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Beyoncé and his sister Solange present the new line of purses of Samantha Thavasa

be2 Beyoncé and his sister Solange present the new line of purses of Samantha Thavasa

Omnipresent Beyoncé Knowles, in spite of taking a frantic work rhythm combining the music and the performance, also extracts time to dedicate him to other one of his passions: the fashion. In this occasion, the 28-year-old artist, has given his image to a new purses line along with his sister 20-year-old Solange, and also singer.

Precisely, Solange Knowles full of the inevitable comparisons with his sister, whose shade is very elongated, has released his new and radical haircut. I must say that, in spite of the initial impact that it caused me to see sweet Solange with the close-cropped hair, this look him does not sit anything, but that not badly at all. To keep on reading ↓

Diamond Fiction, the exclusive clock of Tag Heuer

tag Diamond Fiction, the exclusive clock of Tag Heuer

Today we want to present a luxurious piece to you maximum, a collection object the long teeth put themselves. The exclusivísimo clock Diamond Fiction is a design of the prestigious signature of clocks Tag Heuer, a jewel within reach of only a fistful of privileged.

This luxurious clock is made by nothing more and neither more nor less than 879 5,8 carats diamonds, and account with the peculiarity of which 54 of these diamonds change color to indicate us the hour. To obtain this impressive effect, the precision of the last technology has got together with the beauty of the high jewelry shop. To keep on reading ↓

Seemed reasonable … Junya Watanabe and 2.55 of Chanel

Image 5 Seemed reasonable... Junya Watanabe and 2.55 of Chanel

If Cocó was raising the head … One of two, or it was growing in confidence more than it did it in life, or was starting despising “the designs” of other signatures that base on his icónicos purses to achieve the success in this one complex world of the fashion. I bet because of it the second option.

Independently of my opinion, good is true, that 2.55 of Chanel, which owes his name to the date of creation of the same one, it has created school. With this one model of Junya Watanabe, creator of the signature Comme Des Garçons, we see the big similarity that he shares with the most admired purse of the whole history of the modern fashion. But, it is not necessary that we go away to international designers to see how they "copy" the purses of the house of the camellia. To keep on reading ↓

Three designs for Him Pliage de Longchamp

b1 Three designs for Him Pliage de Longchamp

The signature Longchamp has wanted to celebrate 20 anniversary of the ANDAM (National Association for the development of the fashionable arts), to create a limited edition of his model of purse more icónico, Him Pliage. Jeremy Scott, Charles Anastase and the designers' couple Bless, have been selected to create the only design of this purse, to which they have contributed his particular vision.

The eccentric designer Jeremy Scott, repeats collaboration with Longchamp, with whom Pliage is employed every year at a new design of Him. In this case, Scott has been praised for printing his own photo on the model. In the image, Scott appears like a Samurai's species that emerges of the bag with a kimono of red silk. To keep on reading ↓

Gucci Flora, sunglasses in homage to Grace Kelly

flower Gucci Flora, sunglasses in homage to Grace Kelly

The signature Gucci wants to produce his personal homage to one of the biggest icons of style of all the times, Grace Kelly. The actress and later princess will be present in this 2009 in the collections of Gucci, which has created a perfume in honor to her, Flora, which alludes to the pattern that Grace Kelly made famous in the 60.

Also, the signature has realized a very special design being inspired in her, a few sunglasses with the pattern Flora. In 1966, the painter Vittorio Accornero designed a black and white pattern to decorate a silk shawl, with which Gucci wanted to produce homage to either for princess of that time. To keep on reading ↓

The phenomenon Twilight comes to the fashion

twilight The phenomenon Twilight comes to the fashion

Twilight, the big juvenile success of the moment, with permission of the saga Harry Potter, comes also to the fashion. The histories vampíricas gone out of the pen of Stephanie Meyer, they have triumphed in movies, conviertiendo to his protagonists in authentic idols for million young people. The persons in charge of the exemption at once saw the lode that they had between hands, and that's why, the Twilight merchandasing does not make be waited.

Dolls, calendars, jewelers, newspapers, and all kinds of material related to this phenomenon was on sale in the whole world. Now, the young vampires will arrange of their own line of clothes, the fashion Twilight. To keep on reading ↓

Ion Fiz designs a bath line for Marie Claire

fiz Ion Fiz designs a bath line for Marie Claire

One of the Spanish designers with more talent of the current panorama, Ion Fiz, Marie Claire specialized in underwear will give his creative collaboration to the signature and of bath. The Basque creator will make use of the union with this mark to design his first fashionable line of bath, which will be called ‘Swim‘.

The collection of Ion Fiz for Marie Claire will be presented for the first time in the Week of the Fashion of Valencia. The Valencian footbridge will be inaugurated next September 8 and in her we will see the proposals parading for the period spring - summer of the next year.

This one there will not be the first collaboration of Ion Fiz with the signature Marie Claire, since both go joining his talents from the year 2007. The couturier has created until hour five collections of pantys, three collections of socks and two of pajamas for woman.

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Today Look: Nomads in the city

nomads Look of today: Nomads in the city

The vertiginous rhythm of life at which we are present at present, forces us many to be always prepared for any occasion. We go to work, have an appointment to eat, we us go shopping, stay to take something with the friends, then to a dinner romantic, and like that, supreme and it continues. That's why, we need a look who adapts himself to any situation or event at which we have to be present throughout the day. With so much I am busy, we have not time us to to house change again clothes for every occasion. From here, we propose to you some ideas with which you will be able to go out victorious of the whole day in the city.

To obtain an urban and adaptable look to any context, test with a winning garment, like this one of Etxart and Panno, which combines the pictures vichy with the tranparencias. According to since you combine it, it will extract you of the trouble so much for a formal appointment as to go out drinking with the friends. To keep on reading ↓

Tantra throws his first holdalls collection

tantra Tantra throws his first holdalls collection

The fashionable signature and complements Tantra extends his accessories catalog with the throwing of a line of holdalls. Especially thought to travel from light, and comfortable form, but without resigning from the fashion, the Tantra holdalls stand out for his functionality and his original designs.

These trips bags are designed for the short trips or the escapes of weekend. With a perfect size to take us the indispensable thing, and with form of trolley, not to have to load with the weight. To keep on reading ↓

Dior Phone, a luxury of mobile phone

d1 Dior Phone, a luxury of mobile phone

The French signature Dior has created the technological jewel of the moment, Dior Phone, a sophisticated and luxurious mobile phone. A real luxurious waste, glamor and sophistication, only within reach of the most privileged.

Christian Dior, after having proved the honeys of the success in the world of the fashion, of the jewelry shop or of the leather goods, has wanted to throw himself to the conquest of the technological market with this piece worthy of collection. The mythical fashionable house has created an exclusive phone in which they unite the most powerful technology, with the beauty of the high jewelry shop. To keep on reading ↓

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