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Primark, the chain leader of the "low-cost"

primark 4 Primark, the chain leader of the low cost

More than his collection Spring - summer 2009, we present Primark, which is triumphing between the compulsive buyers thanks to the formula of the clipping of prices up to unsuspected limits, demonstrating to us that to go to the fashion does not have why to turn out to be expensive. That's why Primark appears before us as the chain leader of the "low-cost", with prices that they defy even to Zara or H&M. None of his pledges or complements goes on from 35 euros!

The accessible cost tied to an ideal quality and an attractive design, there are factors that have favored that the Primark shops devastate in Spain, since it seems that we are "pelín" consumer, but we have the pocket "pelao". In Spain 12 are the establishments Primark that we find, and they sell more for square meter than in the United Kingdom. Small are we with the balances!

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The last genius of Marc Jacobs and peseta: the ukeleke bag

7 the last genius of Marc Jacobs and peseta: the ukeleke bag

The previous collaborations between the famous designer Marc Jacobs and the signature of Madrid peseta, made the couturier so satisfied neoyorkino, that it has not been thought two times at the time of repeating the experience. In this third collaboration, after the bolsaco and the pasaportera, the union of both talents has given as turned out a new sample of originality, the bag of ukulele.

An original briefcase to transport the ukele, this spice of typical teeny-weeny guitar of the music from Hawaii. This is the starting point of this entertaining complement, a delight of ideal bag for the weekend escapes. To keep on reading ↓

Purses Tous, collection spring - summer

purse tous Purses Tous, collection spring summer

The signature Tous proposes for this period spring - summer 2009 a line of entertaining purses in which we can find designs that point on that the prestigious signature bets increasingly for a younger target. The famous toy bear of Tous, ensign of the signature of jewelry shop, has modernized and has turned into rocker in the collection Tous in heaven, his most juvenile line.

In this new collection there are designs in which the bear has presence small, it is camouflaged, in the shape of silhouette, between diverse motives of any nature, or disappears completely. It is yes, thinking in the summer they have created a series of very coloring purses, like the boso Comic aloha, or the Comic beach.

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Longchamp and Jeremy Scott: The must of the Autumn - winter 2009/10!

Image 10 Longchamp and Jeremy Scott: The autumn must Invierno 2009/10!

We already begin glimpsing the purses that are going to turn in “more looked” of next Autumn - winter 2009/2010. Here you have one of them. There talks each other of an exclusive collaboration between Jeremy Scott and the signature of purses Longchamp.

The mythical folding purse of the signature leaves the smooth colors to which it has us used and submerges in the kitsch universe of the English creator with this fabulous pattern. With red fund and a classic phone of those that we already do not see often, Scott turns, once again, into a success assured for the marks.

The price is not excessive, concerning 170 €. Who has not spent that in anything that he liked very much? Undoubtedly, a very personal interpretation of the designer who will do, I am sure, the delights and the crying of many of you.

Photo l Colette

Innovations on the collection of Jimmy Choo for H&M

13 innovations on the collection of Jimmy Choo for H&M

When we are still recovering from the echoes left by the summer collection of Matthew Williamson, H&M it releases the explosion of the collaboration with Jimmy Choo. Although one was speculating on several names that might be the next invited designer of the Swedish mark, it turns out that those of H&M had an ace kept in the sleeve that was going to take all of us for surprise.

The collection created by the mark of luxurious accessories Jimmy Choo will be undoubtedly one of most waited of the year. Unfortunately we will have to wait until the next November 14 to discover the long-awaited fashionable line and complements for woman. But to be opening mouth, and that the waiting is less long, we have the first images that serve as small advance of the collection. To keep on reading ↓

It looks at the Marela invites you to know his Showroom

inv classic toscana brown Sight the Marela invites you to know his Showroom

lately there is very fashionable to do flea markets and outlets of big it marks to sell the previous collections that they have not managed to sell. Every day, on having lit my computer, I am and a new mail with promotions of big discounts. We can find signatures of the first like Marc Jacobs or Celine to 50 and even to 70 %. To keep on reading ↓

The jewels, the best summer complement

abaaaaaa 550x211 The jewels, the best summer complementWho was saying that the alone use of the jewels was applied in accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings or sandals?
So although partly it keeps on being like that, now the most "chic" thing is to include this type of adornments in our summer pledges.

The jewels or beads serve this period to adorn our pants, garments, skirts, tops, T-shirts … or any other pledge that let's want that she is the protagonist.
What type of adornments?
What more takes is the metal, enamel or the tortoiseshell, which with the finished good some they do that our garment is completely exclusive.
Inside this new tendency, they emphasize all those pledges in which the stones are mixed in living colors, forming a colors rainbow.
I know more fashion and do that your pledges are only with all kinds of pedrerías and beads for the summer.
You will be able to do that a few simple sandals, a few jeans or a T-shirt, they turn into the only and exclusive pledges.

Nominated to the Awards CFDA 2009

1 Nominated to the Awards CFDA 2009

Of this way the couturiers have presented before themselves to announce the list of nominations to the prestigious Awards CFDA. Although in other years she was usually a model the one that was leading the announcement, in this occasion one has chosen to give the leading role to the fashionable designers.

Marc Jacobs, with the famous ears of rabbit that there already took Madonna, Jason Wu with a garment of his on the suit, or Alexander Wang they have been photographed by Craig McDean for the commemorative catalog of the awards. The gala of delivery of award celerbará next June 15 in Lincoln Center of Piece of news york. To keep on reading ↓

New Jackie Bag de Gucci, quite one “must have

the new jackie bag reference new Jackie Bag de Gucci, the whole must have

Jackie Bag of Gucci might be defined as one of these purses that take the history after his design since Jackie Kennedy was turning it into his most photographed purse. This period Spring / summer 2009, Frida Gianinni has wanted to bring over the lovers of the fashion of the whole world, a new model with renewed airs and a design worthy of the S.XXI.

With a few studied details to the maximum and in multitude of colors that leave us without breath; Jackie de Gucci, it appears in two different sizes. Violet, red, green overseas or white sound the proposals in skin for this jewel, although also we can find it in snake leather pattern, with the Gucci logos …

Since you can observe an authentic one it bag for this summer and for that big multitude of women sighs already. And the fact is that there are so many variants that it is almost impossible that you do not find one that you like for you. Also, you must bear in mind that more than a purse, you will take the whole myth low in arm.

Photo l Gucci

Shutter Shades, sunglasses to beach test

shutter shades sunglasses Shutter Shades, sunglasses to beach test

Evidently there are no innovation, but I did not know of his existence. That's why I remained literally “a deceased“ when another day I came across with a collection of Shutter Shades, while it was going for a walk for the Track of Madrid. By chance, the boor was going accompanied by my friend, so that we had no problem in stopping opposite to the position, and between laughs, beginning to prove if these grill glasses truly remove the sun. And they do it!

The proposal looked like to us a tacky program of the most entertaining, and joking if to show or not them, we come to the conclusion that these slovenly glasses are a perfect option to protect us from the sun in the beach, because as they have no glazing, they do not get scratched, and allow, also, to bathe with them.

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