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Armani Privé: High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

armani1 Armani Privé: High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

We continue with the revision to the appointment with the High fashion of Paris. In this case we revise the haughty collection presented by Giorgio Armani, who flooded the footbridge with pledges loaded with glazing Swarovsky.

The Italian couturier chose for the presentation of his proposal Palais de Chaillot, a stage of daydream for one of the collections most expected from these Parisian parades. An appointment that they did not want to get lost celebrities like Clate Blanchett, Claudia Cardinale, Elsa Pataki or Megan Fox, who attended the parade from “front row”. To keep on reading ↓

Christian Dior Alta Costura autumn - winter 2009-2010

DIOR1 Christian Dior Alta Costura autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The collection of High fashion presented by Christian Dior in Paris, under the control of the couturier John Galliano, was an aunténtico open of glamor and a return to the origins of the mythical French signature. The sample of Haete Couture of Dior intimist presented to himself in the lounges of the avenue Montaigne of Paris, a space and luxuriously in that the creations of the Gibraltarian shone with proper light.

The Dior coleción has characterized for the luminosity and the employment of very living colors, like the fuchsias, orange, red, roses or yellow. The volumes, both in the top part and in the infrerior and the transparences they took leading role on the footbridge. To keep on reading ↓

It starts the High fashion in Paris

paris1 It Starts the High fashion in Paris

Today one of the big appointments begins of the fashion, the presentations of High fashion for the period autumn - winter 2009-2010. For three days we will be able to see the proposals of big of the fashion like John Galliano for Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani Privé, Givenchy, Chanel, Elie Saab, Valentino or Jean Paul Gaultier.

In this occasion, the crisis also will come to the Parisian appointment, since Christian Lacroix, who crosses a delicate economic situation, will recover for his collection scraps of past collections. Also, the program has had to reduce the number of parades to 20, many less than in previous periods. To keep on reading ↓

Custo Barcelona in the Week of the Fashion of Berlin

c2 Custo Barcelona in the Week of the Fashion of Berlin

One of our most international signatures, Custo Barcelona, has presented an advance of his next collection spring - summer 2010 in the frame of the Week of the Fashion of Berlin. To see the finished collection of the signature directed by Custo Dalmau, we will have to wait to the Week of the Fashion of New York. At the moment, the Catalan couturier has presented 70 of his creations in the German footbridge.

The collection of Custo, defined as a “trip for the contemporary art and with sustainable luxurious vocation”, it reflects a new reinvention of the identity of the signature, but supporting the beginning that have made her famous. The merger typical of Custo, the coloring and the graphic symbols, they have flooded the footbridge again, in his first presentation in Berlin. To keep on reading ↓

The Brandery, the Fira of Urban Fashion, in Barcelona

brandery 1 The Brandery, the Fira of Urban Fashion, in Barcelona

It is already quite prepared so that next July 7 begins The Brandery, Barcelona's Fashion Trade Show, a new concept in fashionable lounges urban contemporary, where the mark, the creativity, and the innovation come together, far from the conventional cánones.

Three fashionable days, art and diversion that will be provided with acts as spectacular as of covering with a canvas customizada with glazing of Swarovsky the front of Palau Robert. The lounge will be provided with the participation of more than hundred marks and one waits for an inflow of 10.000 professionals.

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Olive Juanjo aims to the collections at cruise

o1 Juanjo Oliva aims to the collections at cruise

The 'resort' collections or ‘cruise‘ are already not an exclusive patrimony of loos foreign designers. One of our couturiers more in form, Juanjo Oliva also has thrown its own line cruise, a ‘collection capsule’ in which it presents to us an advance of his new collection. This advance of the period spring - summer 2010 was showed in an impressive environment, the plant 30 of the Hotel Eurostar Madrid Towers.

Good-looking olive in his new collection for the strong and vibrant colors, which will dye of happiness our summer look. The next period, the couturier will smooth his designs to pass to a more relaxed fashion, of ethereal cuts and comfortable and informal textiles. To keep on reading ↓

Venus Gillette honors the prima donnas of the movies

v1 Venus Gillette honors the prima donnas of the movies

Who does not remember Ursula Andress, sex symbol of the 60, going out of the water with his famous white bikini? And to Bo Derek with his hairstyle of braids that caused fury in the epoch? These images already are part of the history of cinema and they turned his protagonists into authentic icons of the beauty.

Departing from this premise, the mark Venus Gillette, specialist in feminine hair-removal, has wanted to produce homage to these figures icónicas of the movies by means of a parade of clothes of bath. In the footbridge organized by Venus we could see the particular versions of some of the most mythical swim suits, as that of Ursula Andress, perhaps the most famous bikini of the history of cinema. Andrews turned into object of masculine desire thanks to the bold white bikini with belt that shone in James Bond against the doctor No. To keep on reading ↓

On Rock and Warm Fashion Moda

warm fashion 4 On Rock and Warm Fashion Moda

Las Palmas of Grand Canary it received yesterday II edition of “On Rock and Fashion Grand Canary Warm Fashion”, a footbridge in which the models initiated his trip departing from a ship held up in one of the pantalanes of the wharf of Grand Canary in the middle of a fantastic spectacle of lights and sound. This meeting chases to encourage the search and formation of young talents of the fashionable design.

The footbridge “On Rock and Fashion Grand Canary Warm Fashion” grants big importance to the musician, always present, that he accompanied to the different proposals that appeared in the parade, thought for the summer period.

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Model Fiancée in the Footbridge Gaudí Novias

model2 Model Novias in the Footbridge Gaudí Novias

One of the fashionable signatures of more strong fiancées of last times has presented his collection for the next period 2010 in the frame of the Barcelona Bridal Week Fashion, or Footbridge Gaudí Novias. The Galician fashions house showed for the first time the new course of his line after the incorporation of the couturier Franco Quintáns, the new creative director of the signature.

The parade of Model Novias surprised to all the presents for his incorporation of novel elements like the oriental and Tibetan inspiration. The traditional suits of the woman of the Tibet and the clothings of the nomadic shepherds leave his stamp in the proposal of the signature, which gave the assistants one of the most original parades seen on the Catalan footbridge. To keep on reading ↓

Pepe Bottle in the Footbridge Gaudí Novias

21 Pepe Botella in the Footbridge Gaudí Novias

We continue with the revision to the collections showed on the Barcelona Bridal Week Fashion, or Footbridge Gaudí Novias, and in this case we will analyze the parade of Pepe Botella, one of the Spanish marks fashionably wedding that more is growing in the last times. With his designer Lucía Botella at the head, the from Alicante signature has presented his proposal for the next period, a collection inspired by the Mediterranean Sea.

The parade of Pepe Botella has surprised for his rhythm and his dynamic staging, that it has based his scenery on the summer light. The collection was taking for title Mediterranean, in homage to the sceneries, the sea, the sun, and the special luminescence of the grounds washed by this sea, as Ibiza, Genoa. Capri or Santorini. To keep on reading ↓

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