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Mascaró celebrates his annual 90 with a special collection

mascaro Mascaró celebrates his annual 90 with a special collection

The prestigious signature of footwear Mascaró celebrates this year 90 anniversary of his creation, and to commemorate this so special date, has created a special edition for collectors.

The family, born enterprise in 1918, gave his first steps making ballet sneakers in a small workshop. Today, 90 years later, the signature Mascaró has turned into one of the most important companies of the Spanish footwear, with 46 shops distributed all over the world. To keep on reading ↓

Prepare for an autumn in the park

16 Prepare for an autumn in the park

Although we still have left very much summer for enjoying, now it is the moment to be discovering the tendencies that we will see in the next period. And although we enjoy many with the arrival of the good weather, to be able to shine vestiditos summer, release sandals, and to enjoy the good weather, others enjoy the autumn arrival.

The fall of the sheets, the colors of the autumnal nature and the first days of cold are indicators of the arrival of the new station. There are moments to enjoy the walks along the park, catching these rayitos of the sun that they warm without being burning hot. The perfect occasion to show a garment as the proposed one by Etxart and Panno, of pattern of pictures and neckline of word of honor. To keep on reading ↓

Xti wears this summer to you, with quality

xti 1 Xti wears this summer to you, with quality

The mark Xti presents his new footwear collection for the summer, and the true thing is that he emphasizes for the big shoes variety that it puts at our disposal from sandals with wedge to lounge shoes, passing for ballerinas, peep toes or thongs of flat sole. To the big models variety he is necessary to be added by the multicolored scale that Xti proposes for our feet.

Xti is a mark of juvenile footwear, easy to find and whose shoes usually give very good result. One of the advantages is that every model presents before himself in different tonalities, we being allowed to choose the pair that more we like, in the color that better combines us.

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Target and his shoes for the summer

target shoes 1 Target and his shoes for the summer

Every summer has to renew wardrobe, and, of course, worn. The problem is that we finish the summer shoes using scarcely during a pair of months, at most, three, and after next year comes, the fashions have changed. A good option if you like releasing every period, or it is of those that only they put themselves heel in few occasions, it is to be done by some of these shoes of Target. They do not have the best quality, but they are very well of price.

The Target catalog for this period presents several models with heel of dizziness and platform, but the signature of low cost also bets for the flat soles in designs much on the fashion, which rare will be that they cost us more than 30 euros.

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Innovations on the collection of Jimmy Choo for H&M

13 innovations on the collection of Jimmy Choo for H&M

When we are still recovering from the echoes left by the summer collection of Matthew Williamson, H&M it releases the explosion of the collaboration with Jimmy Choo. Although one was speculating on several names that might be the next invited designer of the Swedish mark, it turns out that those of H&M had an ace kept in the sleeve that was going to take all of us for surprise.

The collection created by the mark of luxurious accessories Jimmy Choo will be undoubtedly one of most waited of the year. Unfortunately we will have to wait until the next November 14 to discover the long-awaited fashionable line and complements for woman. But to be opening mouth, and that the waiting is less long, we have the first images that serve as small advance of the collection. To keep on reading ↓

Jimmy Choo and H&M

730px HM Logo svg copy Jimmy Choo and H&M

We can shout of happiness, I am going to give you the news about the year, Jimmy Choo is going to do a special collection for H&M. The Swedish signature is going to commercialize purses and shoes of the designer of the stars from next November 14.

At the end of year we will be able to find in more than 200 establishments of the whole world of H&M the most sophisticated designs of one of the shoemakers most acclaimed on a global scale. Just as Manolo Blahnik obtained his biggest sales thanks to the Sex protagonist in New York, the models of Jimmy Choo have spread all over the world after happening for the feet of Sarah Jessica Parker in the popular series of television. To keep on reading ↓

The Letizios or Peep Toe

The Letizios or Peep Toe drinks mariah satinwood peep toe pump purple

Some of which they are considered known about the Spanish fashion have begun naming Letizios to the shoes that does a few periods Louboutin it became fashionable. The outstanding figures Peep Toe there is the footwear most used by the princess of Asturias. Very much heel, front platform and a hole that allows us to teach the fingers are the shoes that define Letizia Ortiz.

Up to this point we agree. The princess is a big fan of this design of shoes. Nevertheless, I do not share the same ideas with those who assure that Peep Toe has increased his sales thanks to Letizia's appearances with them in innumerable acts. To keep on reading ↓

Fashion Watermelon, fingernails, eyes … and more

watermelon fingernails art Fashion Watermelon, fingernails, eyes... and more

We invite you to sign up to the fashion Watermelon, that one that consists of choosing any motive of the watermelon for shining in our clothes, for making our face up, or even "tunear" our fingernails. A fresh, happy and coloring idea for the veranito, which is sure that it will not make anybody indifferent.

Perhaps that thing about the uñs turns out to be the showiest thing; at least it has looked like to me a beautiful idea. It turns out that it is a tendency to use this fruit to adorn not only hands, but also feet … a fashion that comes from New York, where one of the more prestigious lounges of podiatrist, EVE, proposes to his clients the esthetics of "Watermelon Nails".

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Mascaró throws his special line for weddings

11 Mascaró throws his special line for weddings

The prestigious signature of footwear Mascaró has created a collection especially indicated for the weddings, with shoes and sandals to wear the fiancées, godmothers and guests of the wedding celebration. A line in which the traditional target opens way to other more bold colors like red passion, the fuchsia or the metallized tones.

The models of the collection, alumnus ‘Wedding‘, go from the classic lounge shoes to the peep toe, which incorporate spectacular platforms or heels that raise the height even in 13 centimeters. But, thinking about the serviceability, which must occupy first place in such a special occasion, the signature has developed an innovative technology that he allows to rest to the foot. To keep on reading ↓

Christian Louboutin becomes Flemish this Spring 2009

image 11 Christian Louboutin becomes Flemish this Spring 2009

The main shoemaker Christian Louboutin has produced to the tendency in heyday this period: the fringe. For it it has created these wonderful peep toe” in electrical blue color and with bracelet tied to the ankle with fringe. The whole delight of perfect shoe for a good night garment or a few shorts.

The proposals of the designer for this period Spring / summer 2009 are full of fringe. From the peep toe that we show you up to some wonderful sandals full of fringe for the instep of the shoes. As for the colors, a wide scale composes the porpuestas of the "teacher". Gilding, fuchsia, garnet, gray cemented or the elegant black.

Since you can see, a very finished collection where the excellent designs of the designer, they will conquer, once again to the famous and not famous ones of half a world. Will you succumb to the style Louboutin?

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