Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: José Castro

jose1 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: José Castro

Eccentric, coloring, retro, ostentatious and wild. With these epithets we can define the collection presented by José Castro in Cibeles, one of the riskiest and creative proposals that have been seen until now in the footbridge of Madrid. The collection of José Castro for the period spring - summer 2010 is inspired in the Amazon, taking refrencias both of his exotic fauna and of his indigenous tribes.

The couturier praises for the very pronounced figures, with waisted waists, convex pants that become closer at a height of the ankle and exaggerated volumes. The designer puts the luxurious touch finishing off his pledges with spangles and critales of Swarovski. To keep on reading ↓

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Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: triumphal return of Adolfo Domínguez

ad1 Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: triumphal return of Adolfo Domínguez

Ten years Adolfo Domínguez was going without presenting his collections in Cibeles, and his return to the footbridge of Madrid was waited by many sense of expectancy. The Galician did not disappoint, wasting femininity in each of his pledges for the next period spring - summer 2010. As guest of exception, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who did not lose detail of the parade sat in the first line.

The collection of Adolfo Domínguez has been led by the drapeados, knots, gathers, the fluid lines and the asymmetric necklines. Details as the pronounced waists or the backs to the air paint the portrait of the fashion of a hyper-feminine woman. To keep on reading ↓

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Collection autumn - winter of Barada

barada1 Collection autumn winter of Barada

The signature of complements Barada bets for this autumn for a collection of pieces in which the simplicity and the sophistication gets together. The new collection of the signature agglutinates the principal tendencies that will mark style in this period, providing complements for looks that go from the neohippie to a rocker, happening for the most urban concepts or the natural motives.

The Barada purses present very expressive and sensitive lines, giving place to a collection of practical and comfortable pieces simultaneously that stylish. Betting for a chic woman but with taste for the outstanding figures, Barada bets for purses easily combinables with the most current fashion. To keep on reading ↓

Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

wanted Demi Moore, sensual image of the perfume Wanted

The actress Demi Moore affirms to be living through the best moment of his life, and she is not for less. At his 47 years it is every day more nice and dazzling. Married with young actor Asthon Kutcher, Demi has confessed that she wants to be a mother again again. And to all this we have to add a new work in his résumé: Demi has been elected like image of the signature Helena Rubinstein.

Demi Moore makes début like absolute star of the campaign of Wanted, the new fragrance of Helena Rubisntein, for which it poses of form sensual and more nice than never along with a young model. Dressed in a simple and favoring top lilac, the actress appears in all his splendor in the announcement, as if the time was not happening for her. To keep on reading ↓

Zara signs up to the sale online

zara Zara signs up to the sale online

Nowadays, the sale online is a fundamental part of the business of the fashionable signatures. The one that is not in Internet does not exist. That's why, the giant of the low cost fashion, Inditex, was not going to be less. Despite the reserves that the textile company was showing till now with regard to the business online, finally Inditex has decided to expand in the hand network of his principal bastion: the signature Zara.

The only incursion of the textile group of Amancio Ortega was the opening of the shop online of Zara Home, his mark of clothes and complements for the hearth, in October, 2007. Since then, Inditex was not deciding to extend his business online. Till now, that has announced the creation of a virtual shop for Zara, which will begin to sell his pledges for Internet from the next year. To keep on reading ↓

Drew Barrymore surprises with his new look in Toronto

drewbarrymore Drew Barrymore surprises with his new look in Toronto

During these days, the movies stars have walked his palm heart for the Festival of Toronto, which although something eclipsed by the Mostra of Venice, also has left good looks to us to comment. Of between all it is necessary to emphasize the stellar presence of Drew Barrymore, who surprised in the Canadian festival with a showy change of look.

The actress came to the festival to present the movie Whip It, his début as director. Drew could give in the nail this time, with an original design of Alexander McQueen. Very bold, but spectacular the garment chosen by the actress, in yellow and with drawings of black lace. A sensational look that now film maker completed with a few black peep toes of level.

But if surprising his garment was, not less it was his new hairstyle. The actress gave a bold draft to his hairstyle tiñendo the tops of his black's hair. A style much punk to give a new air to his traditional fair-haired long hair.

Image: Socialitelife

Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

p1 Kate Winslet, the most elegant on the red carpet

The magazine People has prepared one of his popular lists on the better dressed celebrities. In this case it is not a question of one of these typical numbered ránking, but of a series of emphasized according to different categories. One of them is Kate Winslet, that according to the publication (and many, between which I include myself), are emphasized by him for his innate elegance and his good taste at the time of choosing model. The British actress can always extract party to his beauty in the red carpet, with a glamorous and sophisticated style without shrillness.

Other one of the emphasized ones by the magazine has been also actress Rethis Whiterspoon, deserving of being in the list for his good use of the short garments. The American is, according to People, an example of how taking the minigarments and showing his legs with style. Between his favorites are the Fendi designs or to Roll you, infallible for the red carpet. To keep on reading ↓

Christopher Kane for Topshop

15 Christopher Kane for Topshop

The signature low cost Topshop has always known how to wake up the interest of the public, good is with his famous collaborations with the top model Kate Moss, or recording prestigious designers for his collections. That one the case of the famous couturier Christopher Kane, one of the preferred ones for the celebrities, which repeats collaboration with Topshop after the success of his previous union.

Kane's collection for Topshop, that next September 18 will come to the shops, composes of a whole of 39 more pieces a minicollection of complements composed by shoes, purses or scarves. The prices will range between 40 euros and 210 euros, something more expensive than what the Topshop pledges usually cost, but much more economic than what would cost a design of Christopher Kane. To keep on reading ↓

New York Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera, spring - summer 2010

ch2 New York Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera, spring summer 2010

Carolina Herrera has presented his new proposals for the next period spring - summer in the frame of the New York Fashion Week. The collection of the Venezuelan exuded elegance, as it is habitual in his designs, with a selection of sophisticated pledges inspired by the Japanese traditionalism.

The good-looking collection for the classicism in the forms, but in this occasion, introduces in his designs a look to the exoticism of the Far East. Taking the forms as an inspiration exactly of the traditional Japanese baskets, the designer has presented one of his most elaborated and sensual collections, replacing the long pants for shorts and Bermuda shorts that leave to the overdraft the feminine legs. To keep on reading ↓

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week will celebrate his 50 editions to the big thing

cibeles Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week will celebrate his 50 editions to the big thing

Two days stay so that it starts some of the big appointments of the fashion in Spain: the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Previously known like Footbridge Cibeles his annual 25 celebrates this year, with a whole of 50 editions for which more than 200 creators have happened.

From September 18 until September 22, the fair of Madrid IFEMA will receive the proposals of 56 couturiers dedicated in addition to 35 promises of the fashion that will sell suc collections in the showrrom of THE EGO. This year, coinciding with his anniversary, the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week will be a witness of the return to the footbridge of Madrid of dis of the big Spanish couturiers: Adolfo Domínguez and Roberto Verino. To keep on reading ↓

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