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Tendencies for 2010: Light Tech

tech Tendencies for 2010: Light Tech

The fashion of next year will come cargadita from innovations. Between the tendencies that will see in the streets the next period we will find the fashion of futurist, so called inspiration like Ligh Tech being inspired in the technology and in the advances of the modern science, this one new tendency is a renewal of the futurist fashion that caused fury in the 60s, and with which there dared out-standing names of the fashion like Paco Rabanne or Pierre Cardin.

The colors fluorine and acids will dye of innovation the pledges of this tendency, with strong and showy tones like the turquoise, orange, the yellow one or rose. In addition to these colors pop, in this style Light Tech could not be missing the scale of gray, that they present before themselves in his most metallized slope, cone tones silver and gray technological. To keep on reading ↓

Oddy Molly and his beautiful collection spring - summer 2010

footbridge odd Oddy Molly and his beautiful collection spring summer 2010

The Swedish signature Odd Molly has presented in Stockholm his new collection spring - summer 2010, in a parade that was led by the color and where the center of all the looks was the top model Helena Christensen, since this event supposed his return to the footbridges after years of absence.

The collection is inspired in the 40s, goes for title “Power of to lover” and proves to be how very feminine, cosmopolitan and modern. Undoubtedly, big part of his success owed to the miscellany of textiles, embroideries and beads.

In the parade there stayed steadfastness of the fantastic of this collection, in which long garments of ethnic air coexist with mini pants and tops. Denim Toreras, cardigans of point and up to pants that they remind to a few boyfriends. Undoubtedly, a preciousness of collection that will be to the sale from December.

Image: Somosnosotras
Route: Fashionunited

Fashion Adlib, the fashionable footbridge ibicenza

ibiza1 Fashion Adlib, the fashionable footbridge ibicenza

Last Saturday, the Park Queen Sophia of Ibiza received the presentation of a new edition of the footbridge Fashion Adlib. In the parade the new tendencies could be seen in from Ibiza fashion, a more and more consolidated style, especially in the summer epoch.

Great, very much white on the footbridge. The color of Ibiza, of the summer and of the nights in the island was the authentic protagonist of this new appointment with the fashion. Since it could not be otherwise, the details of crocheting so typical of this style also were present in the presented designs. The only disobedience details were the introduction of some pledges with colors touches like the blue, the green or the fuchsia. To keep on reading ↓

Arabia Fashion Week 2009, a big event

dubai Arabia Fashion Week 2009, a big event

There are already in march the arrangements of the Arabia Fashion Week 2009, which will take place in Dubai the first week of next October, and which promises to be one of the most exciting fashion shows of the Emirate, an event full of splendors and big luxury, where fame designers will present his fashionable collections for the period spring - summer 2010, in World Trade Centre of Dubai.

The Week of the Fashion of Arabia wants to be consolidated like an excellent network that unites designers with recognized experts in the industry and the technology based on ethical managerial practices, by what it is waited go so far as to turn into an icon of the world of the fashion in Middle East.

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The Brandery and 080 Barcelona Fashion, joined from 2010

080 The Brandery and 080 Barcelona Fashion, joined from 2010

Two big fashionable events of Barcelona will join from the next year to turn into a joint unit that it will provide with major importance to the appointment. The Catalan footbridge 080 Barcelona urban Fashion and the newly released fashionable lounge, The Brandery, will happen to be celebrated in common from 2010.

Of course, the next edition of 080, foreseen for September, will not modify his plans, since the dates had been fixed before the project The Brandery arose. In the following edition, already in 2010, the Catalan footbridge will go forward two months for coincidor with the new delivery of The Brandery, and both appointments will join in the only one. To keep on reading ↓

Custo Barcelona in The Brandery

custo1 Custo Barcelona in The Brandery

One of the most representative Spanish signatures, Custo Barcelona, has chosen the new fashionable lounge urban, The Brandery, to present his proposals for the summer of the next year.

The Custo parade took as a stage a footbridge installed on the swimming pool of the Hotel Juan Carlos I, in the new fair of the Catalan capital, which tries to fill the space left by Bread and Butter. The Custo pledges for the new summer become more summer and commercial than other years, in spite of supporting his intact extract. To keep on reading ↓

Christian Lacroix, High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

lacroix1 Christian Lacroix, High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

In spite of the terrible economic crisis that is suffering the mythical signature Christian Lacroix, the designer has not wanted to lose the opportunity to present his High fashion collection in Paris, a parade that perhaps might be the last one for the house Lacroix. After declaring itself in payments suspension two months ago, the signature tries to be supported afloat how it can, and for it, the designer them devised to present a collection that could be on a par.

It even is rumored, that the footwear of the parade was given by Roger Vivien, the cloths were given, and 12 models who took part, did not receive anything for parading. In spite of everything, Lacroix managed them to present 24 models in a given room, that of the Museum of Decorative Arts. Between the assistants, 280 guests, there was evident the sensation of being living through a historical moment. An emotive applause to the designer was presaging the end of an age in the fashion. To keep on reading ↓

Chanel, High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

chanel1 Chanel, High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

During the last months, the world of the fashion was doing to itself echo of the possible march of Karl Lagerfeld of the house Chanel. For the time being, all sound rumors, and the couturier has demonstrated of what is capable in his High fashion proposal to the next period autumn - winter.

With the shade of the divorce gliding on the mythical French signature, the "kaiser" has given a blow of authority, presenting a collection of High fashion of big creative force and luxurious waste. Lagerfeld continues in full form, and the Parisian parade was the best occasion to celebrate it. To keep on reading ↓

Unequal it presents his collection Handmade

desigual1 Unequal it presents his collection Handmade

With everything to point by the beginning of The Brandery, the new fashionable lounge urban of Barcelona, the Unequal signature has presented his new collection 'Handmade' belonging to the period spring - summer 2010. The company founded by Thomas Meyer in 1984 shows like that his support to the new fashionable fair of Barcelona, which tries to recover his pulse after the march of Bread and Butter to Berlin.

The new proposal of Unequal, ‘Handmade‘, claims the return to the handmade thing, to the work done to hand. The pieces realized with traditional skills allow to be no two identical pledges, what sums up in the motto of the mark: "Unequal, it is not the same”. To keep on reading ↓

Josep Font: High fashion autumn - winter 2009-2010

JOSEPFONT1 Josep Font: High fashion autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

One of our couturiers the most international Josep Font, it has been invited by the fourth consecutive period to the big appointment of the High fashion. The Catalan designer presentú his mini-collection, eleven models in whole, in the historical Imperial Lounge of Hotel Westin, where during decades the High fashion of Yves Saint Laurent reigned.

Far from the frenetic rhythm that reigns in the current parades, the couturier made to travel his models cautiously, without hurry to come. Font has wanted to produce homage to the work of the painter expressionist Frank Stella, and for it he has based on the plastic language of the artist, taking given his use of the volume, the movement, the color and the perspective to create a species of third dimension in his fashion. To keep on reading ↓

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