Collection autumn - winter of Barada

barada1 Collection autumn winter of Barada

The signature of complements Barada bets for this autumn for a collection of pieces in which the simplicity and the sophistication gets together. The new collection of the signature agglutinates the principal tendencies that will mark style in this period, providing complements for looks that go from the neohippie to a rocker, happening for the most urban concepts or the natural motives.

The Barada purses present very expressive and sensitive lines, giving place to a collection of practical and comfortable pieces simultaneously that stylish. Betting for a chic woman but with taste for the outstanding figures, Barada bets for purses easily combinables with the most current fashion. To keep on reading ↓

Javier Simorra: Complements line for the autumn

simorra2 Javier Simorra: Complements line for the autumn

The designer of Barcelona Javier Simorra presents his new complements line to us for the next temprada autumn - winter 2009-2010. The collection of the signature the current woman combines the classic style with chic urban, with guided pieces, with taste for the fashion and to so much of the last tendencies.

The women cosmopolistas will be able to choose between a wide scale of complements, like purses or belts and accessories like necklaces, bracelets and brooches. The autumnal period will be marked by the leading role of the skin, that enuentra torquelada and applied in all kinds of complements. To keep on reading ↓

It obtains free a purse designed by Ailanto

bolso1 It Obtains free a purse designed by Ailanto

This year 2009 is the most special for the signature L'Oreal, since the company of French origin is 100 years. Owing to this anniversary, L'Oreal is celebrating a series of inciaciativas, like the development of 100 united projects in several countries of the world.

The company of cosmetics and beauty products wants to keep on celebrating his centenary, and for it, has created a purses line in collaboration with Ailanto. Two brothers have wanted to reflect his personal style characterized by the patterns and the coloring, in this series of purses. To keep on reading ↓

Purses Converse, collection summer 2009

purse 1 Purses Converses, collection summer 2009

Sure that many of you you remember this line of purses that It should Report it threw in previous periods inspired in his emblematic sneakers, those that took an enormous gum sole as base and long drawstrings like closing. The truth, one of the most entertaining and original proposals as for purses that I have had the occasion to see.

Converse there presents for this period a line of purses in which we can still find some model who keeps on remembering us to the sneakers, like this one that we see in the photo, which the gum sole still preserves, but which has lost ls drawstrings.

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Mischa Barton presents his new purses line

m1 Mischa Barton presents his new purses line

The uncontrollable actress Mischa Barton, one of the “bad girls” of hollywoood, tries to leave behind the turbulencies and proves again luck as designer of complements. In this occasion, the interpreter has thrown his new collection for autumn - winter 2009-2010 of the signature of purses that she designs herself.

Mischa Barton, known especially by his role of Marisa Cooper in the “soap opera” juvenile ‘The O.C’, shows us his best face in the campaign of the collection, to which it has given its own image. Very sexy and favored, far from the image of his last and disastrous appearances, Mischa has posed for the prestigious fashionable photographer Rebecca Miller. To keep on reading ↓

Purses Tous, collection spring - summer

purse tous Purses Tous, collection spring summer

The signature Tous proposes for this period spring - summer 2009 a line of entertaining purses in which we can find designs that point on that the prestigious signature bets increasingly for a younger target. The famous toy bear of Tous, ensign of the signature of jewelry shop, has modernized and has turned into rocker in the collection Tous in heaven, his most juvenile line.

In this new collection there are designs in which the bear has presence small, it is camouflaged, in the shape of silhouette, between diverse motives of any nature, or disappears completely. It is yes, thinking in the summer they have created a series of very coloring purses, like the boso Comic aloha, or the Comic beach.

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Misako releases purses

misako reign 9 0 Misako it releases purses

Misako is one of the marks of complements, specializing in purses, which more one has expanded in the last years. Practically we all have one or more models of the mark. This period there fills his shelves with three incredible collections, a romantic, another rocker and ethnic other one.

For more romantics the signature has created bassinets in wicker or straw enteladas with floral patterns and brads in colors pastries. The lovers of rose have found his favorite complement line. Cloths that they remind to Liberty. To keep on reading ↓

Hermés fights against the falsification

purse birkin hermes1 Hermés fights against the falsification

The French fashionable house does not think to allow the people to commercialize imitations of his purses. An ex-Hermés seller in Taiwan will have to pay to the mark 6 million euros for selling four false purses.

Lee Nian-Chen had not created any network of traffic of purses of mark, simply it was done by four models of the Birkin and sold them in second-hand shops. The imitations were perfect and it was looking like a sure business. She had been employed at Hermés Taiwan therefore he could differentiate a good purse of one of imitation and also catalog the belonging ones to the latter class, according to the quality of the falsification. To keep on reading ↓

The first collection of purses of Juan Antonio López

juanantoniolopez bolso2 the First collection of purses of Juan Antonio López

The followers of the designs of the Spanish Juan Antonio López are of congratulations. If you like his shoes, so elegant and favoring, you cannot get lost his new proposals in the field of the complements: the purses.

The first collection of purses of Juan Antonio López, as his footwear, bet for the handmade manufacture in Spain and for the election of the best materials.

Each of the purses they turn into the only and handmade pieces, to that a character awards the Spanish signature to them atemporal, as accustoms to do with his shoes. Thus the purses of Juan Antonio López accompany all kinds of looks and styles betting for the quality, which never fashionable raisin. To keep on reading ↓

The purses Barada for this summer

purses 1 The purses Barada for this summer

The next summer arrival fills us with happiness, and that's why, the signature of complements Barada presents to us a collection marked by the optimism and dynamism in his pieces, purses for a woman who enjoys the life.

Especially out-standing is the coloring of this collection, which wraps us of joviality and spontaneity. The Barada purses bring a breath of fresh air to any look and style. To keep on reading ↓

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