White, autumn - winter wearing shoes 2009/10

z bl 1 White, autumn wearing shoes I hibernate 2009/10

I must admit that one of the proposals has attracted attention of me exceedingly on footwear that Target presents for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10. I know that the shoes of this signature low-cost are not the best of the world and that his quality makes great that desar, but the true thing is that it presents itself as the only option to renew footwear of those who have the pockets “peel you”.

To what it was going: I have remained in love with the boots that are inspired in the military some of the whole life, but in before and incredibly high, something that is a tendency this period. You there is not doubt that I am going to do with some.

z bl 2 White, autumn wearing shoes I hibernate 2009/10

The booties will be other kings of the period, like these, type musketeer, and with that Target joins the bosses proposed by many of the big designers, since it turns out that if this year the leggins will be a period must, the best thing is one of these booties is stuffed so that only we lack the belt with the sword to be D'Artagnan. Cane cuts and tacks, of style rocker, much in vogue in all the collections of all the signatures.

Less I like the boot proposal denim style, with several thongs, element that is a tendency also the next period, of course, multiplied. And we come to the proposals “more animals”, like those that I have dared to baptize “ballerinas of poisoned leopard”, that I do not like at all in any aspect. And what to say about another animal proposal, of shoe with heel inspired by the skin of snake? So, as little, that they them have lined with the material that remained them of realizing a model of sandal that has sold to itself this summer.

The crisis, which he presses, and if White person wants to continue with his line low-cost, since it will have to begin re-using materials to it will occupy first place of change …: What? What do not you believe it? You can verify it yourselves throwing a glance to the collection spring - summer 2009, in the second photo. It has been evident very much!!

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