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The Spaniard Estrella Archs will put herself at the head of Emanuel Ungaro

es1 The Spaniard Estrella Archs will put herself at the head of Emanuel Ungaro

It does a pair of months, the signature Emanuel Ungaro was putting point and end to his collaboration with the young couturier Esteban Cortázar. The sudden march of the Colombian was stopping to the French house in a difficult situation, after a few days of presenting his new collection. Well, according to the publication WWD, Cortázar already has substitute in the fashionable signature.

The new creative director of Emanuel Ungaro will be, not any more not less, that one of the young promises of the Spanish fashion, the designer Estrella Archs. Precisely, the last collection of the creator was presented last Friday, the 4th of September in the Footbridge 080 of Barcelona. To keep on reading ↓

The favorite recipes of the fashionable designers

re1 The favorite recipes of the fashionable designers

What plate does he like to cook Tommy Hilfiger? What is the recipe with which Carolina Herrera surprises his guests? The culinary secrets of the most popular designers of norteamerica stay to the overdraft in ‘American Fashion Cookbook, a book in which there are gathered the favorite recipes of the most influential personages of the American fashion.

This publication realized by the Council of the Designers of Fashion of America (CFDA), is a finished cookbook that assembles the culinary proposals of 100 prestigious designers. ‘American Fashion Cookbook: 100 Designers Best Recipes’ it is provided with a prologue written by the popular businesswoman and presenter Martha Stewart. To keep on reading ↓

Who is … Christopher Bailey

28918 Bambi Christopher Bailey Quién is... Christopher Bailey

To speak about Christopher Bailey is to speak about innovation. And the fact is that nobody how he knows what is to turn an obsolete and classic signature as it was Burberry, in the whole modality of the world fashion. Bailey, who studied in Royal College of Art of London, went out with a Master's degree in Fashion in 1994 and with the very clear ideas. He wanted to design: and nothing more!

And so, the young man, it moved to New York and Karan began to work paraDonna until in 1996, it was returning to Europe, turning into the principal designer of the feminine line of Gucci and sharing chores with big Tom Ford, about whom we will speak to you in next deliveries. In 2001 it began to be part of Burberry and the first thing that it did was to re-design the typical pictures of Prorsum, stamp of the British signature and that for those that you them do not know, is a Latin term that it means "forward". It was clear: the revolution had come to the signature. To keep on reading ↓

Javier Simorra: Complements line for the autumn

simorra2 Javier Simorra: Complements line for the autumn

The designer of Barcelona Javier Simorra presents his new complements line to us for the next temprada autumn - winter 2009-2010. The collection of the signature the current woman combines the classic style with chic urban, with guided pieces, with taste for the fashion and to so much of the last tendencies.

The women cosmopolistas will be able to choose between a wide scale of complements, like purses or belts and accessories like necklaces, bracelets and brooches. The autumnal period will be marked by the leading role of the skin, that enuentra torquelada and applied in all kinds of complements. To keep on reading ↓

Margaux Lange and his line of Barbie's jewels

b 2 Margaux Lange and his line of Barbie's jewels

The artist and American designer Margaux Lange has created a line of jewels centred on the figure of the mythical doll Barbie. His collections result from the dissection of Barbies, Kenes and related dolls, which amputated plastic members end up by being bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces or brooches.

It is a question of fragments of doll connected in sterling silver, which sometimes include other adornments realized with special resins. They are resistant to the water, they are made to hand and can be acquired across the on-line shop Margaux Lange.

To keep on reading ↓

Line of makeup of Alexander Wang

w11 Line of makeup of Alexander Wang

If it was not enough to Alexander Wang to be one of the designers more in the shape of the panorama of the fashion, and habe received the award to the designer revelation in the past CFDA Awards, the young couturier initiates now his assault to the market of the cosmetics. Ex-protected from Marc Jacobs he is making use of his big moment of reputation as nobody and, ready to extend his empire, Wang has created its own makeup line.

With the support of one of the more powerful signatures of beauty of the market Shiseido, Wang has thrown the line ‘Maquillage‘, a small commodities collection. The line of the couturier of Asian origin, inspired by its own fashion shows, will be on sale the same autumn. To keep on reading ↓

Who is … Marc Jacobs

m1 Who is... Marc Jacobs

Very few will be those who have not ever heard speaking about Marc Jacobs, one of the most excellent names of the world of the fashion. The talent of the North American designer has done to him posicionarse in the highest, harvesting multitude of awards and placing his designs in all the corners. Despite his age, his influence in the history of the fashion is already a fact but: Do you know really who is? How has become what is?

Marc Jacobs has at present 46 years, but a long and prolific career behind him. Born in 1963 in Upper West Side of New York, Marc felt from very small the call of the fashion. According to his declarations, his grandmother has been the biggest influence of his life, and from child it taught him to sew and weave, waking up this way his vocation. At the age of 15, Jacobs already realized very well his future, and it registered in the Higher institute of learning of Art and Design. To keep on reading ↓

Nicole Richie designs clothes for future moms

nicole Nicole Richie designs clothes for future moms

As good celebrity fashionista that boasts, Nicole Richie also dares to make his pinitos as designer. The adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie, ex-partner of revelries of Paris Hilton, is for many one of the better dressed famous ones, faithful representative of the style Bohemian - elegance.

Nicole did his first incursion in the world of the design throwing its own collection of jewels, which enjoyed big acceptance. Now, Nicole proves luck as designer again with the signature ‘To pea in the pod’, for that there has created a clothes collection premom whom also it has given his image. To keep on reading ↓

Anna Jagodzinska for Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2009 03 Anna Jagodzinska for Tom Ford Sunglasses

If another day we saw Jon Kortajarena placing nude for Tom Ford, today it is the shift of beautiful Anna Jagodzinska. Adorned only with a bond black shoemaker and a few sunglasses of the designer, Anna poses for Mr. Ford as God brought it to the world. Although, of course, some more sugerente.

The truth is that Anna's photo is more sensual than that of Kortajarena, although I have to say that I have liked enough the two. And even more bearing in mind that he is the proper designer who realizes his campaigns. Will it be saving production costs? But there is a thing that for much that I think it, I do not understand it: Why is Tom Ford so obsessed in spite of undressing all the models for his signature? To keep on reading ↓

Advance of the collection of Hussein Chalayan for Puma

bang Passed of the collection of Hussein Chalayan for Puma

It does slightly more than one year, the sports signature we were surprising Puma with the appointment of Hussein Chalayan like the creative director of the mark. The designer of Cypriot origin is met by his risky designs, in which it incorporates of innovative form technological elements and explores the borders between genres, styles and artistic declarations.

The collaboration between Chalayan and Puma has given like turned out an avant-garde collection and of futurist dyes that it takes for title ‘Urban Mobility‘. At the moment only we have a small advance of this awaited collection, a balance between the technical quality of Puma and the innovative design of Chalayan. To keep on reading ↓

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