look, the most important of the set it is the election of the purse and the shoes. The purses that us pirran have a few prices that are not within reach of anyone. Much less if what we like is to renew every period.

For these economic questions and some reason of space, there arose the idea of renting mark purses for one week, two or three, that depends already on you. In the USA this practice is carried out for some time, for what there are great the women who rent a purse every week. The sensation of taking an expensive purse of one of the fashionable designers makes you feel powerful. It is an unforgettable sensation. He imagines how it would be to show a purse of different mark every week for only 30 euros. You would be he sends it of the office. To keep on reading ↓

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