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The incredible shoes of Alexander Wang for the autumn

w1 The incredible shoes of Alexander Wang for the autumn

One of the big winners of the past awards CFDA, the couturier Alexander Wang, presents his new footwear line to us for the next period autumn - winter. The ex-assistant of Marc Jacobs demonstrates again why his designs are of most coveted in the world of the fashion, especially his footwear, which performs the most spectacular thing that we can find in the current panorama.

The architectural heels are the protagonists of this collection of footwear, not suitable for the long walks. There are rather collection shoes, to shine and to tread loudly there where we go. The asymmetric forms and the transparences take possession of these shoes abotinados, that are closing with capricious forms about the ankle. To keep on reading ↓

Jalou, the phone jewel of Dolce and Gabbana

jalouu Jalou, the phone jewel of Dolce and Gabbana

Once again, the world of the fashion unites with the technology to create a spectacular mobile phone in which the last technological innovations get together with the most exclusive design. The signature Dolce and Gabanna has designed a new phone for Sony Ericsson, the model Jalou, a limited edition that will turn into desire object for more fashionistas.

Jalou Sony Ericsson is a mobile of compact design in the shape of jewel, which he reminds to us to carved typically of the diamonds. It will be free in several colors: rose, black, turquoise and intense blue. It presents several details in gold, like the logo of Dolce and Gabanna, the ring of the camera or the keys of the volume. To keep on reading ↓

Who is Karl Lagerfeld

karl lagerfeld bear Who is Karl Lagerfeld

It is not necessary to present to one of the figures most representative of the world of the fashion. Although it is true that Karl Lagerfeld is recognized by his two-color wardrobe, neither unnoticed raisin his career. The perennial white person and black in the same body make easy to identify one of the geniuses who have gone on for the French fashionable house more elegant from the history, Chanel.

If something is clear the fact is that the king of the colors of the abstinence in the colors at the time of dressing had to end up by creating works of art in the signature of the queen of the white person and the black, Coco Chanel. To keep on reading ↓

Very Hollywood, the new fragrance of Michael Kors

very2 Very Hollywood, the new fragrance of Michael Kors

One of the most requested designers of the moment, Michael Kors presents to us his new fragrance, the last one of a trilogy of perfumes inspired by the most extreme glamor. In this occasion, the couturier invites us to live through the glamor of the red carpet with the fragrance ‘Very Hollywood’ by Michael Kors, who will go on sale next September.

For the promotion of this new perfume, Kors has bet for a spectacular staging, a production of that we can see an advance on the web page of the fragrance. For it it has been provided with the presence of his muse, the model estona Carmen Kaas, that rebosa glamor in his appearance in the red carpet. Also, the prestigious photographer Mario Testino is the director campaign and Darius Khonji the photography director. To keep on reading ↓

Katie Holmes also points to design fashion to herself

katiek Katie Holmes also points to design fashion to herself

That Katie Holmes is a clone's species of his amiguísima Victoria Beckham is not any secret. Since the actress married Tom Cruise and the couple began his friendship with Beckham, Katie's style has changed completely. First was his way of dressing, more and more influenced by ex-Spice, then his change of hairstyle, also to Victory imitation, and now it is his incursion in the fashionable design.

Katie wants to demonstrate his worth like designer, and that's why last year has passed creating a clothes collection along with his habitual stylist, Jeanne Yang. Apparently, the idea arose from a conversation between both, when they concluded that they were unable to find clothes with style for his daughters. Thus Holmes and Yang began to design infantile pledges for his kidlings, and the idea grew up to turning into a more finished collection. To keep on reading ↓

Design of Michael Kors: Blake Lively or Angelina Jolie?

kors Design of Michael Kors: Blake Lively or Angelina Jolie?

Last week Angelina Jolie we surprised it with his appearance in the premiere of ‘Damned Bastards’. The actress accompanied his partner Brad Pitt in the red carpet, and dazzled us with an impressive black garment of Michael Kors. Nevertheless, Angelina was not the only celebrity who bet for this design with neckline word of honor and pockets.

Also actress Blake Lively came to the gala of the Awards CFDA with a version of the same design of Michael Kors. The protagonist of Gossip Girl was the most nice with the garment in color fuchsia and it was one of better dressed in the event. Although the comparisons are odious: What version do you like more, that of Blake or that of Angelina?. To keep on reading ↓

Eyes to Kill, line of makeup of Giorgio Armani

shades Eyes to Kill, line of makeup of Giorgio Armani

We surprise the designer Giorgio Armani with a new makeup line, that under the surf title of ‘Eyes to kill’ (’Ojos to kill’) tries to bring us the keys over to conquer a man with our look. To help us with this work, and to concentrate our attraction on the eyes, the Italian does not propose a collection formed by four tones of mascara and four palettes of shades.

The shades palette is presented in an innovative packing in the shape of concentric circles. Each of her contains three tones: in the center the darkest tonality is, in the way the illuminator and in the exterior area the shade protagonist, in metallized tones. To keep on reading ↓

Ann Locking for Dark autumn - winter 2009/10

dark ell 1 Ann Locking for Dark autumn hibernate 2009/10

Since it was already doing last year joining the designer Miriam Ócariz, Dark it repeats experience and in this occasion it has recruited Ann Locking to create his collection Autumn - winter 2009/10. The designer already moved forward some of the shoes in his last parade: in whole, a dozen of them, separate purses.

The collection appears somewhat risky, although for risk the one that there will run the one who dares to raise to his vertiginous heels and platforms. Worthy of a tightrope walker!

To keep on reading ↓

Tendencies for 2010: Light Tech

tech Tendencies for 2010: Light Tech

The fashion of next year will come cargadita from innovations. Between the tendencies that will see in the streets the next period we will find the fashion of futurist, so called inspiration like Ligh Tech being inspired in the technology and in the advances of the modern science, this one new tendency is a renewal of the futurist fashion that caused fury in the 60s, and with which there dared out-standing names of the fashion like Paco Rabanne or Pierre Cardin.

The colors fluorine and acids will dye of innovation the pledges of this tendency, with strong and showy tones like the turquoise, orange, the yellow one or rose. In addition to these colors pop, in this style Light Tech could not be missing the scale of gray, that they present before themselves in his most metallized slope, cone tones silver and gray technological. To keep on reading ↓

Diane Von Furstenberg opens a boutique in Pontevedra

dianev Diane Von Furstenberg opens a boutique in Pontevedra

One of the designers more in the shape of the actuality, the North American Diane Von Furstenberg bets this summer for the Galician grounds to announce his interesting models. Signature of reference to many celebrities, like Sienna Miller, Beyoncé, Nicole Richie or Eva Longoria, Diane Von Furstenberg is met by his mythical ones ‘wrap dress’ and by his bold patterns, be already floral or geometric.

Thanks to this initiative, the followers of the fashion Von Furstenberg will be able to know first hand the proposals of the American, since this one has opened one ‘Pop Up Store‘, or temporary shop, in the sports port Juan Carlos I of Sanxenxo, in Pontevedra, one of the areas more 'in' of the Rías Baixas. To keep on reading ↓

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