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Fashion for more kidlings, Gioseppo Kids

gioseppo you dump Fashion for more kidlings, Gioseppo Kids

The fashion not only is so that the women turn out to be tidy and elegant all the time, but also he dedicates his space for the smallest, big accompanists of a lot of activities that we realize every day.

It is for it that one of the marks dedicated, to design and to construct a style world for the children, is Gioseppo Kids, that presents his new collection to us for this summer.

There abound the designs full of color, placed in shoes, sandals and rucksacks thought about the personages of Disney, being focused in the pink tones for the girls, from the pale pink one up to the fuchsia.

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Heels sculpture and wedges arty for 2009

heel sculpture Heels sculpture and wedges arty for 2009The new period walks on art, in accordance with the designers' proposals like Roberto Cavalli, Dolce Gabanna, Lanvin or Christian Dior, who present a few models worthy of exhibition where the originality takes root in the support: wedges arty and heels sculpture.

The model that we observe in the photo is a proposal of Christian Dior for the collection spring - summer 2009. The shoe presents a heel sculpture with figure of ivory of African inspiration, as if the whole weight of the most contemporary elegance was sustained on the props of the most ancient tradition.

In the same artistic line, Lanvin incorporates a heel sculpture high place, of golden color and with jewels applications, in contrast into the black color of the shoe; or it applies to his sandals of open instep heel gold in the shape of cone, mietras Chanel proposes a support with applications of white pens.

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The spring 2009 shoes are the jewel of Prada

prada21 550x322 the spring 2009 shoes are The jewel of Prada

From his presentation they have given much that to speak. The shoes that Prada has designed for the spring / summer 2009 are collector's pieces, the only "jewels" within reach of a minority. Independently of everything previous, these shoes have been in mouth of many due to the bad moment that some of the models spent while they were parading. Several of them they slipped and they fell down to the soil and had to finish the walk with the shoes in the hands. Probably it was the soil with drawn fish, the culprit of so much trip.

I consider necessarily to dedicate this post to the shoes of Spring / summer 2009 of Prada because each of them leaves me without breath. As I see them I realize less well what it is me favorite, they they all are works of art, each one is special: how to choose?

prada31 550x315 the spring 2009 shoes are The jewel of Prada

They have created principally four models very similar between them. The materials are fundamentally the skin of snake, cloth as of loneta, skin and something of level in one of four designs. Clearly definite platform, heel of dizziness and all of them are provided with a knot in the later part. Exclusive materials for exclusive footwear. We can observe in the video that more colors exist to part of those who appear in the image.

It must not be an easy at all gait with them, but it is worth trying it. Any garment, skirt or pants will stop being the same accompanied by this preciousness. Also I want to stress that although it should not be comfortable, his design allows us to combine it both with a few jeans and with garment of holiday.

Sincerely I do not believe that they were designing them thinking about an any woman, about that one that is not the passionate one of the fashion but it continues the tendencies. They thought about us, who we go crazy with the new collections of our favorite designers and we would be ready to mortgage us to obtain these shoes that so much we like. It is important to differentiate two concepts: to continue the fashion! and: to live through the fashion! He decides that edict it is you who are, but earlier he observes in detail these Prada shoes.

Gucci presents the sandals “Magnet“

1g 7 Gucci Magnet presents the sandals

This Spring / summer 2009 the Gucci fans will enjoy it from the heights. The sandals “Magnet“ appear like “must have” of the period. And the fact is that there is nothing like a good sandal with taconazo.

More than 15 cm. of heel and a platform of infarction that will allow you to be the highest and sexy of the holiday. Why will not you think of putting yourself them every day: no? Although if your feet support it …

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