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The look of the week: Marion Cotillard de Elie Saab

sturgeon cotillard1 The look of the week: Marion Cotillard de Elie Saab

This week the election has been complicated. Three candidates were deserving, to me to seem, the title of the best look. One of them was Blake Lively, who already dazzled with his dressed fuchsia to us in the past delivery of the awards CFDA. The beautiful actress of ‘Gossip Girl‘, keeps on adding points in each of his appearances, and in in the opening of the new shop Swarovski in New York, Blake chose a favoring white vestio of Roberto Cavalli. Other one that a recognition deserves for his look is the actress Cameron Díaz, who demonstrated that it continues in full form in each of his appearances for the promotion of his last movie.

But finally I have praised myself for the French actress Marion Cotillard, also immersed in the promotion of his last movie, ‘Public Enemies’. I must admit that Sturgeon is one of my weaknesses, always so perfect and with that one actress's aura of the classic Hollywood. The interpreter of ‘The life in rose’, moved away for once from the designs of his signature of head, Christian Dior, and his election has served to him to give a breath of fresh air to his look. To keep on reading ↓

Megan Fox dazzles in the Transformers premiere

t1 Megan Fox dazzles in the Transformers premiere

The actress Megan Fox, recently named the most sexy woman of the world, has captivated all the looks in the recent premiere of his last movie, “Transformers: The revenge of the fallens”. Fox came to the premiére of the tape in Los Angeles, where he cleaned out all the celebrities that walked along the red carpet, in spite of his notable efforts.

The protagonist of the act was she, which already of for itself is spectacular, and which a quite bold model could show like nobody and with the one that was running the risk of seeming vulgar. White dressed maxi signed by Kaufman Franco, him was sitting of marvel. The cut of Hellenic style, the length of the garment and the nice neckline do of the model a sexy election, simultaneously that sophisticated. Also, this time yes that was right with the hairstyle, and I love the detail of the belt. The only one but there are the earrings of hoops, which perhaps were not the best election for this look. To keep on reading ↓

The fatidical look of the week: Adyness Deyn

agyness The fatidical look of the week: Adyness Deyn

In this first fatidical look, he was thinking to you to speak about someone removed from the glamor of Hollywood. A girl that nothing has to do with the world of the fashion, but acquaintances for many thanks to the soccer of his father. I refer to Giannina, the daughter of Diego Armando Maradona. I have seen an image of the baptism of the son of this one with also soccer player Kun Agüero and I have been dilated by the pupils of the damage that has done the coloring of his look to me.

Nevertheless, as he was writing, I have realized that it is not what probably you claim. The people badly dressed there is in all places, what we do not understand is as the big celebrities can dress badly. Many designers give clothes to his clients more vips so that they do publicity to him, and more in acts of red carpet. To part of that all of them have a team of stylists who advise them as for tendencies and good taste it refers. To keep on reading ↓

The look of the week: Diane Kruger in the Awards CFDA

diane The look of the week: Diane Kruger in the Awards CFDA

Due to the celebration this week, of the gala of delivery of the Awards CFDA, the most important awards of the fashion, we could have been present at a real celebrities parade giving the best thing of himself to dazzle in the red carpet. We might emphasize several looks of the presented ones in the gala, as for example, the most elegant garment of gray gauze signed by Calvin Klein that there chose the beautiful actress Zoe Saldana or the minigarment of Rolling you of Krinsten Dunst.

Another fashion design emphasized in this red carpet, for risky and different, has been the chosen one by Ashley Olsen, with a tunic vintage of orange color. But in spite of there are good options, the look of the week, undoubtedly, takes it the actress Diane Kruger, one of the infallible ones when it shines on a red carpet. To keep on reading ↓

Awards CFDA: Worst dressed

14 awards CFDA: Worst dressed

The big gala of delivery of Awards CFDA, “Oscar of the fashion” has served to us to discover a good fistful of very interesting looks, like the incredible garments of always elegant Diana Kruger and beautiful Zoe Saldana. Nevertheless, as in any event of these characteristics, the fashion design errors also have been present. In this occasion, we will revise the worst looks of the celebrities in this unavoidable appointment with the fashion.

One of the showiest and slovenly fashion designs was the chosen one by the model Agyness Deyn, who usually does not leave anybody indifferently in his appearances. The top chose a beautiful minigarment of golden paillettes, even there quite correctly. But, in his attempt of not happening unnoticed, it combined the elegant model with a black huntress of leather, style motero, that the look spoiled completely. And it does not satisfy with it, a few horrible boots were stuffed with buckles of old aspect. A horror. To keep on reading ↓

Awards CFDA: The best looks of the guests

13 awards CFDA: The best looks of the guests

The big gala of the ‘Awards CFDA’ gave us a nuava opportunity to approach the looks chosen by the celebrities, with more or less I am right, but in any case at a quite high glamor level in general. The event served to reward the best couturiers of the year, chosen by the American association of designers, but as it is usually normal in this finery, the leading role relapsed into the models, actresses and the famous others, which showed his best finery on the red carpet.

One of the colors star of the night was the orange one chosen in two very different versions, for Diane Kruger and Ashley Olsen. The actress of Damned bastards, one that usually does not fail in these occasions, gave in the nail with a minigarment of Jason Wu with opriginales shoulders again in black. The tone was favoring very much the actress, who could extract party with the risky combination of orange and black. For his part, the twin Oslen dared with a long tunic vintage with golden applications and shoulder pads. To keep on reading ↓

The Letizios or Peep Toe

The Letizios or Peep Toe drinks mariah satinwood peep toe pump purple

Some of which they are considered known about the Spanish fashion have begun naming Letizios to the shoes that does a few periods Louboutin it became fashionable. The outstanding figures Peep Toe there is the footwear most used by the princess of Asturias. Very much heel, front platform and a hole that allows us to teach the fingers are the shoes that define Letizia Ortiz.

Up to this point we agree. The princess is a big fan of this design of shoes. Nevertheless, I do not share the same ideas with those who assure that Peep Toe has increased his sales thanks to Letizia's appearances with them in innumerable acts. To keep on reading ↓

The look of Sienna Miller in his visit to Madrid

12 the look of Sienna Miller in his visit to Madrid

The popular actress Sienna Miller has visited our country like part of the promotion of the perfume ‘Boss Orange‘, fragrance of which it is an image. The Briton has demonstrated again because she is one of the celebrities most chased by the followers of the fashion.

Miller, on the verge of releasing his last movie, the mammoth production “G.I. Joe“, has dazzled in his presentation in Madrid, with a simple one and at the same time elegant look, of chance and free air. The artist has bet for one of the tendencies of the period, the pants “harem“, demonstrating how this difficult pledge must get together with wise move. To keep on reading ↓

The most bold heels of the celebrities

sturgeon The most bold heels of the celebrities

These exclusive and original shoes created by John Galliano for Christian Dior are causing fury between the most bold celebrities. In spite of his extravagant heel with feminine form, it is not possible to deny that this pair of shoes, acquaintances like ‘Tribal Heels’, turn into the center of attention of any look.

Last dared in this peculiar footwear put on she has been the French actress Marion Cotillard. The winning interpreter of an Oscar bet for the shoes of John Galliano, which they emphasized over his simple look. Cotillard came to the delivery of awards of the contest Bike in Style Challenge with a sober set of two pieces in target, with which it still centred more the looks on his feet. To keep on reading ↓

Worst dressed in the MTV Movie Awards

m1 worst dressed in the MTV Movie Awards

In counterpoint to the best looks seen on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards, next we revise the biggest errors of style seen in the gala of the musical chain. An event in which, considering his juvenile character, sometimes the guests excel themselves in his attempt of coming out years.

For sample, a button. Cameron Díaz gains the garland as for disastrous fashion designs. Perhaps sharing carpet with stars teenagers, has spent invoice to him, but the true thing is that the actress spent of informal with a few jeans cigaret and a blue top to herself. Certainly: What has this woman done to herself in the face?. To keep on reading ↓

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