The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

mtv1 The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

We keep on revising the looks of the celebrities in the past gala of the MTV Musical Awards. An event that he has not emphasized especially for the good taste of his guests, except few exceptions. In this awards delivery the important thing is to stand out, sacrificing sometimes the good fashion designs for the spectacle.

A pleasant surprise was the look of Solange Knowles, the hermanísima of Beyoncé. The singer risked for once, and went out winning in the red carpet. Solange usually does not with his fashion designs, but this time supó take prettily this original design of Armand Basi happen. To keep on reading ↓

The looks of the MTV Music Awards I

11 the looks of the MTV Music Awards I

Yesterday evening the gala was celebrated of between gala of awards of the MTV, one of the musical events of the year as for spectacular nature and guests. The Radio City Musi Entrance hall of New York received to an endless number of celebrities who stood out for his bold clothings. The competition on the red carpet centred on seeing the one who was calling more attention, and of course, the winner in this sense was Lady Gaga.

Up to five different models, to more controversial everyone, it dared to show Lady Gaga. At his arrival to the red carpet, the singer left amazed to all the presents with an indescribable design of Jean Paul Gaultier, accompanied by a mask to “Bogey of the opera”. Later, it led the most polemic performance of the night, with a white body that was releasing blood. To gather one of his awards, Lady Gaga was already changed again, covered completely, head incluída, with a red lace cloth. Extravagance in the pure state. To keep on reading ↓

The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (IV)

ve1 The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (IV)

The Film festival of Venice has closed his doors this year. Nevertheless, last hours of the Mostra have left to us some look that deserves to be out-standing. Till now, the big stars shone for his absence, except the few exceptions of Eva Mendes, Tilda Swinton and George Clooney, with accompanist incluída. Nevertheless, the last premieres day in the festival congregated to two glamorous actresses on the red carpet: Diane Kruger y Julianne Moore. Only with his presence, the style level rose sky high.

The German, how always impeccable actress, bet for the “whole black” in his fashion designs, although with very notable differences. For the morning photos meeting, Diane Kruger chose a look rocker, a little black dress, with court in the shoulder and boots of See by Chloe. To keep on reading ↓

The red carpet of the festival of Venice (III)

z11 The red carpet of the festival of Venice (III)

Finally the big stars begin to come to the Mostra of Venice! Matt Damon, Ewan McGregor, and especially, the most awaited lady's man, George Clooney, in his first appearance with his most nice fiancée Elisabetta Canalis. The attractive couple revolutionized the city of the channels with his arrival to the festival, conviertiéndose in the protagonists of the day.

Clooney, as always impeccable with a black smoquin. For his part, the Italian presenter spent the acid test with a vaporous garment turquoise of Roberto Cavalli. Elisabetta accompanied the elegant design, of silk and crossed neckline strapless, on a black clutch of Salvatore Ferragamo. A pity this tattoo in the arm! To keep on reading ↓

The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (II)

z1 The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (II)

The city of the channels keeps on receiving personalities of the celluloid and the spectacle that come to the Mostra of Movies. Although the equator of the festival has already passed, the big stars continue without giving signs of life, and we have to be content with the glamor wasted by Eva Mendes or the presence always outstanding of the big actress Tilda Swinton.

The Briton made again a show of his impeccable style, betting again for looks night dews with certain ambiguous air. For his first day in the festival, Tilda Swinton trusted in one of his favorite designers: Jil Sander. Absolute target in both cases, with a suit pants for the morning and a simple garment at a height of the knee, in this occasion combined with a few original black shoes. To keep on reading ↓

The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (I)

1 The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (I)

The channels of Venice adorn themselves to receive one of the most important cinematographic events of the year: the Mostra of Venice. The film festival celebrates this year his 66 edition and promises to be one of the most glamorous of last years. Venice has inaugurated his red carpet, for which we will see happening in the next days many of the celebrities of the moment.

The opening day was marked by the stellar presence of impressive Eva Mendes. It was the star most waited of the night and he did not defraud in his arrival to the red carpet. The Latin actress bet for a look of the showiest and sensual thing, a red garment of gauze with neckline word of honor of pattern of leopard. A risky election, although she can allow it to herself. As complement of this design of Dolce and Gabanna, Eva chose a few black peep toes, and to complete the look, the actress gathered his hair with a nice black diadem. To keep on reading ↓

The guests to the premiere of Damned Bastards

b1 The guests to the premiere of Damned Bastards

The útimo films of Quentin Tarantino led by Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger, it continues with his inexhaustible promotion, and in this occasion to we have allowed to see multitude of stars showing his best finery. Owing to the premiere of ‘Damned Bastards’ in the Movie theater Society of New York the celebrities more in of the moment paraded the red carpet of the event competing for the title of “the best dressed one” in the premiere.

Once again, Diane Kruger rubbed the perfection again with a dark gray minigarment of spangles and neckline in the shape of uve. The showiest of this look is his new hairstyle, enough different from what has us used. A few spectacular black sandals with bracelet in the ankle, a simple pendant and a discreet bracelet put the colophon to a new winning look. To keep on reading ↓

The guests to Teen Choice Awards II

c4 The guests to Teen Choice Awards II

We follow with the revision the most outstanding looks, be already for good or for evil, that we could have seen in the gala of Teen Choice Awards. Most of the guests to the event surprised pleasantly, although also there was some exception. In general, the celebrities of the delivery of awards more teen put the quite high strip of wood.

The actress Hayden Panettiere, Heroes' protagonist, was faithful to his habitual style, and he chose for a garment at a height of the knees of Zac Posen in pink color and shoes to Louboutin game. Very nice was also the singer of Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, with a black minigarment with streaks of colors of the collection Resort of Marc Jacobs. To keep on reading ↓

The guests to Teen Choice Awards I

c1 The guests to Teen Choice Awards I

The Amphitheater Gibson of the Universal Studies, in Los Angeles, received the úndecima edition of the awards teen excellent, Teen Choice Awards. The gala served to crown the adolescent stars of the moment, like the protagonists of Twilight and Gossip Girl or the idols of masses Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus.

In addition to coming to gather his stage of surfing (the awards of the night), the stars teenager supiero party to be extracted on the red carpet (in this green case). One of those that sense of expectancy caused more was the actress Leighton Mester, of Gosssip Girl, who demonstrated again why it is one of ‘it girls’ of the moment. With a garment of seaworthy streaks of original court, and a few red bracelet shoes, the interpreter made a show of his style. To keep on reading ↓

Red carpet of the awards ESPYs 2009

p1 red Carpet of the awards ESPYs 2009

The awards ESPYs, which every year they emphasize the best sportsmen of the course, have celebrated a new edition, that there has crowned the swimmer Michael Phelps as the best sportsman of the year. Also, as in any event of these characteristics, it has served to assemble once again the celebrities, trying to be doing by the honor of being the most elegant.

In the red carpet of the gala, which was celebrated in the Theater Nokia L.A. Live of Los Angeles, we could see an impressive Demi Moore, who monopolized all the looks. The actress, to his more than fifty years, demonstrated why she keeps on being one of the sex symbol of Hollywood. Demi bet for a favoring garment of red color with garnet strokes. The sensual model taken by the actress, signed by Zac Posen, was highlighting to the perfection his curved exhuberantes. To keep on reading ↓

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