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Handle, collection autumn - winter 2009

handle 01 Handle, collection autumn I hibernate 2009

Since we have already seen in other collections, like Zara, the tendency this winter it is to show a look rocker, and the color, par excellence, the black … could not be different. Handle has presented his catalog for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10, proper dark tones of the coldest epochs but in whose pledges watch scraps of the summer color.

Rocker bets handle for a style and it does it by means of leather, cowboy, lycra and the applications of tacks and zippers in pledges and complements. Very much black, spangles, exact minigarments, animal patterns and pants of novel cuts.

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Jalou, the phone jewel of Dolce and Gabbana

jalouu Jalou, the phone jewel of Dolce and Gabbana

Once again, the world of the fashion unites with the technology to create a spectacular mobile phone in which the last technological innovations get together with the most exclusive design. The signature Dolce and Gabanna has designed a new phone for Sony Ericsson, the model Jalou, a limited edition that will turn into desire object for more fashionistas.

Jalou Sony Ericsson is a mobile of compact design in the shape of jewel, which he reminds to us to carved typically of the diamonds. It will be free in several colors: rose, black, turquoise and intense blue. It presents several details in gold, like the logo of Dolce and Gabanna, the ring of the camera or the keys of the volume. To keep on reading ↓

Hazel, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

hazel1 Hazel, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The complements signature Hazel returns with forces renewed for the next winter period, and presents a collection to us with proposals for an elegant, sophisticated and risky woman. The autumn - winter of Hazel will be dyed of black and gray, the protagonists of a collection influenced by the Victorian rock of the 80.

The line of Hazel's footwear will be clearly dominated by the boots and the booties, a footwear strongly and character that will cover our feet this winter. The sandals abotinadas or peep toes, one of the must have of the next period, they present before themselves with geometric and round cuts. To keep on reading ↓

Who is Karl Lagerfeld

karl lagerfeld bear Who is Karl Lagerfeld

It is not necessary to present to one of the figures most representative of the world of the fashion. Although it is true that Karl Lagerfeld is recognized by his two-color wardrobe, neither unnoticed raisin his career. The perennial white person and black in the same body make easy to identify one of the geniuses who have gone on for the French fashionable house more elegant from the history, Chanel.

If something is clear the fact is that the king of the colors of the abstinence in the colors at the time of dressing had to end up by creating works of art in the signature of the queen of the white person and the black, Coco Chanel. To keep on reading ↓

The architect Zaha Hadid designs for Lacoste

lacoste The architect Zaha Hadid designs for Lacoste

Prestigious architect of anglo-Iraqi origin Zaha Hadid, one of the most important professionals of the world of the architecture, has collaborated with the signature Lacoste creating a special sneakers edition. Serviceability, design and avant-garde in one footwear of airs of science fiction that, probably, will not make you indifferent.

This us is the first Hadid incursion in the fashion, since previously he has designed the Mobile Arte of Chanel, and also Melissa has collaborated with the footwear signature. In this occasion, the architect has created a line of limited edition of spectacular sneakers, in which it reflects his architectural and conceptual work. To keep on reading ↓

Eyes to Kill, line of makeup of Giorgio Armani

shades Eyes to Kill, line of makeup of Giorgio Armani

We surprise the designer Giorgio Armani with a new makeup line, that under the surf title of ‘Eyes to kill’ (’Ojos to kill’) tries to bring us the keys over to conquer a man with our look. To help us with this work, and to concentrate our attraction on the eyes, the Italian does not propose a collection formed by four tones of mascara and four palettes of shades.

The shades palette is presented in an innovative packing in the shape of concentric circles. Each of her contains three tones: in the center the darkest tonality is, in the way the illuminator and in the exterior area the shade protagonist, in metallized tones. To keep on reading ↓

Zara, collection autumn - winter 2009/10

zara 02 Zara, collection autumn I hibernate 2009/10

Zara bets in his new collection autumn - winter 2009/10 for the look rocker, and does it not only by means of dark pledges, in black and gray, but also across huntresses of leather, exact jeans or leggins. Finally, the style ochentero, tendency is the next period.

Sleeves and pronounced shoulders, waists of narrow size, shirts of masculine air or delicate blouses, pens, pants harem and overcoats of military court sum the leit motiv of the collection up.

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Handle presents his new fragrance with a big holiday in Ibiza

mng Handle presents his new fragrance with a big holiday in Ibiza

The Spanish signature Handle has presented his new fragrance, Lady Rebel, and for it it has celebrated a holiday for everything high with the most select of the social panorama in Ibiza. The discotheque Bazaar, one of the darlings for the vip's who visit the island, was the place chosen for the spectacular holiday, one of more important that it has received Ibiza this summer.

To announce his new fragrance, the signature realized an original presentation with four crystal cabins. Lady Rebel is a rebellious, feminine and spontaneous perfume that takes as principal notes the menthol frecor of the mojito, the delicacy of the petals of rose and the sensuality of the sugar of vanilla.

The celebration of Handle congregated to more than 500 guests, between whom there were out-standing international personalities of the high society, the aristocracy, the art and the sport. The famous singer British James Blunt acted like godfather of honor of the new fragrance, and along with him there were actors as José Corbacho and Arturo Valls, sportsmen as Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Albert Costa, or representatives of the social panorama as Carla Goyanes.

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Signature Story, the fragrance of Beckham for 2009

perfumes beckham Signature Story, the fragrance of Beckham for 2009

From September there will be able already to be in the shops the new fragrances of Victory and David Beckham: Signature Story. They continue this way in the line that they already marked last year, with the throwing of each perfumes baptized with his name. In this occasion they make sure that “if you open the perfume you will discover this love story” … a little vulgar: no?

The fragrance is inspired in the taste by the vintage, in the ancient style of Hollywood. Signature Story for them has a floral aroma and Nathalie Lorson has created the perfumista. Signature Story for man for his part, smells to wood.

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Line Black Label of La Perla

The Pearl Black Label 01 Line Black Label of La Perla

The signature of feminine linen La Perla presents his new line to us for the next period autumn - winter, which the sugerente takes for title name of Black Label. Once again, the designs of La Perla rebosan of sophistication and adventurousness, in this case three are the presented models, ultrafeminine and risky linen that takes as an inspiration the world of the Cabaret and the burlesque.

The muses of more sensual musicals, like Liza Minelli in Cabaret, and Katherine Zeta Jones in Chicago serves as model to create a line imagined to shine on the stage of the big musical spectacles. Delicate textiles, like the level one, the silk, the tulle and the sensual laces get together with the feminine motives the Prince of Wales for giving place to a linen done to triumph. To keep on reading ↓

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