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Extract your wild side this autumn!

b11: Extract your wild side this autumn!

We all have a wild side that occasionally we like extracting to re-shine. Be which be your style, insurance that inside you your most rebellious spirit fights to escape. Prepare yourself to live to yourself through an autumn replete with emotions and adventures in the asphalt jungle and take note of these proposals to obtain a lookBorn to be wild.

As good representative of this unconformist and rebellious style, must not be missing in your closet a good black garment, a fundamental piece with which you will be able to create multitude of combinations. An outstanding figure, like the garment of Etxart and Panno, of folk air, will serve to you to obtain a look of the most Bohemian thing. It tries to combine it with a few inspiration boots motera like the black women of deerskin of Paco Gil. To keep on reading ↓

Thongs, the worst enemy of your feet in summer

havaianas Thongs, the worst enemy of your feet in summer

The thongs seem to be the best summer allied ones, since they are fresh, comfortable and much adapted to walk along the sand of the beach if suddenly it is worn across his chest. But expert podiatrists warn of the damages that they can go so far as to cause us.

Be already havaianas or sandals without sujección in the heel, gait with this type of footwear supposes an important risk for our feet, since to prevent from going out shot to the gait, involuntarily we tend to hold them adopting a position in the shape of claw with the fingers of the feet, and that can have very bad consequences.

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Bryan Atwood and his original designs

Image 51 Bryan Atwood and his original designs

Scandalous, coloristic, dreamy and entertaining. With these four words we might define the creations of Bryan Atwood. A designer that, with a life that is alike more a fairy tale that to the daily reality, he has gained access in the world of the fashion for the big door and being one of must have of the actresses of half a world.

I shape in his years of youth and designer of collections of footwear for Versace, his professional journey began alone in 2001 throwing its own footwear signature. Of her, collector's incredible pieces as these have gone out shoes. Realized in Swarovski glazing and with the luminosity that contributes the coloring of the Rainbow, 14 cm of heel and the interior platform, they are imposed in a few designs in which the imagination is his the only allied. To keep on reading ↓

It personalizes Mary Jane of Nike

nik It Personalizes Mary Jane of Nike

Mary Jane there are one of the tendencies that will turn with more force this period. The famous persons zapatitos of inspiration ‘Lolita‘ with thong on the instep serve as inspiration for many of the designers and current signatures, and the sports mark Nike has not wanted to remain behind.

Mary Jane 2 GO there are the particular version of Nike de las Mary Jane, a few comfortable summer sandals on which many more sport prints a style. With entresuela sports for a major flexibility and serviceability, a minim structures that it makes them lighter and rubber sole to provide haulage, lasMary Jane 2 GO they combine the esthetic beauty with the serviceability of a good sports footwear. Now, Nike offers you the possibility of personalizing this model and of creating your own design. To keep on reading ↓

The incredible shoes of Alexander Wang for the autumn

w1 The incredible shoes of Alexander Wang for the autumn

One of the big winners of the past awards CFDA, the couturier Alexander Wang, presents his new footwear line to us for the next period autumn - winter. The ex-assistant of Marc Jacobs demonstrates again why his designs are of most coveted in the world of the fashion, especially his footwear, which performs the most spectacular thing that we can find in the current panorama.

The architectural heels are the protagonists of this collection of footwear, not suitable for the long walks. There are rather collection shoes, to shine and to tread loudly there where we go. The asymmetric forms and the transparences take possession of these shoes abotinados, that are closing with capricious forms about the ankle. To keep on reading ↓

Hazel, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

hazel1 Hazel, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The complements signature Hazel returns with forces renewed for the next winter period, and presents a collection to us with proposals for an elegant, sophisticated and risky woman. The autumn - winter of Hazel will be dyed of black and gray, the protagonists of a collection influenced by the Victorian rock of the 80.

The line of Hazel's footwear will be clearly dominated by the boots and the booties, a footwear strongly and character that will cover our feet this winter. The sandals abotinadas or peep toes, one of the must have of the next period, they present before themselves with geometric and round cuts. To keep on reading ↓

The architect Zaha Hadid designs for Lacoste

lacoste The architect Zaha Hadid designs for Lacoste

Prestigious architect of anglo-Iraqi origin Zaha Hadid, one of the most important professionals of the world of the architecture, has collaborated with the signature Lacoste creating a special sneakers edition. Serviceability, design and avant-garde in one footwear of airs of science fiction that, probably, will not make you indifferent.

This us is the first Hadid incursion in the fashion, since previously he has designed the Mobile Arte of Chanel, and also Melissa has collaborated with the footwear signature. In this occasion, the architect has created a line of limited edition of spectacular sneakers, in which it reflects his architectural and conceptual work. To keep on reading ↓

Sheila Driving Heel, folding heel for a sure conduction

sheilas heels 500x335 Sheila Driving Heel, folding heel for a sure conduction

There is known in abundance the problem of driving with an inappropriate footwear. The summer epoch appears propitiates to air our feet in comfortable thongs, with which it turns out to be impossible to drive without risk that the foot escapes from us to us. The same happens with footwear of gum or of slippery materials, and we have the same problem the women at the time of stuffing our favorite heels.

The shoes or sandals with heel are one worn especially dangerously and incompatibly with the sure conduction. Especially delicate are the stilettoes or the taconazos of several centimeters. That's why, thinking about the safety of the drivers, the British insurer Sheila's Wheels, who takes charge exclusively of the women who drive, it has created an original shoe model with folding heel, the perfect solution to combine beauty and serviceability. To keep on reading ↓

Pretty Ballerinas re-interprets the slippers

balle Pretty Ballerinas re-interprets the slippers

The slippers represent in themselves the extract of the masculine dandy. The gait sneakers for house that the English lords were using in the XIXth century, have become fashionable in the last years like masculine footwear of the thinnest thing, which usually takes in the gala occasions.

An incongruity in itself, the case is that this footwear similar to a moccasin, without drawstrings or ties, is the whole must have for the men more cool. It is that's why, that the signature Pretty Ballerinas has wanted to check this mythical design, transforming it into a very feminine and chic footwear. To keep on reading ↓

Raphael Young and his new collection of galactic shoes

rafael 1 Raphael Young and his new collection of galactic shoes

The young designer Raphael Young has presented his new footwear collection for the period autumn - winter 2009/10. It is a question of a series of models of futurist esthetics, in consonance with his habitual line, of extravagant court with the highest heels and very original wedges that might wear the prima donna of any movie of Science fiction that boasts.

Raphael Young bets for the motives of geometric design and there creates impossible shoes in metallic colors like the bronze, the gilding, the silver-plating the electrical blue and, of course, the black.

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