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Custo Barcelona throws the sneakers Vueling by MTV

CUSTO3 Custo Barcelona throws the sneakers Vueling by MTV

A few months ago, we were surprising Custo with the design of two planes for the company Vueling, whom he impregnated with his imaginary personnel. Now, the project comes to the streets, since Custo Barcelona has captured these designs in a limited edition of sneakers, the Vueling by MTV.

Two planes designs, alumni Spread Love y Play Rock adapt themselves in this occasion to a model of white sneakers and to a cravat with the same motive. It is a question of a limited edition, which just will sell across Internet. The sneakers and the cravat will be available until December 31 in the shop online of Custo and will cost 95 and 45 euros respectively. To keep on reading ↓

Advance of the collection of Jimmy Choo for H&M

jimmy choo for hm womens 02 Advance of the collection of Jimmy Choo for H&M

We were already moving forward them to you last June: the next collaboration of H&m would be not at all more and neither more nor less than with the luxurious signature Jimmy Choo. The collection most waited of this autumn was supported in the most absolute of the secrets, but this inscrutability has been finished.

Finally we have the images of the collection of Jimmy Choo for the Swedish signature. At the moment, it is only one preview, but of course, quite extensively. As it was waited, the collection will not limit itself to the shoes and accessories, but also it will include a fashionable line for man and woman. To keep on reading ↓

Christian the most wished Louboutin

Image 51 Christian the most wished Louboutin

If it does a pair of years we saw them in the shape of peep toe in the small feet of the sisters Olsen, this one Autumn - winter 2009/10 we will enjoy them in the shape of lounge. Full of tacks and with the beautiful red sole, the Louboutin are the most looked shoes of the period again. Will you fall down in the temptation?

The “rock style reappears how one of the most consolidated tendencies this one period and it is present in multitude of designs and collections. Givenchy or Balmain adapt his pledges to esthetics in which the garments fit to the body and get together with showy details like tacks or spangles. Christian Louboutin applies to these his lounges that detach a fortitude without equal. To keep on reading ↓

This period triumphs the style “Like to man

l1 This period triumphs the style Like to man

This autumn the masculine style will be everywhere: From the jeans boyfriend, up to the shirts oversized happening for the blazers, and why not, even the footwear. Everything what seems bulging of the closet of your boy is a tendency. Sign up to the style “Like to man, and this period you will go out victorious.

The vests of masculine air will be one ‘must have’ of this autumn. A buttoned black vest type tuxedo will give you infinite possibilities, like this one of Etxart and Panno, which takes a brooch of flower as feminine detail. Other one of the essential pledges of the period will be the blazer masculine, that takes with hems at a height of the elbows to give him a more chic air. To keep on reading ↓

Paco Gil Otoño Invierno 2009/2010

Image 7 Paco Gil Autumn I Hibernate 2009/2010

They Liaisons Dangereuses is the name of the collection Autumn - winter 2009/10 of Paco Gil. A sensual and elegant collection that moves like fish in the water between the classicism and the innovation. With an unmistakable style and an elegant mystery, the Spanish signature has proposed to dress your feet in his surprising designs. Will you succumb to his delight?

Booties of marked necklines, the highest boots of before, peep toes or his mythical lounges with incredible heels are the proposals of Paco Gil for the next winter. The platforms, presents in many of his models, they prove to be bigheads in the sole, something that in previous periods was not happening. Materials like the skin, the spangles or the lacquer, which this one year gets together with the wood of the heels, are the sure bets of one of the most well-known Spanish signatures on a global scale. To keep on reading ↓

White, autumn - winter wearing shoes 2009/10

z bl 1 White, autumn wearing shoes I hibernate 2009/10

I must admit that one of the proposals has attracted attention of me exceedingly on footwear that Target presents for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10. I know that the shoes of this signature low-cost are not the best of the world and that his quality makes great that desar, but the true thing is that it presents itself as the only option to renew footwear of those who have the pockets “peel you”.

To what it was going: I have remained in love with the boots that are inspired in the military some of the whole life, but in before and incredibly high, something that is a tendency this period. You there is not doubt that I am going to do with some.

To keep on reading ↓

New boots PZero Cinturato

initpzero New boots PZero Cinturato

Now when we are on the verge of changing station and entering in the autumn, it is the moment to do a putting on the verge of our closet. As soon as there begins the raining season (as where you live it can be very long), we will be lost if we have not a good pair of rubber boots, anything essential to survive the meteorological inclemencies.

It is, therefore, the moment to leave ours wanted sandals to give the welcome to the boots. Not only of heels the woman lives, so also we will need useful, strong footwear and resistene that helps us to carry the winter. Fortunately, that does not mean to resign from the style, and as test of it we propose to you the rubber boots of PZero Cinturato, of fresh and entertaining design and with the whole quality that offers us the Italian signature. To keep on reading ↓

Sarah Jessica Parker in the shooting of ‘Sex in New York 2 ′

s1 Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex shooting in New York 2

It is already missing less so that we could see as they continue the adventures of Carri Bradshaw and his friends in the Big Apple. This week has begun the shooting of the awaited movie ‘Sex in New York 2 ′, and in the streets neoyorkinas we could have seen the actress Sarah Jessica Parker recapturing the role that has thrown it to the reputation and her turned into a style icon.

In the previous movie, we were surprising Carrie with a favoring change of look, transforming his characteristic fair-haired curls into a chestnut-colored faded long hair. In this occasion, the columnist will recapture his everlasting fair-haired long hair and will keep on demonstrating porqué his style he is one of the most followed. The first images of the shooting us show to the actress with an elegant white garment and a sophisticated golden clutch of Chanel. To keep on reading ↓

Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

lo1 Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

If you had not found out, the fashion of the eighties will give loudly this period. The fashionable tendencies come and go away, and in this case, the style 80's turns with more force that never: worn-out jeans, leggings, averages of fantasy, bold minigarments and even the powerful shoulder pads. The next period, the style ochentero will flood the streets, with looks bold and inspired in the musical tendencies of the epoch, like the hip hop, the punk and pop in his most coloring slope.

If you want to go to last this period, you will have to incorporate into your closet an air minigarment 80's. Dared, of original court, in showy colors, and especially, very, very shortly. It tries with a showy pattern like that of the garment of Etxart and Panno, or with a classic color of the epoch, like the electrical blue of the model of Pepe Botella with neckline honor word. To keep on reading ↓

Maria Mare, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

mare1 Maria Mare, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

One of the Spanish signatures in major expansion of the actuality, Maria Mare, presents to us his new collection of footwear and complements for the next period autumn - winter 2009-2010. In this new collection we find echoes of the 80s and influence of the musical styles of the epoch, like the rock and the punk.

Modern and bold designs in which he emphasizes the combination of the black with metallized details. Also, we will be proposed of more sensual and feminine court in dark and deep tones, like the mochas, garnets and resided as well as the tones beige and camel. To keep on reading ↓

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