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Javier Simorra: Complements line for the autumn

simorra2 Javier Simorra: Complements line for the autumn

The designer of Barcelona Javier Simorra presents his new complements line to us for the next temprada autumn - winter 2009-2010. The collection of the signature the current woman combines the classic style with chic urban, with guided pieces, with taste for the fashion and to so much of the last tendencies.

The women cosmopolistas will be able to choose between a wide scale of complements, like purses or belts and accessories like necklaces, bracelets and brooches. The autumnal period will be marked by the leading role of the skin, that enuentra torquelada and applied in all kinds of complements. To keep on reading ↓

The Body Shop throws a cream against the sexual traffic

hands The Body Shop it throws a cream against the sexual traffic

The popular signature of cosmetics The Body Shop also wants to put his grain of sand in the struggle against the sexual minors traffic, and for it it has created a hand cream with united motives. The cream “soft Hands and with heart”, of limited edition, is the symbol of the campaign “let's Stop the Tráficos Sexual of Children and Adolescents”, with that he tries to help to brake the abuse that approximately 1,8 million minors suffer a year.

This united cream contains soft natural elements as the extract of angelica, which serves to calm and to smooth the skin. Also, it detaches an agreeable fragrance with citric, floral fresh notes and of amber. To keep on reading ↓

Mojito Brown Chief, the summer fashion

mojito 344x350 Brown Mojito Cacique, the summer fashion

This summer the fashionable drink has been such a famous Mojito. And now with new Brown Mojito Cacique, Chief it makes it very easy to you. Only you have to have at home a little of mint, ices, lime and some brown sugar, Chief puts the rest with his new bottle of Brown, ideal Mojito Cacique for these summer evenings - nights in those that the heat presses, and the best refreshing one is a good Mojito.

In Fashion for Woman we have proved it, and want to share our experience with you. Have you proved this summer the Mojito chief Moreno? If not, now you can still obtain it completely free only for registaros in his web, it is a promotion that Chief is doing so that you do not remain without proving this authentic Brown Mojito Cacique.

With this kit of Brown Mojito Cacique you will be able to prepare your best mojitos as if you were a professional bartender, since it includes everything, your bottle of Brown Mojito Cacique, 12 glasses to prepare your mojitos, an ice-tray with tweezers, and a table with a knife so that you could cut the lime and the mint you also can be the best coctelero of the blogosfera.

The look of the week: Eva Mendes in the Festival of Venice

ev2 The look of the week: Eva Mendes in the Festival of Venice

This week, and for lack of more events and holidays, our stylistic attention focus concentrates on the Festival of Venice. The stars will be coming little by little to the Mostra, but until now, the big protagonist of the Venetian red carpet has been the exhuberante Eva Mendes. The actress has gained herself this honor to pulse, shining in each of his appearances in the festival.

Eva already dazzled us in the inaugural day of the contest, with a showy red garment of Dolce and Gabanna. It was much hit also in his morning appearances. Nevertheless, the look of the week has deserved it for two excellent models, the day one and night other. In the second day of the festival, Eva been crowned again like the queen of the red carpet with an original design of High fashion of Armani Privé. To keep on reading ↓

White, autumn - winter wearing shoes 2009/10

z bl 1 White, autumn wearing shoes I hibernate 2009/10

I must admit that one of the proposals has attracted attention of me exceedingly on footwear that Target presents for the next period autumn - winter 2009/10. I know that the shoes of this signature low-cost are not the best of the world and that his quality makes great that desar, but the true thing is that it presents itself as the only option to renew footwear of those who have the pockets “peel you”.

To what it was going: I have remained in love with the boots that are inspired in the military some of the whole life, but in before and incredibly high, something that is a tendency this period. You there is not doubt that I am going to do with some.

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New boots PZero Cinturato

initpzero New boots PZero Cinturato

Now when we are on the verge of changing station and entering in the autumn, it is the moment to do a putting on the verge of our closet. As soon as there begins the raining season (as where you live it can be very long), we will be lost if we have not a good pair of rubber boots, anything essential to survive the meteorological inclemencies.

It is, therefore, the moment to leave ours wanted sandals to give the welcome to the boots. Not only of heels the woman lives, so also we will need useful, strong footwear and resistene that helps us to carry the winter. Fortunately, that does not mean to resign from the style, and as test of it we propose to you the rubber boots of PZero Cinturato, of fresh and entertaining design and with the whole quality that offers us the Italian signature. To keep on reading ↓

Trucco, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

tr1 Trucco, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

We keep on approaching the proposals of the signatures for the next period autumn - winter. In this case it touches him the shift to Trucco, who proposes to us an extremely feminine look centred on creative cuts, details and finished subtle and innovative forms. Being inspired in the style of the 80s, the signature presents a collection where it has fitted all kinds of looks, from the most urban to the most sophisticated,

The Trucco collection for the autumn consists of very feminine pledges with a personal touch, with six different topics although supporting the extract of the signature. The topics It Mentions, Blues and Grapes is led by the palette of the green, blue and mauve ones in different versions. The soft and light textiles, like cottons and silks give place to a collection thought for the summer fall. To keep on reading ↓

Emilio Pucci, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

e1 Emilio Pucci, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The new collection of Emilio Pucci for the next period autumn - winter 2009-2010 is already free from this moment in the shop online of the signature. Under the creative direction of the Norwegian Peter Dundas, who designed already for Emanuel Ungaro, the collection is inspired in the sexy decline of the 70, giving place to very bold pledges in which all kinds of excesses is allowed.

The new good-looking collection of Emilio Pucci for the winning combination of the white person and the black and for the bold patterns. The animal print in his wildest version, the shorts and made convex, the tight and very sensual garments, the patterns pop and the details in skin turn into Allied Forces of a woman who takes his femininity to the end. To keep on reading ↓

The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (I)

1 The red carpet of the Festival of Venice (I)

The channels of Venice adorn themselves to receive one of the most important cinematographic events of the year: the Mostra of Venice. The film festival celebrates this year his 66 edition and promises to be one of the most glamorous of last years. Venice has inaugurated his red carpet, for which we will see happening in the next days many of the celebrities of the moment.

The opening day was marked by the stellar presence of impressive Eva Mendes. It was the star most waited of the night and he did not defraud in his arrival to the red carpet. The Latin actress bet for a look of the showiest and sensual thing, a red garment of gauze with neckline word of honor of pattern of leopard. A risky election, although she can allow it to herself. As complement of this design of Dolce and Gabanna, Eva chose a few black peep toes, and to complete the look, the actress gathered his hair with a nice black diadem. To keep on reading ↓

Massimo Dutti: Collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

md1 Massimo Dutti: Collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

This period, the signature Massimo Dutti proposes to us a look in which the basic ones are re-interpreted in contemporary key, combining the most sober pieces with others with an adventurousness point. The style Bohemian - elegance will cause fury this autumn, being inspired in the delight of the European capitals, like Paris, Bohemians' refuge. Fluid and subtle pledges with warm and comfortable textiles, to face the cold style.

The line ‘Pleases of Victories’ it consists of relaxed and delicate pledges, using materials of soft tact as the wool, the cotton and the light silk. The colors palette is content of cold tonalities as gray, stones and raw, tinted with sueves strokes of blue leaden. The neck T-shirts baker, or the braids jerseys in thick gages get together with leather pledges. To keep on reading ↓

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