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Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

lo1 Tendencies 2010: They return the eighties

If you had not found out, the fashion of the eighties will give loudly this period. The fashionable tendencies come and go away, and in this case, the style 80's turns with more force that never: worn-out jeans, leggings, averages of fantasy, bold minigarments and even the powerful shoulder pads. The next period, the style ochentero will flood the streets, with looks bold and inspired in the musical tendencies of the epoch, like the hip hop, the punk and pop in his most coloring slope.

If you want to go to last this period, you will have to incorporate into your closet an air minigarment 80's. Dared, of original court, in showy colors, and especially, very, very shortly. It tries with a showy pattern like that of the garment of Etxart and Panno, or with a classic color of the epoch, like the electrical blue of the model of Pepe Botella with neckline honor word. To keep on reading ↓

Margaux Lange and his line of Barbie's jewels

b 2 Margaux Lange and his line of Barbie's jewels

The artist and American designer Margaux Lange has created a line of jewels centred on the figure of the mythical doll Barbie. His collections result from the dissection of Barbies, Kenes and related dolls, which amputated plastic members end up by being bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces or brooches.

It is a question of fragments of doll connected in sterling silver, which sometimes include other adornments realized with special resins. They are resistant to the water, they are made to hand and can be acquired across the on-line shop Margaux Lange.

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The entertaining complements of peseta for this autumn

peseta11 The entertaining complements of peseta for this autumn

The signature of Madrid of complements that attracted attention on the very same Marc Jacobs, peseta, is surprised by it again us with his incidental originals, a series of objects of entertaining design and big functionality. His commented collaborations with Marc Jacobs gave place to three models as entertaining as his name: the bolsaco, the pasaportera and the bag of ukulele.

Now, like part of his new collection, peseta presents his new designs to us, more original and practical everyone. He takes note because this period they will be “more”: bolsaligera, bolsomochila and bolsoriñera. These three complements made with exclusive and very resistant cloths are created exclusively to do to us the easiest life (and entertained). To keep on reading ↓

It irons for the hair united of ghd

ghd It Irons for the hair united of ghd

One more year, the beauty signature for the hair ghd will collaborate in the struggle against the breast cancer. The mark known by his products of for brushing the hair, like his alisadoras irons and brushes, Sandra Ibarra of Solidarity will throw a new edition of his famous pink iron Pretty in Pink in collaboration with the Foundation Opposite to The Cancer.

The association created by the model and presenter Sandra Ibarra tries to contribute to the sensitization of the society with regard to the breast cancer and the investigation of this hard illness. With the buy of each of these irons, ghd it will destine 10 euros for unit to the foundation. To keep on reading ↓

Emilio Pucci changes patterns

Image 52 Emilio Pucci changes patterns

He had not said without to you the mark to which this one belongs purse, you would be still doubting. Will it belong to Cavalli? +Dolce&Gabanna? or: Dsquared2? And the fact is that the incorporation has provoked the Italian house of Peter Dundas an enormous confusion in the proposals that the signature presents for the next period Autumn - winter to us 2009/2010. Test of it is this one purse, which well it might make spend by any signature less for Pucci.

Removed from the colourists patterns to that the Italian signature has to us habitués, Dundas, it has gone further away and has re-lived through the wild and bold touch that one day was present in the designs of the house Pucci. Narrow, pronounced and feminine silhouettes for the garments. You jump in brown and black tones that grant a more discreet and less coloristic style to the Italian signature. To keep on reading ↓

Anna Jagodzinska for Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2009 03 Anna Jagodzinska for Tom Ford Sunglasses

If another day we saw Jon Kortajarena placing nude for Tom Ford, today it is the shift of beautiful Anna Jagodzinska. Adorned only with a bond black shoemaker and a few sunglasses of the designer, Anna poses for Mr. Ford as God brought it to the world. Although, of course, some more sugerente.

The truth is that Anna's photo is more sensual than that of Kortajarena, although I have to say that I have liked enough the two. And even more bearing in mind that he is the proper designer who realizes his campaigns. Will it be saving production costs? But there is a thing that for much that I think it, I do not understand it: Why is Tom Ford so obsessed in spite of undressing all the models for his signature? To keep on reading ↓

Jalou, the phone jewel of Dolce and Gabbana

jalouu Jalou, the phone jewel of Dolce and Gabbana

Once again, the world of the fashion unites with the technology to create a spectacular mobile phone in which the last technological innovations get together with the most exclusive design. The signature Dolce and Gabanna has designed a new phone for Sony Ericsson, the model Jalou, a limited edition that will turn into desire object for more fashionistas.

Jalou Sony Ericsson is a mobile of compact design in the shape of jewel, which he reminds to us to carved typically of the diamonds. It will be free in several colors: rose, black, turquoise and intense blue. It presents several details in gold, like the logo of Dolce and Gabanna, the ring of the camera or the keys of the volume. To keep on reading ↓

Hazel, collection autumn - winter 2009-2010

hazel1 Hazel, collection autumn I hibernate 2009 2010

The complements signature Hazel returns with forces renewed for the next winter period, and presents a collection to us with proposals for an elegant, sophisticated and risky woman. The autumn - winter of Hazel will be dyed of black and gray, the protagonists of a collection influenced by the Victorian rock of the 80.

The line of Hazel's footwear will be clearly dominated by the boots and the booties, a footwear strongly and character that will cover our feet this winter. The sandals abotinadas or peep toes, one of the must have of the next period, they present before themselves with geometric and round cuts. To keep on reading ↓

Purses of Marc's canvas by Marc Jacobs

Image 16 Purses of Marc's canvas by Marc Jacobs

The designer of New York Marc Jacobs realizes the sense of expectancy that his designs wake up. Due to it, it does not get tired of throwing new products destined to turn in must have for his most faithful followers. And like good visionary of the fashion, he knows what to do, so that the sighs and the cartels of "Exhausted" hang on his products. And this is what is going to happen next September 30 when these put on sale incredible canvas purses. That will be the youngest part of his line, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

With a very accessible price of only 130 €, the design pop sets off like base of a few entertaining, juvenile and very feminine purses. With coloristic funds and this wild touch with kittens and mice (logo indisputable of the signature of the New Yorker), Marc shows us how to turn a boring canvas purse into everything one it product. To keep on reading ↓

Limited edition of clocks Swarovski

reloj11 limited Edition of clocks Swarovski

The well-known signature Swarovski will throw a very special collection, of limited edition, which versionará three of his most emblematic models. The first collection of clocks created by this legendary mark there will serve as inspiration for this new line, which will be integrated by two versions of the model Octea Sport, two interpretations of the Piazza and a new adaptation of the D: Light, the most exclusive model of the signature.

The model Octea Sport, one of the outstanding figures of Swarovski, will be revisionado taking the elements of the nature as an inspiration. Ultramodern and brilliant colors as the indigo blue and the garnet will give the note different from the clock, which there preserves the design of the original model. Luxurious and innovative elements as the crystal Capri Blue Satinwood or Smoky Quartz Satinwood for a sophisticated design, of which 999 pieces of every color will be on sale. To keep on reading ↓

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