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The surprising campaign of Christian Louboutin

l4 The surprising campaign of Christian Louboutin

We have already spoken to you frequently about Christian Louboutin, the designer of more fashionable footwear at present. His stylish shoes are more defendants for the celebrities, who trust in the models of French to dazzle in the red carpet.

The originality and beauty of his designs have done to him to gain him to pulse his position in the highest of the world of the fashion. One of the signs of this designer there are his transgresoras campaigns, in which it usually does not leave anybody indifferently. In this case, it has presented his new campaign, in which it shows his designs for the period autumn - winter 2009-2010, as if of a pictorial inn it was talking each other. To keep on reading ↓

The look of the week: Chloë Sevigny

look12 The look of the week: Chloë Sevigny

This week, the social acts, presentations and other soirées have been quite abundant, with what we have had a lot of occasions to put itself to the test the aptitude to surprise of the celebrities. One of the icons of style of the actuality, the actress Chloë Sevigny has lifted winner for proper merits of the honorific title of “better look of the week”.

Chloë always raises sense of expectancy with his appearances, since in counted occasions we have seen her skating on the red carpet. The actress, always bold and to the last one, has bet in this occasion for one of the essential ones of this period: the color nude. To keep on reading ↓

The boots Dr. Martens are a tendency again

martens1 The boots Dr. Martens are a tendency again

If todadía you preserve some pair of boots Martens in your closet, it is time for you to dust them and you extract them to re-shine, because this autumn there will be a tendency again. One of the more famous signatures of footwear of the history, which was born with the idea of offering a resistant special footwear for the work. Later, in the 70s punk turned into icon of the movement, and two decades later, into the 90, he lived through his second youth being erected in symbol of the grunge.

Although Dr. Martens was always present in major or minor measurement, from a time to this part they are re-arise again like fashionable tendency. Next autumn they promise to turn into one of the complements 'it' of the period. To keep on reading ↓

Report Light Collection, a very brilliant idea

converse Report Light Collection, a very brilliant idea

Converse it presents his new line of sneakers Light Collection, a footwear on horseback between the sports ones and the booties, of narrower and stylized mold, thought exclusively for us, and that more that in colors we can say that it comes in very diverse "sheens": gold, silver and copper to simulate to wear an authentic jewel. Do you dare with them?

The metallized one is a tendency, and with his line Light Collection, Converse there dares with one neither a more sophisticated and feminine version realized in materials as the leather and where they are missing not even the classic sole, nor the omnipresent logo that it identifies to the mark, ideals to combine with short skirts or mini-garments.

With this collection, Converse it is reinvented once again. Personally they seem the ugliest to me, and I cannot allow saying, with certain irony dose, that in this occasion It should Converse it has had very brilliant “idea”. Although, if it had to choose, copper would praise me for the color.

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Booties Fendi: Incredible!

Image 1 Booties Fendi: Incredible!

The collection of footwear created by Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi for the next period Autumn - winter Fendi 2009/2010 is spectacular. And although while I write this, the heat flogs my front in small perspiration drops, the booties deserve it.

Loaded with romanticism and fusing materials as the leather or the flannel, the superposition is the Fendi key for this period. A sample of it there are these booties that combine noble materials. As if of an explosive cocktail it was talking each other, the femininity and the nature reflect these 12 cm of heel with platform incluída. The discreet colors like the gray steel, present themselves as pieces of elegance and good taste. To keep on reading ↓

Harajuku Lovers for L.A.M.B, of Gwen Stefani

shoes h11 Harajuku Lovers for L.A.M.B, of Gwen Stefani

First were the fragrances bottled inside graceful Japanese muñequitas, and now, we surprise singer Gwen Stefani with a new slope of his project known as Harajuku Lovers, since it turns out that now these small geishas give the jump to the footwear and create a shoes collection for L.A.M.B full of color … and heel.

Gwen Stefani, since it could not be otherwise, bets for his shoes collection for showy platforms and vertiginous heels, which contrast enormously with the juvenile air, and it even would dare to say infantile, of his collection of shoes, a strange combination, but that it turns out to be very attractive.

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United Havaianas designed by famous persons

HAVA1 United Havaianas designed by famous persons

The mythical signature Havaiana, an example of solidarity in the world of the fashion, gives his collaboration again to a noble cause. In this case, the mark of sandals and the chain londinene Selfridges has joined to collect funds for the struggle against the cancer.

The initiative counts also, with the support of recognized names of the world of the fashion, like the models Naomi Campbell or Jade Jagger, or famous designers like Matthew Williamson, Manolo Blahnik or Paul Smith. Each of them has created a special design of the famous Havaianas, to which there is imprimido his personal stamp. To keep on reading ↓

The Spanish footwear appears in Las Vegas

pure The Spanish footwear appears in Las Vegas

63 edition of WSA Las Vegas, one of the more important fairs of footwear of the United States, will be celebrated from July 31 until August 2 in the famous locality. In this important appointment of the sector of the footwear there will give themselves appointment more than 1.200 exhibitors in whom more than 5.000 marks will present his new proposals.

Of between all the participants, representatives of feminine, masculine, infantile, and sports footwear, he emphasizes the increasing Spanish presence. In this edition of the WSA, 13 prestigious marks of footwear of Spain will move to the fair of American footwear to show his new collections. To keep on reading ↓

Ballerinas of python, of Repetto

ballerinas Ballerinas of python, of Repetto

When in 1947 Rose Repetto decided to create artesanalmente the ballet sneakers of his son, one of the signatures was born of more requested ballerinas of the actuality. The footwear of ballet created by Rose, it gave the jump to the fashion when Brigitte Bardott, in the movie ‘And God created the woman’, the model ‘Cendrillon‘ popularized.

Quickly, the ballerinas turned into object of cult and fashionable icon in the 50s. As the fashions always return, in last years we have been present at an increasing fervor for this footwear, and the signature Repetto has been consolidated like one of the biggest modality as for the ballerinas design.

The new Repetto collection includes a line that has captivated my attention: Phyton Ballerinas. These beautiful ballerinas, in pattern of python and classic design, are available in several colors, like the target, black, rose, green or purple. You will be able to obtain them in the shop online of Colette for 380 euros.

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The first collection of footwear of Lamarthe

lamarthe the First collection of footwear of Lamarthe

The signature of complements of luxurious leather goods, Lamarthe, is thrown to the conquest of the market of footwear, and has presented his first collection of shoes and boots for the next period autumn - winter 2009. Under the creative direction of the designer Stephane Verdino, the French signature has created a few models in which the modernity gets together with the tradition.

Pieces of footwear like booties, jackboots, shoes and ballerinas, they shape a collection in which they emphasize the colors grounds, like the sand or the brown. Also they have fitted the most bold tones as the electrical blue or the gilding.

This esperadísima collection will be free from September. In her econtraremos pieces as the booties of inspiration retro with buckle, the shoes of lounge of style ballerina in shiny skin, or the Cavaliere boots.

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