Cavalli in Milan Fashion Week

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We surprised Roberto Cavalli to all in the past edition of Milan Fashion Week. We were used to the vaporous textiles and to the tones of fantasy and suddenly in the collection autumn / winter 2009-2010 presents to us dark flexible textiles, color as the black and the gray.

A memory a 80s, although the designer says that it has not been inspired in this epoch to design. Say what he should say, the spangles, the jackets and short garments and the zippers do tribute to the epoch of the carded one and the shoulder pads. What it supports the election of a black tonality that there encourages the culture Punk, a form of life that fashionable Viviene Westwood put.

The minigarments allow the women to teach the legs, for it Cavalli proposes averages of leather or of skin. Nevertheless, the real innovation that the biggest Roberto raised to the footbridge were the boots - trousers. We could have seen this work of the designer in all kinds of materials from the leather up to the velvet. Of course, since it could not be of another form the boots - trousers they take the highest heel.

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Spanish Parliament recta, in which the skins and pens acquire a big leading role. It even has showed us a few boots of black hair. A night collection that dresses sophisticated and sure women of himself in desire of eating up the world.

Roberto Cavalli introduces us in a world where the spangles and the hand portfolios are the best friends of the woman. For special occasions, he has designed a dressed vaporous style tunic, probably what more approaches the esthetics to which it had us used. In transparent gauze with metallic incrustations, what it saves to the models of the nude is a body in the same color under the steam saturation of the pledge.

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