We surprise Chanel with his purse tranparente

ch we surprise Chanel with his purse tranparente

This piece, that Paris Fashion Week was born like simple properties for the Chanel parade of past, might turn into the big 'hit' of this autumn. The new invention of Karl Lagerfeld has had more I crash of waited in the beginning, since the provoked sense of expectancy was only a complement for the footbridge, nevertheless, he has inclined to the signature to commercialize this surprising purse.

The new one ‘must have’ of Chanel is a kit realized in methacrylate completely trasparente, that it shows without reservations everything what hides in his interior. Why to search in the purse whenever we need something if we can have everything perfectly arranged and at sight? We do not know the success that it can take as a fashionable complement, but undoubtedly, it is practical.

The transparent purse contains five compartments, to place in them everything essential. Perhaps the biggest attraction of this purse is what it contains in his interior: an ipod exclusive edition for Chanel, the perfume Chanel nº5, a compartment to keep the sunglasses, two products of makeup, and the excellent star, the purse 2.55, one of more icónicos of the signature.

The finished kit will be free in three colors: black, rose and beige, with 2,55 to game. In addition to the handle of plastic that has the proper structure, he has the mythical chain of Chanel to have hung it. Would you dare to take it?

Route: DolceCity

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