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The radical change of look of Rihanna

rihanna The radical change of look of Rihanna

Singer Rihanna has left us again without speech with one of his bold changes of image. It seems that the artist of Barbados wants to leave behind once and for all his polemic past, and resume his musical career again with new look.

Once “pampered girl” of R&B ride changing image continuously last years, betting for a look every more rocker and transgressor. If his last haircut like a garçon seemed bold, it is not compared at all to what the singer has done to herself now in the head. To keep on reading ↓

Red carpet of the awards ESPYs 2009

p1 red Carpet of the awards ESPYs 2009

The awards ESPYs, which every year they emphasize the best sportsmen of the course, have celebrated a new edition, that there has crowned the swimmer Michael Phelps as the best sportsman of the year. Also, as in any event of these characteristics, it has served to assemble once again the celebrities, trying to be doing by the honor of being the most elegant.

In the red carpet of the gala, which was celebrated in the Theater Nokia L.A. Live of Los Angeles, we could see an impressive Demi Moore, who monopolized all the looks. The actress, to his more than fifty years, demonstrated why she keeps on being one of the sex symbol of Hollywood. Demi bet for a favoring garment of red color with garnet strokes. The sensual model taken by the actress, signed by Zac Posen, was highlighting to the perfection his curved exhuberantes. To keep on reading ↓

Louis Vuitton celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of the man to the Moon

l11 Louis Vuitton celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of the man to the Moon

The fashionable signature Louis Vuitton has not wanted to allow to spend the occasion to celebrate one of the most important events of the history: the arrival of the man for the first time to the Moon. Owing to 40 anniversary of this historical milestone, the French house has celebrated a magnificent holiday in the Natural history museum of New York, at which models have been present, celebrities and astronauts.

The model Adriana Lima presumed of his happy pregnancy in the Vuitton holiday. The Brazilian chose a nice garment of blue draft of court empire, which he accompanied of a few heel sandals in gilding. The most nice, as always. To keep on reading ↓

The look of the week: Emma Watson of Christopher Kane

look1 The look of the week: Emma Watson of Christopher Kane

Definitely, Emma Watson has left behind sweet Hermione, and has happened of being an adolescent who was aiming at ways, to be consolidated like one of the actresses with more style of the moment. The piece of news “it girl” has been during all this week promoting the last delivery of the saga Harry Potter, and in each of his appearances it has demonstrated because she is the fashionable girl.

That's why, “the look of the week” had to be for her, and of between all his impeccable fashion designs, I have decided to remain with chosen for his appearance in “David Letterman Beats Show with”. Emma bet for a designer of his ground, Christopher Kane, and dazzled with his election, an original and elegant garment, which him was sitting brilliantly. To keep on reading ↓

Goop, the web space of Gwyneth Paltrow

paltrow 2 Goop, the web space of Gwyneth Paltrow

The famous one last to bet for a proper space in Internet has been the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who, in his web Goop he advises us on fashion, always attending on the criterion of elegance, virtue for which it is well-known. Also, in this web, the actress recommends to us restaurants, areas and free time places or speaks to us about spiritual or healthy topics.

The sober but elegant style of Gwyneth Paltrow has done that many of the interested ones for the fashion we put our eyes in her, and it is a luck that now is the proper actress the one that advises us how to combine a few shoes, or what to dress for a certain event.

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The look of the week: Beyoncé in the Awards BET

11 the look of the week: Beyoncé in the Awards BET

That of this week has been a quite complicated election. Several celebrities were disputing the throne of the best dressed one in the week, like incredible Marion Cotillard, always elegant Zoé Saldana, or omnipresent Diane Kruger. Nevertheless, I have praised myself for a candidate who perhaps does not please to the majority, singer Beyoncé. Perhaps his look in the Awards BET is not a spectacular fashion design, but it is not possible to deny that the prima donna was spectacular. That is party is extracted!.

Beyoncé was the big protagonist of the gala, and at his arrival to the red carpet he monopolized all the flashes with his mini, very mini Balmain garment. The coloring model him was sitting of marvel to the singer, who knows perfectly how it must highlight his curves. To keep on reading ↓

Marion Cotillard de Vivienne Westwood

1 Marion Cotillard de Vivienne Westwood

The French actress Marion Cotillard continues with the promotion of his last movie, ‘Public Enemies’, in that he shares cartel with Johnny Deep and Christian Bale. His last stop has been in London, where it came to the premiére of the movie stuffed in a beautiful garment of Vivienne Westwood.

Parace that, after abusing in certain way of the designs of Dior, his head signature and which it gives his image, the French is praising in his last appearances for extending his designers' fan. If in the premiére of Chicago, Cotillard trusted in a design of Elie Saab of pattern of mosaic, in this oación he chose for a sophisticated garment in level of silk red of the British seamstress. To keep on reading ↓

The worst looks of the Awards BET 2009

b11 The worst looks of the Awards BET 2009

The gala organized by the North American chain BET, in which there are rewarded the African American personages most emphasized of the year in diverse categories, they have served in this occasion, to produce a homage to the “King of Pop”. Many of the guests incorporated into his look the mythical white glove that Michael Jackson made famous, and others made use of the event to show designs inspired by the singer. On the red carpet of BET Awards, we could attend a real duel of prima donnas, who used his best weapon to turn into the center of the looks. Of this styles struggle, some went out winning, like Beyoncé, Alice Keys, Zoé Saldana or singer Ciara. On the other hand, others, which were majority, passed of the streak in his attempt of happening unnoticed.

Taraji P. Henson was not right in his election: A black garment, ajustadísimo and extra long with the low-cut back that was not fitting at all the actress of ‘The curious case of Benjamín Button’. The model of Kaufman Franco was not ugly at all, and the very original neckline, nevertheless it was too formal for the event. What has no pardon and it spoils completely the look is this enormous tattoo that the garment leaves to the overdraft. A horror. To keep on reading ↓

Tanned it is already not fashionable

pikir blond tanned is already not fashionable

There are already great the celebrities that have left the fashion of the bronze-colored one. Famous like Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan or the Spaniards Patricia Conde and Pilar Rubio they prefer to show his natural leather tone. Many of them were known by his addiction to the autobronze-colored one or his burning meetings of beams GRAPE, but it seems that these times came to his end.

But the summer has come the famous ones have not become brown!: What is what it has spent? Since it must be that, like any fashion, that of the bronze-colored one was passing, and now estila a much more natural aspect. I wonder if instead of spreading to toast to the sun, this year we will see them in the beach under a concrete sunshade …

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The best looks of the Awards BET

b1 The best looks of the Awards BET

The television network BET (Black Entertainment Television), delivered yesterday evening his annual awards, in which he stands out to the personalities afroamericanes of the world of the spectacle more excellent than the period. Also, the gala served to produce a moved homage to recently missing Michael Jackson turned already into icon of the black community. One more occasion so that the celebrities were putting his best finery to shine on the red carpet.

One of the protagonists of the party, since it could not perform another form was singer Beyoncé, who received an award and was one of the artists who rose to the stage to pay tribute to the King of Pop. Beyoncé Knowles, which sometimes leaves enough that to want with his elections, yes hit in this occasion. The prima donna showed a coloring dressed in jewels of Balmain, one of his favorite signatures. An extremely short model and with shoulder pads, that Beyoncé combined with a few original color sandals residence. To keep on reading ↓

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