Yves Saint Laurent Edition Unisex 2009

image 3 342x400 Yves Saint Laurent Edition Unisex 2009

The designer Stefano Pilati has wanted to produce homage to the man Yves Saint Laurent with a collection Unisex in which across the masterpieces that the big Yves designed in the 60s.

The keys of this exclusive collection we might center them on the shirts, the Saharan ones, the pants of high size and wide waist or the wonderful suits, which in this occasion adapt to the woman in spite of his marked masculine dressmaking. The harmony of the colors, between which they emphasize the tones ground, gray and blue, they transport us to the Marrakech memory, city that the proper Yves was adoring.

We will be able to enjoy the collection only in the big capitals of the fashion as for example in New York from February 13 until February 20, in London from 20 to 24, in Milan from March 25 until March 3 and finally, in Paris from March 5 until March 12.

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The spring 2009 shoes are the jewel of Prada

prada21 550x322 the spring 2009 shoes are The jewel of Prada

From his presentation they have given much that to speak. The shoes that Prada has designed for the spring / summer 2009 are collector's pieces, the only "jewels" within reach of a minority. Independently of everything previous, these shoes have been in mouth of many due to the bad moment that some of the models spent while they were parading. Several of them they slipped and they fell down to the soil and had to finish the walk with the shoes in the hands. Probably it was the soil with drawn fish, the culprit of so much trip.

I consider necessarily to dedicate this post to the shoes of Spring / summer 2009 of Prada because each of them leaves me without breath. As I see them I realize less well what it is me favorite, they they all are works of art, each one is special: how to choose?

prada31 550x315 the spring 2009 shoes are The jewel of Prada

They have created principally four models very similar between them. The materials are fundamentally the skin of snake, cloth as of loneta, skin and something of level in one of four designs. Clearly definite platform, heel of dizziness and all of them are provided with a knot in the later part. Exclusive materials for exclusive footwear. We can observe in the video that more colors exist to part of those who appear in the image.

It must not be an easy at all gait with them, but it is worth trying it. Any garment, skirt or pants will stop being the same accompanied by this preciousness. Also I want to stress that although it should not be comfortable, his design allows us to combine it both with a few jeans and with garment of holiday.

Sincerely I do not believe that they were designing them thinking about an any woman, about that one that is not the passionate one of the fashion but it continues the tendencies. They thought about us, who we go crazy with the new collections of our favorite designers and we would be ready to mortgage us to obtain these shoes that so much we like. It is important to differentiate two concepts: to continue the fashion! and: to live through the fashion! He decides that edict it is you who are, but earlier he observes in detail these Prada shoes.

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The awaited spring collection of Women's Secret

women secret The awaited spring collection of Women's Secret

One more year approaches the spring, the epoch of the flowers and of such awesome allergies. With it, also the new tendencies come in underwear of the hand of Women's Secret. Nowadays the women we look for nice, sexy and fundamentally comfortable linen. We are not manikins, we must wear these pledges for many hours, therefore we ask not to be to grief with them put. The true thing is that these things are evident, and it does not completely suit to see it bothers that a woman is due to his braguitas or his bra.

Women's Secret goes beyond that, not only it makes braguitas and bras, also it offers us big quantity of intimate complements, pajamas and bath clothes. What it characterizes to the mark is the quality and design of his product. He translates the last tendencies in exclusive designs devoted to the urban woman that in addition to working have other tasks to be realized.

primavera2 The awaited spring collection of Women's Secret

This spring they emphasize the clear colors typical of the season that starts, targets and beige are the protagonists, although also we can observe strokes in green, lilac, roses and the black outstanding figure. A bold collection that it passes to the transparences in the most intimate pledges and some lace detail in floral funds or in discreet you grate. Fresh and sensual sound two attributes that, according to me to seem, better describe the period spring 2009 of Women's Secret.

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Good-looking Levís to the women in the summer

levis summer good-looking Levis to the women in the summer

Famous for the informal clothes and the designs of the jeans that gave him international prestige to the mark, the company Levi's has presented worldwide the collection so that the women in this summer have his own sheen.

In this occasion, T-shirts and shirts will appear, designed to highlight the curves and the figure of the woman, beyond the pledge in themselves.

Shirts stand out with flying and waisted, clear colors (preferably the target, like natural maximum exponent) and denim T-shirts in black or blue tones, with classic designs that last across the years.

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Narcissus Rodríguez in the New York fashion week

84868629 10 preview Narcissus Rodríguez in the New York fashion week

Narcissus Rodríguez in the parade of the week of the fashion of New York has given a lot of importance to the black and white person, there have been the colors that the footbridge fills. A practically "two-color" collection that it has mixed with big sense of the taste with the scale of roses and khakis.

Tight garments that allow to see partially the neckline due to the complexity of his forms with superposed elements. An attractive woman who has no decency in showing the silhouette of his body. A day soft makeup that increases in the night with the atemporal grates quarter note. Since it could not perform another form it allows us to see some stroke of resided in some of his suits, it is the color of the moment.

84868709 10 preview 166x250 Narcissus Rodríguez in the New York fashion week84868716 10 preview 166x250 Narcissus Rodríguez in the New York fashion week

The designer dares to introduce in his collection pattern of black and white camouflage. Narcissus Rodríguez keeps on playing with the zippers in his overcoats and layers that conceal the necklines of the garments. The waist of the woman receives leading role of the hand of this teacher of the fashion, one of the most feminine parts of the woman.

Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion week

84824182 10 preview1 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion week

Marc Jacobs takes us to the past and to the future at the same time, I know it you will think that it is impossible, but this genius of the fashion manages to do and to show us the unobtainable thing. His textiles, the importance of a few well special shoulders and the mini-skirt remember us a 80s. The life rock and roll in the pure state. Gathered from the models, the volumes of some pledges and the use of complements as the square sunglasses show us the future, a new age.

marc1 222x250 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion weekmarc2 168x250 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion week

The Jacobs woman will never lose his sophisticated and elegant air. Independent women who honor in this edition Barbie who has been 50 years. Designed East has turned into the best friend of many women because he can highlight to the perfection the best curves of a woman, at the same time that he hides what we do not like under any magisterial cut.

Showy colors like pink fuchsia, the yellow chicken or the sky blue one have walked along the footbridge of New York. Ponchos in different textiles, you come up fantasy and a futurist makeup they sum up to the perfection what Marc Jacobs wants to transmit us. Incredible, is the word that better describes the collection fall 2009 of the designer. The tribute to the perfect doll combined with the independence and force of the modern woman they give as turned out an irresistible female.

marc3 163x250 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion weekmarc4 162x250 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion week

An applause for one of the geniuses of the fashion more young people of the moment. The pink carpet shows the creations of a teacher of the tendencies and of the clothes of the current woman. We want that us seen! I love Jacobs

Massages with natural mineral water EVIAN

evian beauty Massages with natural mineral water EVIAN

Spa Evian has designed an original program of treatments and curative massages by means of natural mineral water EVIAN. One marks this way lines of new tendencies in curative massages and of beauty, across three programs: regeneration, reduction of weight and relaxation.

This mineral water is famous and very expensive, it comes from the French Alps, and now it is used like instrument of relaxation and health, with the whole sophistication typical of the mark EVIAN.

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Carried Sarah Jessica Parker of Bazaar Marzo 2009

1g 8 carried Sarah Jessica Parker of Bazaar Marzo 2009

The most nice and newly separated Sarah Jessica Parker gives up under the target of Peter Lindbergh to shout to four winds his love for the fashion and for the pink color in the edition of March of the magazine Bazaar.

Something that the truth is that we do not surprise, since in numerous occasions we have seen the actress dressed in this spring and feminine color. In this edition of the magazine we will be able to enjoy 873 looks at good price and a wonderful selection of: 150 pledges and complements for less than 50 dollars!. If I was you: I would not resist!

Gucci presents the sandals “Magnet“

1g 7 Gucci Magnet presents the sandals

This Spring / summer 2009 the Gucci fans will enjoy it from the heights. The sandals “Magnet“ appear like “must have” of the period. And the fact is that there is nothing like a good sandal with taconazo.

More than 15 cm. of heel and a platform of infarction that will allow you to be the highest and sexy of the holiday. Why will not you think of putting yourself them every day: no? Although if your feet support it …

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