Bershka, collection autumn - winter 2009/10

bershka front 1jpg Bershka, collection autumn I hibernate 2009/10

Bershka presents his new collection to us for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10, and as we have already seen in other collections bet for the eighties: leggins, skirts of lycra and shirts of pictures type enclosed woodcutter to shine on a T-shirt and with jeans or even as garment adorned with a belt.

The leggins denim or faded to combine with basic T-shirts or huntresses of leather for a look rocker, in even preppy, calmed down and of the most loutish thing.

bershka front 2jpg Bershka, collection autumn I hibernate 2009/10

They turn the miniwindbreakers biker, so that you can use those of last year. As for the skirts, in mini and of spangles, pants type fuseau, esthetic skater. The point will be used in all his possibilities, be already in garments, jackets or cardigans. Pledges of big volume and of pronounced shoulders.

As for the overcoats, Napoleonic type predominates over the military esthetics, with belt. Mini garments with neckline honor word, in skin and of skirt in bell. Blouses of round neck with volume in the sleeves or type tunic and jackets of marked inspiration in the 80s.

bershka front 3jpg Bershka, collection autumn I hibernate 2009/10

Also the long skirts of pipe style are imposed years 40, with frills or short and tight. Jeans cigaret, pants of dressing and even pretty. As for the T-shirts they take with big patterns and graphic impressions.

The colors that predominate in Bershka over this autumn - invierono 2009/10 are gray, red, an old gold, camel, white person and black.

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