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The Garden of good-looking Lulaila for the purses

purses The Garden of good-looking Lulaila for the purses

The complements mark The Garden of Lulaila has thrown to the market his first collection of purses, a few designs full of color and romanticism for the next spring. For it La Carola has been provided with the collaboration of the signature.

Nine are the available models distributed in three lines: Martine, Eugenia and Fabiola. In each of them we can choose between three sizes: maxi, of big capacity; the medium one but with long handle as bandolier; and child, more coquettish and with handle in chain.

Three lines of this coleción of purses have in common a contrasts game so much of colors as of material, such like the jouy toile, chenillas, lonetas, cloth of cutaway, strawberry trees, felt or spangles.

Route: Eljardindelulaila

Croxé and the succulence of his collection Gastronomic/09

croxe Croxé and the succulence of his collection Gastronomic/09

Croxé, the Spanish signature of accessories and complements, proposes for the next temporda spring / summer 2009, his collection Gastronomic/09, inspired by the world of the gastronomy.

Croxé was rewarded by The Parisian lounge Eclat de Mode 09, for possessing the best stand of the fair, which was referring to Gastronomic/09, turning this way into the first Spanish signature that receives this award.

The stand was presenting the collection as restaurant, or as in a sophisticated kitchen sample merger, with the jewels placed on plates or glasses, emulating to be sushi, Spanish paella or mashed avocado.

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Wild it proves luck in the world of the jewels

cibeles francis 05 Wild ones proves luck in the world of the jewels

Francis Montesinos has tomorrow a double mission, to show his collection before a select and demanding public, in addition to presenting his new jewels collection. Tomorrow at 1 p.m. there takes place the parade of this Valencian designer, it is going to be the moment of the day due to the adventure of Wild in the world of the luxury and the sophistication, the jewelry shop.

The Valencian one makes sure that the jewels are indispensable in any look. A woman must have a good collection of the same ones to show them in different occasions. The couturier makes sure that his jewelry shop pieces are functional, with proper style and much ponibles. In the creation of these it has been fixed in one of the big ones of the art, Salvador Dalí. Jewels that they remind to the Mediterranean painter.

It promises to be a parade that remains in the retina in a lot of time that happens thanks to the personal implication of the designer in the creation of the jewels. We have not left other one who to wait nervously for the tomorrow parade to judge and to take a fancy of some of the pieces.

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