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The 10 better dressed for the magazine Glamor

guapitas The 10 better dressed for the magazine Glamor

The magazine Glamor has published that finally have his top of the best dressed ones in 2009, a list headed by the British singer Cheryl Cole, vocalist of the group Girls Aloud, who till now was not appearing in the rankings.

A pelín wooden bowls is surprised that between ten o'clock better valued by the fashionable magazine there are Katy Perry or Agyness Deyn often criticized by his outfits and clothings, something slovenly and even.

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Britney Spears, image of the signature Candiés

britney candies 2 Britney Spears, image of the signature Candies

We help on return from a prima donna: the most polemic singer of the American panorama, Britney Spears, has been chosen like image of the fashionable signature Candie's, which continues in the line edulcorada, rosita and everlasting schoolgirl dressing, in this occasion, the bad girl of pop.

Candie's knows very well the big icon of the fashion that was Spears in his moment, and with this campaign, insurance hopes to recover those times in which the style of the singer was continued without question by young people and adolescents.

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Gifts for your mother, there is only one

everything for my mother copies 333x400 Gifts for your mother, there is only one

It is true that mother is only one, but each of them has his character and of to dress. Also the age also influences the decision of the perfect gift for the one who loves us unconditionally. From here we want to be giving ideas for the day of the mother, the first Sunday of May.

In the image we see principally shoes, it is better not to get into aubergine fields with the size, if we are not right we will offend our mothers. If you buy one more number or a number less of shoe does not matter, that him does not feel bad to any woman. To keep on reading ↓

Let's bring the style to Spain

3099gvsmileweb1 let's Bring the style to Spain

Continuously we see spectacular women with a look that removes the hiccup walking along the streets of New York or Paris in movies or series of television. Many people think that this is not a reality, which in these cities the people dress like us, without attracting attention. But the truth is different. The women neoyorkinas or Parisians play with the fashion. Pledges take that we only would use for the parade, for very impressive that is, we have acquired the roll on which we must not attract attention with our look or we will be qualified like a woman object. To keep on reading ↓

The last tendency: lips of two colors

lips bitonal The last tendency: lips of two colors

The truth is that seldom we had seen so drastic and bold innovations, in what it refers to lips, like the proposal that it was possible to appreciate in the last parade of Emanuel Ungaro in Paris: Lips identical with two colors!, and not only that, but colored by the make-up artist Tom Pecheux, who used tones of the collection Ungaro of MAC.

Surf, original … presents itself, therefore, as a new tendency in makeup, although it is not an innovation, since the designer pulled already this idea a few years ago, although prece a good moment for recuperara this one “look of duality”.

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Nicole Richie is the front of April of BlackBook

nicolerichie11 Nicole Richie is the front of April of BlackBook

Nicole Richie has posed with an attitude much rocker for what it will be the front of April of an American publication. Many people have put the scream in the sky on having seen the images of the photographic meeting and I do not understand the motive. Many people make sure that Nicole Richie is imitating the style of Lady Gaga, although I think that more that to copy a certain person, is simulating the extravagant look that many stars of the song have decided to make his. To keep on reading ↓

It manages to be a certification Sailor Moon

front Manages to be a certification Sailor Moon

It is not easy to turn into one of five Sailor Moon, personages of the sleeve admired by a both masculine and feminine public. They are five girls full of success and force: perhaps be his uniform? I do not know it, but it can be one of the reasons. For this motive we want to help you to transform you into one of them.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus are admired and wished by many. His short skirts and the innocent air melt to turn into something irresistible for the masculine genre. If you want to triumph between the men aim that the following keys in the mind, which I do not know should erase or the charm will disappear. To keep on reading ↓

The best thing and the worst of the footbridge of the Oscars

better penelope oscar Lo and the worst of the footbridge of the OscarsFar from big footbridges of the international fashion, the red carpet of Hollywood is one of the best shop windows for designers and big signatures, which take the pulse in the ceremony of delivery of the Oscars. As hanger, the most select and glamorous of the current cinematographic panorama.

Signatures like Armani, Versace or Dior have been the managers of dressing the most dazzling actresses along the editions of these awards, and every year, concerning the debate on the talent or cinematographic eager willingness, a parallel discussion is opened: the one that it indicates to worse and better dressed in the gala.

We will start by Penélope, which is the native thing, who showed a white model of Pierre Balmain, co-creator along with Christian Dior of the “new French look”. The garment was of neckline a word of honor and skirt composed by layers with brocades. He did not lack the criticism, and in spite of his elegance, it seemed that instead of to an awards delivery it was coming to its own wedding, and one could not for less that to wonder for the whereabouts of the fiancé.

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