Bracelets style Punk, quite one “must have

Image 61 Bracelets style Punk, the whole must have

The urban culture and punk of the 80s takes possession of the world of the fashion this next Autumn - winter 2009/10. Designs full of tacks, spikes and other decorative elements that are accompanied of leather and turn to the complements in collector's authentic pieces.

Example of this increasing tendency, we are provided with the line of the Briton Eddie Borgo. A few designs full of freshness that transmit a very personal energy in each of the pieces of his collection. Bringing together the geometry and the architectural elements, the designer sees captured in bracelets, necklaces and rings this merger between the materials like the leather and the metallic insertions in three tones: Golden, silver-platings and bronzes.

A very interesting proposal and that it is sure that we will see in the streets and in the shops the next period. For the time being, we remain with these ideal jewels to combine with lycra garments, leggins, wide T-shirts and pants skinny.

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    kari (September 26, 2009 21:05)

    I am a punk lolita and only I am 10 years of pto aysen of chile.y the thing it is q I love all the bracelets punk and apropositopasado maañana I have q dicertar of the punk with my boyfriend that also esun punk

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