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The cameraman - bottom comes: He verifies how you the jeans sit behind

the camera bottom Comes jeans: He verifies how you the jeans sit behind

When we choose a few jeans that we like and come to the changing room, we always meet the same problem: How have I left behind?. Between the habitual tightness of the changing rooms, or the absence of light, unless we are accompanied we will remain with the desire of knowing that such our bottom is seen with the jeans that we like.

About this he has thought the Australian chain of shops Jeanswest, one of the biggest fashionable sellers denim and chance of the country. To help his clients with the election of perfect jean, the chain has created an innovative and original system to be able to have a finished vision of our body at the time of the pledge to try on. It is a question of a video camera installed in the changing room, baptized already like “the cameraman - bottom”. To keep on reading ↓

Kate Moss for Topshop: Autumn - winter 2009-2010

k1 Kate Moss for Topshop: Autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

After the successes obtained with his previous collaborations, the signature Topshop he trusts again in Kate Moss like his best trick to devastate this autumn. The designs of the British top model have caused fury between the fashionistas, and his collections for the mark low cost are always of the most awaited every period.

The new collection of Kate Moss for the period autumn - winter 2009-2010 is loaded with airs rockers, designs inspired in the 80s. In this occasion, the model there are imprimido to his models a more serious air of the habitual one in previous collaborations. To keep on reading ↓

Extract your wild side this autumn!

b11: Extract your wild side this autumn!

We all have a wild side that occasionally we like extracting to re-shine. Be which be your style, insurance that inside you your most rebellious spirit fights to escape. Prepare yourself to live to yourself through an autumn replete with emotions and adventures in the asphalt jungle and take note of these proposals to obtain a lookBorn to be wild.

As good representative of this unconformist and rebellious style, must not be missing in your closet a good black garment, a fundamental piece with which you will be able to create multitude of combinations. An outstanding figure, like the garment of Etxart and Panno, of folk air, will serve to you to obtain a look of the most Bohemian thing. It tries to combine it with a few inspiration boots motera like the black women of deerskin of Paco Gil. To keep on reading ↓

It irons for the hair united of ghd

ghd It Irons for the hair united of ghd

One more year, the beauty signature for the hair ghd will collaborate in the struggle against the breast cancer. The mark known by his products of for brushing the hair, like his alisadoras irons and brushes, Sandra Ibarra of Solidarity will throw a new edition of his famous pink iron Pretty in Pink in collaboration with the Foundation Opposite to The Cancer.

The association created by the model and presenter Sandra Ibarra tries to contribute to the sensitization of the society with regard to the breast cancer and the investigation of this hard illness. With the buy of each of these irons, ghd it will destine 10 euros for unit to the foundation. To keep on reading ↓

Emilio Pucci changes patterns

Image 52 Emilio Pucci changes patterns

He had not said without to you the mark to which this one belongs purse, you would be still doubting. Will it belong to Cavalli? +Dolce&Gabanna? or: Dsquared2? And the fact is that the incorporation has provoked the Italian house of Peter Dundas an enormous confusion in the proposals that the signature presents for the next period Autumn - winter to us 2009/2010. Test of it is this one purse, which well it might make spend by any signature less for Pucci.

Removed from the colourists patterns to that the Italian signature has to us habitués, Dundas, it has gone further away and has re-lived through the wild and bold touch that one day was present in the designs of the house Pucci. Narrow, pronounced and feminine silhouettes for the garments. You jump in brown and black tones that grant a more discreet and less coloristic style to the Italian signature. To keep on reading ↓

Nicole Richie designs clothes for future moms

nicole Nicole Richie designs clothes for future moms

As good celebrity fashionista that boasts, Nicole Richie also dares to make his pinitos as designer. The adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie, ex-partner of revelries of Paris Hilton, is for many one of the better dressed famous ones, faithful representative of the style Bohemian - elegance.

Nicole did his first incursion in the world of the design throwing its own collection of jewels, which enjoyed big acceptance. Now, Nicole proves luck as designer again with the signature ‘To pea in the pod’, for that there has created a clothes collection premom whom also it has given his image. To keep on reading ↓

Anna Jagodzinska for Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2009 03 Anna Jagodzinska for Tom Ford Sunglasses

If another day we saw Jon Kortajarena placing nude for Tom Ford, today it is the shift of beautiful Anna Jagodzinska. Adorned only with a bond black shoemaker and a few sunglasses of the designer, Anna poses for Mr. Ford as God brought it to the world. Although, of course, some more sugerente.

The truth is that Anna's photo is more sensual than that of Kortajarena, although I have to say that I have liked enough the two. And even more bearing in mind that he is the proper designer who realizes his campaigns. Will it be saving production costs? But there is a thing that for much that I think it, I do not understand it: Why is Tom Ford so obsessed in spite of undressing all the models for his signature? To keep on reading ↓

Fragrances of Adolfo Domínguez, in format for trip

adr Fragrances of Adolfo Domínguez, in format for trip

One of the biggest problems that we are at the time of traveling is to organize our vanity case with the beauty products that we need for our daily routine. If we are going to fly in plane, the restrictions imposed in the hand luggage do that we have to put special care with the packings that we take.

Also, whenever we prepare to pack the suitcase we meet the same problem: the absence of space. That's why, every time there are more the marks of cosmetics and perfumery that throw special formats of his products to be able to travel without problems and kits of trip with commodities. One of them is Adolfo Domínguez, who has created a special edition of trips of his fragrances. To keep on reading ↓

Lola: the new perfume of Marc Jacobs

Image 11 Lola: the new perfume of Marc Jacobs

Under pronounced character and a very Spanish name, Lola, appears the new floral fragrance of the designer Marc Jacobs for this one Autumn - winter 2009/2010. The whole delight for the smell in which the freshness and the happiness of his extract coexist with the care packaging in the one that the magic philter of the period is protected.

The notes of pink pepper, pear and grapefruit compose the extract of this one delightful fragrance, which intermingles with the peony, the roses and the geraniums. For the base of a perfume that gives more famine that you gain of making use of him, the vanilla, the musk and the bean tonka. The creators of Yann Vasnier and Calice Becker have achieved a wonderful result that there receives with very much pride and illusion the visionary of the fashion Marc Jacbos. To keep on reading ↓

Thongs, the worst enemy of your feet in summer

havaianas Thongs, the worst enemy of your feet in summer

The thongs seem to be the best summer allied ones, since they are fresh, comfortable and much adapted to walk along the sand of the beach if suddenly it is worn across his chest. But expert podiatrists warn of the damages that they can go so far as to cause us.

Be already havaianas or sandals without sujección in the heel, gait with this type of footwear supposes an important risk for our feet, since to prevent from going out shot to the gait, involuntarily we tend to hold them adopting a position in the shape of claw with the fingers of the feet, and that can have very bad consequences.

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