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Maria Barros in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

maria muds 012 266x400 Maria Barros in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Maria Barros has made debut in the footbridge of Madrid with a collection devoted to Loïe Fuller, an American ballerina that visual effects across the use of textiles that were receiving and exaggerating the movement of the same one. The collection Loïe of autumn / winter 2009-2010, we surprise with colors that they represent the nature.

Maria Barros is born in Corunna on January 27, 1980, moves to Madrid to study in the European Institute I gave Desing of Madrid, in this period his professional trajectory begins in Chain and Modestly and Lomba. In 2000 it moves to Milan to reach his studies and realizes the thesis guided by one of the most important figures of the fashion in Italy and the world, Franc Sozzani (director of Vogue Italy). To keep on reading ↓

Miguel Palacio in Cibeles Fashion Week Otoño Invierno 09/10

image 32 550x284 Miguel Palacio in Cibeles Fashion Week Otoño Invierno 09/10

In the end, all the saying they are going to be true: "Year of snow, year of goods”. And the fact is that there is not any more that to see the designs of Miguel Palacio to see that everything goes divinely. A collection where Palace reinvents itself again with a palette of color in which the chromatic combinations and of textiles they reach his maximum expression.

The protagonist of this collection has not been different that the bond, stamp of the designer, who once again adapts himself to the pledges like an elegant ornamental element. The winter of Palace is illuminated across the blue ones, the aquamarine or the purple one that is accompanied of an elegant black.

The impossible patterns turn into beautiful realities with necklines garments in word of honor and heart and transport us to East with colors that give vivacity to the pledges. The textiles diversity like the wool, the gauze or the velvet, they have showed us, once again, that Palace knows very well how to work the materials and to fuse them between themselves as if of a nouvelle cuisine plate it was talking each other. A merger in which we could have enjoyed a beautiful collection. To keep on reading ↓

Amaya Arzuaga in Cibeles Fashion Week Otoño Invierno 09/10

image 11 550x282 Amaya Arzuaga in Cibeles Fashion Week Otoño Invierno 09/10

The designer burgalesa Amaya Arzuaga, has not made us indifferent. The curved silhouettes and the creases have taken possession of a main collection in which across the forms it transports us to an extremely feminine universe that will become true next Autumn / winter 2009-2010.

The merger of the textiles and the colors they intermingle with the excellent ideas already turned into garments. The chromatic palette centers on the bottle-green one, on the black, the gray and a wonderful raw color that transmits luminosity and consolidates the designs like aunténticas works of art.

As for the materials he emphasizes an elegant thick wool that wraps the bodies of the models and shows us the perfect materials combinations like, spangles, laminated textiles and even manes in goat hair. Undoubtedly a collection 10 for one of the designers that better knowledge to extoll the beauty of the woman across his creations. To keep on reading ↓

Victoria Beckham Collection in the New York Fashion Week

image 41 533x400 Victoria Beckham Collection in the New York Fashion Week

Miss Victoria Beckham “has designed” a collection in which he proposes the woman high class to take all the garments that exist in his closet. Because, although we have to admit that they are impressive and very elegant, they are more seen than the tebeo. Or you does not sound to have seen it with all this put?

A collection in which the wealth of the materials and the simplicity of the designs is the maxim. A very varied chromatic scale that goes from showy red or fuchsia, up to the black and white outstanding figures. That without forgetting the brocades and the tacks. Elegance and sophistication for an oclección in which, being realists, the best model is his creator. Big Victoria Beckham. To keep on reading ↓

Matthew Williamson in the New York Fashion Week

image 7 532x400 Matthew Williamson in the New York Fashion Week

We surprise Matthew Williamson with a collection full of color and optimism. The designer forgets completely the winter and bets for the tribal motives and the etnicismo like extract of his collection Autumn / winter 2009/2010.

A few pledges full of sensuality and very sexy that in addition to promoting the femininity, adapt themselves to the woman as if of gloves it was talking each other. Garments combined with rebecones of the same pattern that is adorned with hair by the cuelo in diverse and showy colors.

As key pledge, Williamson shows us a few impressive overcoats of cocoon on which the colors are founded between themselves creating a perfect harmony. Sincerely it looks like to me a fantastic collection full of interesting and very feminine proposals. To keep on reading ↓

Carolina Herrera in the New York Fashion Week

image 4 513x400 Carolina Herrera in the New York Fashion Week

The Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera is one again of most acclaimed of the Week of the Fashion of New York with a collection based on pure lines.

The sophistication, the femininity and the elegance are accompanied of long monochrome garments on designs spectacular and removed of the cold winter. The straight lines of the pledges conjugate with necklines in the shape of heart, dressed in only one shoulder and many abstinence.

The chromatic palette chosen by the designers flirts with the coppers always adorned with exquisite patterns and brocades; the blue ones, the magentas and even green in tones forest, so favoring and elegant simultaneously. To keep on reading ↓

Yves Saint Laurent Edition Unisex 2009

image 3 342x400 Yves Saint Laurent Edition Unisex 2009

The designer Stefano Pilati has wanted to produce homage to the man Yves Saint Laurent with a collection Unisex in which across the masterpieces that the big Yves designed in the 60s.

The keys of this exclusive collection we might center them on the shirts, the Saharan ones, the pants of high size and wide waist or the wonderful suits, which in this occasion adapt to the woman in spite of his marked masculine dressmaking. The harmony of the colors, between which they emphasize the tones ground, gray and blue, they transport us to the Marrakech memory, city that the proper Yves was adoring.

We will be able to enjoy the collection only in the big capitals of the fashion as for example in New York from February 13 until February 20, in London from 20 to 24, in Milan from March 25 until March 3 and finally, in Paris from March 5 until March 12.

Route. Yves Saint Laurent

Good-looking Levís to the women in the summer

levis summer good-looking Levis to the women in the summer

Famous for the informal clothes and the designs of the jeans that gave him international prestige to the mark, the company Levi's has presented worldwide the collection so that the women in this summer have his own sheen.

In this occasion, T-shirts and shirts will appear, designed to highlight the curves and the figure of the woman, beyond the pledge in themselves.

Shirts stand out with flying and waisted, clear colors (preferably the target, like natural maximum exponent) and denim T-shirts in black or blue tones, with classic designs that last across the years.

Route: Things of Fashion

Narcissus Rodríguez in the New York fashion week

84868629 10 preview Narcissus Rodríguez in the New York fashion week

Narcissus Rodríguez in the parade of the week of the fashion of New York has given a lot of importance to the black and white person, there have been the colors that the footbridge fills. A practically "two-color" collection that it has mixed with big sense of the taste with the scale of roses and khakis.

Tight garments that allow to see partially the neckline due to the complexity of his forms with superposed elements. An attractive woman who has no decency in showing the silhouette of his body. A day soft makeup that increases in the night with the atemporal grates quarter note. Since it could not perform another form it allows us to see some stroke of resided in some of his suits, it is the color of the moment.

84868709 10 preview 166x250 Narcissus Rodríguez in the New York fashion week84868716 10 preview 166x250 Narcissus Rodríguez in the New York fashion week

The designer dares to introduce in his collection pattern of black and white camouflage. Narcissus Rodríguez keeps on playing with the zippers in his overcoats and layers that conceal the necklines of the garments. The waist of the woman receives leading role of the hand of this teacher of the fashion, one of the most feminine parts of the woman.

Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion week

84824182 10 preview1 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion week

Marc Jacobs takes us to the past and to the future at the same time, I know it you will think that it is impossible, but this genius of the fashion manages to do and to show us the unobtainable thing. His textiles, the importance of a few well special shoulders and the mini-skirt remember us a 80s. The life rock and roll in the pure state. Gathered from the models, the volumes of some pledges and the use of complements as the square sunglasses show us the future, a new age.

marc1 222x250 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion weekmarc2 168x250 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion week

The Jacobs woman will never lose his sophisticated and elegant air. Independent women who honor in this edition Barbie who has been 50 years. Designed East has turned into the best friend of many women because he can highlight to the perfection the best curves of a woman, at the same time that he hides what we do not like under any magisterial cut.

Showy colors like pink fuchsia, the yellow chicken or the sky blue one have walked along the footbridge of New York. Ponchos in different textiles, you come up fantasy and a futurist makeup they sum up to the perfection what Marc Jacobs wants to transmit us. Incredible, is the word that better describes the collection fall 2009 of the designer. The tribute to the perfect doll combined with the independence and force of the modern woman they give as turned out an irresistible female.

marc3 163x250 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion weekmarc4 162x250 Marc Jacobs in the New York fashion week

An applause for one of the geniuses of the fashion more young people of the moment. The pink carpet shows the creations of a teacher of the tendencies and of the clothes of the current woman. We want that us seen! I love Jacobs

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