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The complements of “Sex in New York”

untitled4 The Sex complements in New York

The adventures of four neoyorkinas about the sex and the love has turned into an important point of references to many women. From his beginning the protagonists were evolving and with it his wardrobe. The producers of the series realized that the protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, was creating tendency and wanted to make use of the lode.

Many of us we were living through love stories parallel to those of some of the protagonists and were comparing. In every group of friends that boasts, there is a Charlotte, a Samantha, an Elevated place and a Carrie because we all are different and live of different way through every moment or through situation. Nevertheless, it is this what joins us more and that we accept to ourselves with our virtues and our defects. To keep on reading ↓

Ann Locking risks with his complements line

z001 Ann Locking risks with his complements line

A based collection almost in its entirety in the black. Materials as the leather and the lacquer accompany to the vertiginous platforms that Ann Locking tries to implant in the streets of the cities more cool of the world. A bold and risky designer, a little that has done posicionarse in one very well place to him in the Spanish fashion.

Purses, belts and both masculine and feminine shoes that they seduce with a simple look. The women you have to do the world from the heights, this way everything is discerned much better. Booties with wedges and wooden platforms with a special detail. The wedges show a silhouette perfectly drawn of a stiletto in black. To keep on reading ↓

The history of the stiletto, in the Museum of the Suit

shoes museum The history of the stiletto, in the Museum of the Suit

Not everything a related to the world of the fashion there are parades, signatures and, finally, sales. The fashion also is a culture, history and tradition … that's why, from May 8 until August 30 one can be enjoyed a sample organized by the International Museum of the Footwear of Vigevano and the Museum of the Suit of the Department of Culture of Spain, which revise history of the stiletto from the 50s until our days, designs of the most prestigious signatures.

The exhibition can already be contemplated in the Museum of the Suit, in Madrid, and account with examples of the Italian and foreign footwear, prepared by the big names of the world of the Fashion. Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo has raised the sample like a chronological trip from the fifties, with the creations of big signatures like Prada.

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United auction of Stuart Weitzman

weitzman united Auction of Stuart Weitzman

The prestigious designer of Stuart Weitzman wearing shoes has been provided with the disinterested collaboration of our famous most united, to develop an initiative against the breast cancer. Again, the world of the fashion shows us his most humanitarian slope, with this charitable project destined to obtain funds for the struggle against this illness that touches us so closely.

Famous faces of the national panorama, like Marten oaks, Carla Royo Villanova, Maria Rosa Salvador, Luz Casal, Nuria Roca, Mar Raventos, Pigeon Caves, Concha García Campoy, Ann Rosa Quintana, Cristina Hohenhole and Genoveva Casanova, have wanted to put his sand granite in favor of this cause. All these women there is customizado a shoe of Stuart Weistzman, bringing them his personal touch, like the designed one by Marta Robles, with kisses and ears of bunny, or that of Carla Royo Villanova, been inspired by the roses. To keep on reading ↓

Stuart Weitzman and our famous ones against the breast cancer

image 2 Stuart Weitzman and our famous ones against the breast cancer

Tomorrow it is one big day for the designer of New York Stuart Weitzman, and she is not for less. The motive is the inaguración at 12 a.m. in his flagship of Madrid of a spectacular exhibition in which our most acclaimed famous ones have decorated different shoes models to fight the struggle against the breast cancer.

The exclusive collaboration counts with famous of the Pigeon size Caves, Marta Robles, Nuria Roca, Carla Royo Villanova, Concha García Campoy, Ann Rosa Quintana or Genoveva Casanova between others, which could not have resisted to collaborate in this fabulous project. The exhibition with these exquisite proposals, will be present in the shop of the designer from tomorrow until May 20.

After her, the designs will go on sale across the auctions page e-bay and there will be assined 10 % of the benefits obtained so much in the sale of these limited jewels, as well as in the collection that takes place during this week in the shop, to the struggle against the breast cancer. Undoubtedly, we can say that: Of course that is to worry for the woman!.

Stuart Weitzman
C/José Ortega and Gasset, 19.

Air Scandal de Nike, for Handle

handle nike Air Scandal de Nike, for Handle

Nike and Handle repeat collaboration one more year. If in 2008 they joined to present to us the reprint of Nike Track Racer, of big success, this 2009 they repeat formula with the model Air Scandal, of Nike, who caused fury in the 80s. An outstanding figure on whom some changes have been realized, more current and urban. Scandalous yes that are!

For this spring Air Scandal de Nike and Handle present before themselves in citric colors: orange and yellow it files. There is the one who says that you should make happy, there turn out to be to me hair strident.

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The last wedding tendency: farewell to the heels

fiancées The last wedding tendency: farewell to the heels

If by something they are characterized the wedding days it is for the long hours that we happen standing, especially the fiancée. The ceremony, the holiday, the dance …, a long day in which the high heels can spoil our most special day.

That's why, one of the tendencies most extended in the wedding fashion they are the ballerinas. For those that they decide in favor of the serviceability, but without losing an elegance not even apex, the footwear marks are incorporating in his catalog a ballerinas' selection for fiancées. To keep on reading ↓

Christian Louboutin, treading loudly

tigresse Christian Louboutin, treading loudly

Christina Louboutin is one of the most creative and popular designers in what it refers to footwear. This French designer of footwear and purses does not make anybody indifferent and his luxurious products conquer the most refined clients.

This spring - summer 2009 guy gathers his collection from sandals espadrille to the highest heels, passing for ballerinas, short boots and his most bold designs (under the name of whole madness).

In the latter category we find this authentic work of art, the model Maria Antonieta, inspired in the mythical heroine. This limited edition only has sold in shops of Paris and it is free in yellow, blue and beige. Of course, practically it is exhausted.
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Collection of Zuhaird Murad for Handle

mango3 Collection of Zuhaird Murad for Handle

The designer of Lebanese origin Zuhaird Murad gives his creative services again to the Spanish fashionable signature Mango. The second Murad collection you combine the most elegant proposals, where they predominate over the holiday garments, with the most informal, perfect models for every day.

Murad, has created a line marked by the elegance, in which we find romantic and very feminine pledges, like the garments vaporous of silk, perfect for a special occasion. To keep on reading ↓

Pure López bets for the comfortable height

portada2 Pure López bets for the comfortable height

This good-looking designer of shoes lover of the heels of dizziness for the serviceability this period. Pure López faithful to his style, keeps on mixing 15 centimeters with materials of high quality. She describes the shoes as something more than a complement, says that it is one of the objects fix to express the femininity and the seduction.

This summer we will be able to show our new pairs of shoes more commodes that never. Pure López has created models of a big quality, combining the thin strips of before or leather with big platforms. Some designs you join the small front platform with the heel turning into an architectural wedge. We love this decision of the Spanish designer because the feet do not get tired so much because we have point of rest in the whole foot. To keep on reading ↓

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