Who is … Tom Ford

tom ford movies 2 Who is... Tom Ford

Tom Ford might be defined as one of the designers and man of more influential business of the last third of the S.XX. Also like a revolutionary of the publicity or if you prefer it, like a lover of the extreme luxury. All these adjectives for the whole visionary of the fashion who could like nobody transform a mark into bankruptcy in the whole Empire valued for 4 trillion dollars. And in only ten years! Yes, really we are speaking about the Florentine signature Gucci.

Very much earlier, in 1962, the designer is born in Austin (Texas), although his infancy will happen in Santa Fe (New Mexico) worried from very early age for his image, something that his mother inculcated to him. At the age of 12, although it sounds surprisingly, Tom yields to his first pair of shoes Gucci. To keep on reading ↓

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The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

mtv1 The looks of the MTV Music Awards II

We keep on revising the looks of the celebrities in the past gala of the MTV Musical Awards. An event that he has not emphasized especially for the good taste of his guests, except few exceptions. In this awards delivery the important thing is to stand out, sacrificing sometimes the good fashion designs for the spectacle.

A pleasant surprise was the look of Solange Knowles, the hermanísima of Beyoncé. The singer risked for once, and went out winning in the red carpet. Solange usually does not with his fashion designs, but this time supó take prettily this original design of Armand Basi happen. To keep on reading ↓

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We surprise Chanel with his purse tranparente

ch we surprise Chanel with his purse tranparente

This piece, that Paris Fashion Week was born like simple properties for the Chanel parade of past, might turn into the big 'hit' of this autumn. The new invention of Karl Lagerfeld has had more I crash of waited in the beginning, since the provoked sense of expectancy was only a complement for the footbridge, nevertheless, he has inclined to the signature to commercialize this surprising purse.

The new one ‘must have’ of Chanel is a kit realized in methacrylate completely trasparente, that it shows without reservations everything what hides in his interior. Why to search in the purse whenever we need something if we can have everything perfectly arranged and at sight? We do not know the success that it can take as a fashionable complement, but undoubtedly, it is practical. To keep on reading ↓

Parade of Custo Barcelona in the New York Fashion Week

custo1 Parade of Custo Barcelona in the New York Fashion Week

The signature Custo Barcelona is already one of the habitual ones in the footbridge neoyorkina. After twelve years presenting his designs in the New York Fashion Week, the Spanish signature has given itself appointment again in the enclosure of Bryant Park to announce his proposals for the next period spring - summer 2010, a titled collection ‘Air Show‘.

Once again, the coloring has been the protagonist of the collection of the designer Custo Dalmau, with an infinite palette of colors in which there stand out the fuchsia, orange and the sky blue one. ‘Air Show‘ bases on the concepts of the movement and the agility, and for it Custo has used extremely light materials, fruit of an intense investigation of the signature. To keep on reading ↓

The united Trucco necklace

necklace The united Trucco necklace

Trucco is one of the fashionable signatures that join the united causes, in this case to the struggle against the breast cancer. One more year, the Spanish mark will collaborate with the campaign of the Spanish Society against the Cancer, who tries to reduce as far as possible the mark of the breast cancer, an illness that affects thousands of women every year.

For colaborara with this cause, Trucco has created a united necklace, with which it will contribute his sand granite to this so important project. The necklace available in golden and silver color, will be able I acquired in any of the shops of Trucco from the next October 1 and up to exhausting stock.

A part of the sales of this necklace will be destined to the campaign against the breast cancer, which in turn will invest this money in investigation on the illness and programs of precocious detection. You will be able to collaborate acquiring this collas for only 14,90 euros.

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The looks of the MTV Music Awards I

11 the looks of the MTV Music Awards I

Yesterday evening the gala was celebrated of between gala of awards of the MTV, one of the musical events of the year as for spectacular nature and guests. The Radio City Musi Entrance hall of New York received to an endless number of celebrities who stood out for his bold clothings. The competition on the red carpet centred on seeing the one who was calling more attention, and of course, the winner in this sense was Lady Gaga.

Up to five different models, to more controversial everyone, it dared to show Lady Gaga. At his arrival to the red carpet, the singer left amazed to all the presents with an indescribable design of Jean Paul Gaultier, accompanied by a mask to “Bogey of the opera”. Later, it led the most polemic performance of the night, with a white body that was releasing blood. To gather one of his awards, Lady Gaga was already changed again, covered completely, head incluída, with a red lace cloth. Extravagance in the pure state. To keep on reading ↓

Baguette de Fendi: it is renewed!

Image 4 Baguette de Fendi: it is renewed!

There are four purses that every woman addicted to the fashion, must have. The first one of them, obviously, one “2.55 ″ of Chanel, later an "Amazon" of Loewe, a "Speedy" of Louis Vuitton and how not, this one jewel, a wonderful Fendi "Baguette". It is an investment of a lot of money, but these preciousness is inherited from some to others, and every piece you have your own history, at least when the designers created them.

Independently of me digressions, Silvia Fendi third in the dynasty Fendi, is the creative director of the line of accessories and the manager of being renew across new designs and materials, the classic models that have elevated the mark to top have” of the most select signatures of the planet. That itself is sucecido with the purse Baguette. An icon of the fashion, which how quite, did he need a renewal. And here it is. In two colors (black and makeup), with chains and with adornments in gilding. Elegance in the pure state. But let's go further away because there is something that attracts attention of me especially … to Keep on reading ↓

Balmain and the jacket of the moment

Image 10 Balmain and the jacket of the moment

Do you remember Joan Collins in Dynasty? And of Grace Jones in Studio 54? So if you do memoría the rectangular silhouette it was one of his most significant "stamps". Now, after several establishment periods, the shoulder pads return more powerful than never thanks to the designer Christophe Decarnin with his spectacular designs for the signature Balmain. It tries it it is this one American of the French house that he bets for the exhorbitant volumes without losing an apex of femininity and elegance.

The form in “V“ is here again, and do not doubt, you must fall down in his delight. Most of the addicted ones to the fashion have already done it, so: why to resist? I am not much given to the shoulder pads, it is more, I have never liked. But it is already known, when something returns, he always turns out to be improved to the maximum. And, although I feel sorry, Decarnin has obtained it with the Americans collection. They are beautiful. To keep on reading ↓

Leggins, will not be able to be missing in your closet this autumn

w1 Leggins, will not be able to be missing in your closet this autumn

The spirit of the eighties is more present that never, and one of his pledges icónicas, the leggins, there will be one ‘must have’ of this period. Far from losing force, this autumn the leggins will be the pledge protagonist, as the principal designers have already anticipated us in his collections, or the fashionable signatures ‘low cost’.

This autumn - winter, the leggins will gain leading role, and there will no be already mere complements to go below garments and skirts. The leggins will be shown in all his splendor, as if there were pants, and will present before themselves in a wide variety of textiles, forms and patterns. The models will cause fury to the purest punk style ochentero of leather aspect, like the black with zippers who proposes Tezenis to us, or with tacks in the low part, like that of Target. To keep on reading ↓

Handle believe your own closet in Facebook

handle Handle Believe your own closet in Facebook

Once again, the signature it surprises Handle again us with an initiative of the most novel and original. Betting for the use of the new technologies and experimenting with the interactive formats, Handle has always created a new application for the popular social network Facebook.

The users who are aimed to the network will be able to interact with this new format online, a system to create a personal closet with the pledges of the Spanish signature. ‘Your closet by Handle’ it will allow the followers of the mark, and of the fashion in general, to be able to play with the imagination and design your own virtual closet. To keep on reading ↓

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