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Sarah Jessica Parker in the shooting of ‘Sex in New York 2 ′

s1 Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex shooting in New York 2

It is already missing less so that we could see as they continue the adventures of Carri Bradshaw and his friends in the Big Apple. This week has begun the shooting of the awaited movie ‘Sex in New York 2 ′, and in the streets neoyorkinas we could have seen the actress Sarah Jessica Parker recapturing the role that has thrown it to the reputation and her turned into a style icon.

In the previous movie, we were surprising Carrie with a favoring change of look, transforming his characteristic fair-haired curls into a chestnut-colored faded long hair. In this occasion, the columnist will recapture his everlasting fair-haired long hair and will keep on demonstrating porqué his style he is one of the most followed. The first images of the shooting us show to the actress with an elegant white garment and a sophisticated golden clutch of Chanel. To keep on reading ↓

Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

lo1 Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

If you had not found out, the fashion of the eighties will give loudly this period. The fashionable tendencies come and go away, and in this case, the style 80's turns with more force that never: worn-out jeans, leggings, averages of fantasy, bold minigarments and even the powerful shoulder pads. The next period, the style ochentero will flood the streets, with looks bold and inspired in the musical tendencies of the epoch, like the hip hop, the punk and pop in his most coloring slope.

If you want to go to last this period, you will have to incorporate into your closet an air minigarment 80's. Dared, of original court, in showy colors, and especially, very, very shortly. It tries with a showy pattern like that of the garment of Etxart and Panno, or with a classic color of the epoch, like the electrical blue of the model of Pepe Botella with neckline honor word. To keep on reading ↓

Who is Anna Wintour

anna wintour2 Who is Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is who moves the world of the fashion, and that is undeniable. I push his university studies back to devote itself entirely to the world of the tendencies and the design. It is possible to be said that Anna's gift at the time of creating and transforming the partial vision of the things was discovered by his father.

Born in London on November 3, 1949. Daughter of Charles Vere Wintour, publisher of the British newspaper The Evening Standard, and Eleanor Trego Baker. To keep on reading ↓

Collection autumn - winter 2009-2010 of Denimfactoria

de11 Collection autumn winter 2009 2010 of Denimfactoria

The denim fashionable Spanish signature Denimfactoria presents his new proposals to us for the next period autumn - winter, a collection much varida and original with special leading role of the jeans in all his forms. Denimfactoria proposes different lines thought for women to us worried for going to the last one, without mattering which be his style.

The Denimfactoria designs, always trying to avoid the monotony, are inspired in diverse sources, as the rock, the fashion of the 70s or the masculine suits. Neither one could be missing in this collection of ‘must have’ of this period, the cowboy boyfriend, that the signature versiona incorporating to him entertaining safety pins silver and gilded in different sizes. To keep on reading ↓

Handle throws Think Up, pledges selection at limited prices

handle Handle throws Think Up, pledges selection at limited prices

In crisis times the ingenuity sharpens, that's why every time there are more the fashionable signatures that look for new proposals to attract his clients. One of them is a Handle, the most international Spanish signature, which has thrown a new fashionable concept ‘low cost’, that a more accessible fashion tries to help us to enjoy for our pockets.

Under the motto “Special prices for to creative living” (”special Prices for a creative life style”), it is based the concept ‘Think Up‘ in a selection of more than 90 pledges and complements between all the collections of the mark at a much more limited price. From August 28, we can find in the shops Handle of the whole world the pieces selected by incredible prices. To keep on reading ↓

Margaux Lange and his line of Barbie's jewels

b 2 Margaux Lange and his line of Barbie's jewels

The artist and American designer Margaux Lange has created a line of jewels centred on the figure of the mythical doll Barbie. His collections result from the dissection of Barbies, Kenes and related dolls, which amputated plastic members end up by being bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces or brooches.

It is a question of fragments of doll connected in sterling silver, which sometimes include other adornments realized with special resins. They are resistant to the water, they are made to hand and can be acquired across the on-line shop Margaux Lange.

To keep on reading ↓

Maria Mare, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

mare1 Maria Mare, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

One of the Spanish signatures in major expansion of the actuality, Maria Mare, presents to us his new collection of footwear and complements for the next period autumn - winter 2009-2010. In this new collection we find echoes of the 80s and influence of the musical styles of the epoch, like the rock and the punk.

Modern and bold designs in which he emphasizes the combination of the black with metallized details. Also, we will be proposed of more sensual and feminine court in dark and deep tones, like the mochas, garnets and resided as well as the tones beige and camel. To keep on reading ↓

The entertaining complements of peseta for this autumn

peseta11 The entertaining complements of peseta for this autumn

The signature of Madrid of complements that attracted attention on the very same Marc Jacobs, peseta, is surprised by it again us with his incidental originals, a series of objects of entertaining design and big functionality. His commented collaborations with Marc Jacobs gave place to three models as entertaining as his name: the bolsaco, the pasaportera and the bag of ukulele.

Now, like part of his new collection, peseta presents his new designs to us, more original and practical everyone. He takes note because this period they will be “more”: bolsaligera, bolsomochila and bolsoriñera. These three complements made with exclusive and very resistant cloths are created exclusively to do to us the easiest life (and entertained). To keep on reading ↓

Line of makeup of Alexander Wang

w11 Line of makeup of Alexander Wang

If it was not enough to Alexander Wang to be one of the designers more in the shape of the panorama of the fashion, and habe received the award to the designer revelation in the past CFDA Awards, the young couturier initiates now his assault to the market of the cosmetics. Ex-protected from Marc Jacobs he is making use of his big moment of reputation as nobody and, ready to extend his empire, Wang has created its own makeup line.

With the support of one of the more powerful signatures of beauty of the market Shiseido, Wang has thrown the line ‘Maquillage‘, a small commodities collection. The line of the couturier of Asian origin, inspired by its own fashion shows, will be on sale the same autumn. To keep on reading ↓

Rip Curl, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

ripcurl Rip Curl, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

This year, the arrival of the cold will not suppose the resignation to the color. After several periods with predominance of the gray tones, the signature sportwear Rip Curl proposes to us a collection led by the coloring for the next period autumn - winter 2009-2010.

The feminine line of Rip Curl is dyed of natural tones before the change of station and pledges atemporales marked by the simplicity and the serviceability. Living colors as the khaki green, the red brilliant one or the apricot combine with softer and warm others like the tones caramel.

In this collection the most sports and basic pledges combine with more chic others inspired by the style British pop-rock and with certain air Bohemians. In this case, the pledges dye of neutral tones, like the black, the gray and the target.

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