Who is Anna Wintour

anna wintour2 Who is Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is who moves the world of the fashion, and that is undeniable. I push his university studies back to devote itself entirely to the world of the tendencies and the design. It is possible to be said that Anna's gift at the time of creating and transforming the partial vision of the things was discovered by his father.

Born in London on November 3, 1949. Daughter of Charles Vere Wintour, publisher of the British newspaper The Evening Standard, and Eleanor Trego Baker. To keep on reading ↓

Who is Karl Lagerfeld

karl lagerfeld bear Who is Karl Lagerfeld

It is not necessary to present to one of the figures most representative of the world of the fashion. Although it is true that Karl Lagerfeld is recognized by his two-color wardrobe, neither unnoticed raisin his career. The perennial white person and black in the same body make easy to identify one of the geniuses who have gone on for the French fashionable house more elegant from the history, Chanel.

If something is clear the fact is that the king of the colors of the abstinence in the colors at the time of dressing had to end up by creating works of art in the signature of the queen of the white person and the black, Coco Chanel. To keep on reading ↓

An opportunity for Christian Lacroix

lacroix An opportunity for Christian Lacroix

The terrible crisis for which the historical house of fashions Christan Lacroix is happening might be to a step of be solving. Lacroix was going suffering losses from the year 2005, but it was not until a few months ago, that the signature had to declare itself in bankruptcy.

In May, the house declared itself in payments suspension and the situation came to unsuspected limits. His staff remained in minimums and even his office material had to be sold. This so difficult situation was not an impediment so that Christian Lacroix was celebrating his traditional parade in the days of High fashion of Paris. A very emotive parade realized with scraps and thanks to the collaboration of models and designers, in that they were knowing by intuition the imminent farewell. To keep on reading ↓

Pedro del Hierro presents his High fashion collection

pedro1 Pedro del Hierro presents his High fashion collection

Pedro del Hierro returns to his origins and we surprise it with a brave creation of suits of High fashion, his personal contribution to this exclusive fashion. The new project of the Spanish signature consists of a service of making of the only pieces, created exclusive and done to measurement, to the clients who this way request it.

The gardens of the Embassy of Italy, in full center of Madrid, were the stage chosen to announce this proposal. With several ambassadresses, like those of Italy, Russia or Bulgaria, and representatives of the press like guests, Pedro del Hierro presented his High fashion project. To keep on reading ↓

Givenchy, High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

givenchy1 Givenchy, High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The new collection of Riccardo Tisci for the mythical signature Givenchy was presenting itself as one of the big collections of this Parisian appointment with the High fashion. And, in spite of the briefness of the collection, his new models did not defraud by no means.

The sample of the signature Givenchy, constituída for 21 designs, presented itself in Paris as a collection rich in details and of oriental airs, which it takes as an inspiration the clothings of the tribes Berbers. To keep on reading ↓

Christian Lacroix, High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

lacroix1 Christian Lacroix, High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

In spite of the terrible economic crisis that is suffering the mythical signature Christian Lacroix, the designer has not wanted to lose the opportunity to present his High fashion collection in Paris, a parade that perhaps might be the last one for the house Lacroix. After declaring itself in payments suspension two months ago, the signature tries to be supported afloat how it can, and for it, the designer them devised to present a collection that could be on a par.

It even is rumored, that the footwear of the parade was given by Roger Vivien, the cloths were given, and 12 models who took part, did not receive anything for parading. In spite of everything, Lacroix managed them to present 24 models in a given room, that of the Museum of Decorative Arts. Between the assistants, 280 guests, there was evident the sensation of being living through a historical moment. An emotive applause to the designer was presaging the end of an age in the fashion. To keep on reading ↓

Chanel, High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

chanel1 Chanel, High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

During the last months, the world of the fashion was doing to itself echo of the possible march of Karl Lagerfeld of the house Chanel. For the time being, all sound rumors, and the couturier has demonstrated of what is capable in his High fashion proposal to the next period autumn - winter.

With the shade of the divorce gliding on the mythical French signature, the "kaiser" has given a blow of authority, presenting a collection of High fashion of big creative force and luxurious waste. Lagerfeld continues in full form, and the Parisian parade was the best occasion to celebrate it. To keep on reading ↓

Josep Font: High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

JOSEPFONT1 Josep Font: High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

One of our couturiers the most international Josep Font, it has been invited by the fourth consecutive period to the big appointment of the High fashion. The Catalan designer presentú his mini-collection, eleven models in whole, in the historical Imperial Lounge of Hotel Westin, where during decades the High fashion of Yves Saint Laurent reigned.

Far from the frenetic rhythm that reigns in the current parades, the couturier made to travel his models cautiously, without hurry to come. Font has wanted to produce homage to the work of the painter expressionist Frank Stella, and for it he has based on the plastic language of the artist, taking given his use of the volume, the movement, the color and the perspective to create a species of third dimension in his fashion. To keep on reading ↓

Armani Privé: High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

armani1 Armani Privé: High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

We continue with the revision to the appointment with the High fashion of Paris. In this case we revise the haughty collection presented by Giorgio Armani, who flooded the footbridge with pledges loaded with glazing Swarovsky.

The Italian couturier chose for the presentation of his proposal Palais de Chaillot, a stage of daydream for one of the collections most expected from these Parisian parades. An appointment that they did not want to get lost celebrities like Clate Blanchett, Claudia Cardinale, Elsa Pataki or Megan Fox, who attended the parade from “front row”. To keep on reading ↓

Christian Dior Alta Costura autumn - winter 2009-2010

DIOR1 Christian Dior Alta Costura autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The collection of High fashion presented by Christian Dior in Paris, under the control of the couturier John Galliano, was an aunténtico open of glamor and a return to the origins of the mythical French signature. The sample of Haete Couture of Dior intimist presented to himself in the lounges of the avenue Montaigne of Paris, a space and luxuriously in that the creations of the Gibraltarian shone with proper light.

The Dior coleción has characterized for the luminosity and the employment of very living colors, like the fuchsias, orange, red, roses or yellow. The volumes, both in the top part and in the infrerior and the transparences they took leading role on the footbridge. To keep on reading ↓

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