Balmain and the jacket of the moment

Image 10 Balmain and the jacket of the moment

Do you remember Joan Collins in Dynasty? And of Grace Jones in Studio 54? So if you do memoría the rectangular silhouette it was one of his most significant "stamps". Now, after several establishment periods, the shoulder pads return more powerful than never thanks to the designer Christophe Decarnin with his spectacular designs for the signature Balmain. It tries it it is this one American of the French house that he bets for the exhorbitant volumes without losing an apex of femininity and elegance.

The form in “V“ is here again, and do not doubt, you must fall down in his delight. Most of the addicted ones to the fashion have already done it, so: why to resist? I am not much given to the shoulder pads, it is more, I have never liked. But it is already known, when something returns, he always turns out to be improved to the maximum. And, although I feel sorry, Decarnin has obtained it with the Americans collection. They are beautiful.

I have chosen this one because it seems more elegant than inspired in the military style to me, that for my taste they are too overloaded. But skylight, for tastes the colors. Do not they say that? Since it chooses the one that more adapts herself to you, but me pay attention. You will cry for a piece like this one.

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    Lorraine (September 26, 2009 4:44)

    I love these clothes. I knew the mark because there should look the designer of the garment of madonna in "celebration" that impressed me. It looks like to me the thinnest and super original. Also, I visited the Balmain web page and remained in love with the garments that are super original and the thinnest.

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