Antenna 3 bets for the fashion

pigeon lake Antenna 3 bets for the fashion

For the second year in a row, the fans of the fashion we could have enjoyed the footbridge Cibeles thanks to the Antenna coverage 3. After the harvested results the previous period, the chain of Planet trusts again in the big appointment of the Spanish fashion.

In an initiative without precedents in the national television, the chain has dedicated a special programming dedicated to one of the most important events for the followers of the last tendencies. The coverage of the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2009 has been realized in Antenna Nongoes, one of the channels of TDT of Antenna 3, and in Internet, in addition to some connections for programs like ‘Public Mirror’.

Nova's deployment as official television of Cibeles has allowed to continue the principal parades in depth, in rigorous direct and narrated for a team of experts in fashion and tendencies, as they are the journalists Almudena del Pozo, Ann Fariña, Clara Courel, Sonsoles Moralejo and Berta Mendoza, in addition to the Dominican model and ex-Miss Mundo Mariasela Álvarez.

One of the wise moves of this space was the interviews achievement to the designers after the parades, in which we could know first hand his impressions, the reportages on fashion, or the emission from the backstage.

The chain has trusted again in the presenter and model Paloma Lago, to put itself at the head of a space of daily emission, from 16:00 until 19:00, called ‘Special Cibeles, which was expressed from the Fair of Madrid, and dedicated to summing up, mentioning and analyzing the innovations seen on the footbridge. For this program one has been provided with a group of guests formed by designers and specialists in fashion to analyze the principal proposals presented on the footbridge.

cibeles 2009 183x250 Antenna 3 bets for the fashion

If this was small, the coverage has been provided with a space emphasized on his web page, where the Net users could continue in alive the parades in his videos section, in addition to the daily summaries, the gallery of photos and all the details of the collections.

Let's hope that Antenna 3 should keep on betting for the world of the fashion and that the transmission of these events should not turn into a mere anecdote.
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2 comments in "Antenna 3 bets for the fashion"

  1. 1
    saint Marian (September 1, 2009 18:11)

    hello I am a Dominican and I have always continued the maraisela alvarez works, native woman of Dominican republic where up to today it had understood was his ground, but after reading this articúlo I would like to know if the confusion is mine or of the one who wrote the articúlo. to deny your homeland is as to refuse to yourself k exists.

  2. 2
    Eva (September 2, 2009 12:42)

    You are right, thanks for the accuracy. Greetings.

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